*** Question 4 ***


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*** Question 4 ***

  1. 1. 4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Media technologies I used during the PLANNING PROCESS
  3. 3. blogger.com I documented all of the stages of my planning and all of the filming process on my blog. http:// charlotteluckmediaa2.blogspot.com / I recorded all of my ideas such as storyboards and initial ideas, and the branding ideas for the artist. I posted an online diary of the filming and editing stages and uploaded photos to the post. I uploaded photos to my blog, and also embedded videos from Youtube – e.g. the Jessie J Youtube videos. I documented all of the decisions and changes I made along the way.
  4. 4. I used this software within my blog so that I could embed Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into posts on my blog. slideshare.com I created all of the presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint , and then uploaded them to slideshare.com – this website converts presentations into an embed code that I pasted into a post on my blog. Slideshare enabled me to put presentations on my blog, which made the content of my blog much more interesting, and also the presentations break up large amounts of information and make them more interesting to read.
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY I used during the filming process
  6. 6. up CAMERA & TRIPOD I used the Canon digital video camera provided my the school to film my music video footage. It had many functions such as zooming in and out, which I used in lots of my shots to make them more interesting and to focus on certain areas of the shot. The only problem with the camera was that it made the footage look quite grainy. This affected the overall look of the footage because some shots didn’t look very professional. The tripod could be adjusted to different heights, which meant I could adjust the height of the shot – for example a low-level shot or a birds eye view angle from above. This handle made the camera move and this enabled me to create shots where I could pan the camera up or down in certain shots, for example in the 3rd shot of the opening sequence where I panned upwards.
  7. 7. LIGHTING & OTHER TECHNOLOGIES I didn’t have the funds to use professional lighting, so instead of spotlights I used 2 desktop lamps – they brightened up the shots and reduced the grainy look of the footage, making certain shots look much clearer. I held the lamps close to the actress so that the light highlighted the artist and it focused attention onto the artist. I also used a fan in certain shots to make her hair blow in the wind – this made the shots look more dramatic because her hair blowing looks very glamorous.
  8. 8. MOVIE EDITING SOFTWARE I used to construct and produce the final music video product
  9. 9. I used the movie editing software iMovie to edit the raw footage I shot, and to create the music video from this footage. Apple MAC software – iMovie The iMovie software had a wide range of features, such as precision editing, colourisation/hue editing, transitions, inputting text, and many more. I used a lot of these features within the different shots of my music video, and I enjoyed experimenting with different editing effects.
  10. 10. This is where the raw footage is uploaded to. I could pick and choose which shots I wanted to add to the music video by highlighting and selecting the clips I wanted to use. This is where the clips I selected from the raw footage, could be shortened, edited together, and have effects added to each shot – e.g. colourisation effects or slow motion. By selecting the specific length of clips I wanted I could create a fast-cut montage of different shots. This is where I could view the shots I was editing together. Here I could add transitions between the shots, which made the video look much more interesting – for example the cross dissolve transition used in the shot below. The precision editing feature allowed me to precisely match up the video footage with the song I uploaded, so that I could make the lip-synching very accurate and be in time with the words to the song.
  11. 11. The editing features allowed me to edit the colourisation of some of the shots. This made certain shots look more interesting and more aesthetically pleasing to the audience. This feature enabled me to edit the hue of this shot to a turquoise colour – this matches the turquoise colour of the material she is lying on, and makes the overall shot look much more professional and glamorous. This is the shot after I edited the hue to a turquoise colour.
  13. 13. Serif PagePlus I used this colourisation tool to manipulate the hue of the main image to a pink colour. I used a programme called Serif PagePlus to create the 2 ancillary tasks the digipack and the magazine advert. I used this tool to add the text to the advert - Serif PagePlus makes it very easy to arrange the layout because I could easily move the text boxes and images around the page. This programme allowed me to layer and arrange the photos and text into an appealing and aesthetically pleasing design. An example of this is the “Jessie J” text I layered on top of the photo so it looks like a tattoo on her arm – this makes the image look more interesting.
  14. 14. Microsoft PowerPoint I used Microsoft PowerPoint because I find that presentations are much easier to read because they can be laid out in a clear and interesting way. PowerPoint makes it extremely easy to arrange and layout texts and images, because you can drag images/text and resize and layer them, to create an appealing layout. I uploaded the finished presentations to Slideshare.com and then embedded them onto posts in my blog. In my opinion presentations are much clearer and easier to read than blog posts that are large amounts of text. Presentations look much ore interesting and they break up the text into different sections.
  15. 15. If I was to create this project again, I would use different and improved technology. If I was to create this project again, and I had a much larger budget, I would invest in more high-tech equipment such as higher quality cameras – this would greatly improve the overall look of the footage by making it look professional and would also eliminate the grainy look of some of the shots. Also I would buy large studio spotlights to brighten up the shots and again improve the quality and look of the footage outcome, by focusing the spotlight on the actress to focus attention on her.