Places that I have visited in different moments<br />By Charlie <br />     Never before I had had the opportunity to trave...
Places that i have visited in different moments
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Places that i have visited in different moments


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Places that i have visited in different moments

  1. 1. Places that I have visited in different moments<br />By Charlie <br /> Never before I had had the opportunity to travel outside the country until two years ago and it was so good. Many people believe that if you want make a trip wherever you need a lot of money or maybe you need to have good luck to do it. However if we work so hard we can do everything that we wish. In my case I had the opportunity to know two countries, both new for me and the experience that I had was unforgettable. Is good to have the opportunity to know new places and to expand our horizons in different moments in our life. <br /> In 2008 I knew San Andres Island on the Caribbean. San Andres Island is close to Costa Rica and Nicaragua; nevertheless, that Island is property of Colombia. I remember that the flight to go there was so short, 45 minutes approximately, because go can go there planning or in a boat. How this Island is very close you can decide how go there. San Andres is a little island with many habitants and few opportunities to work. The principal activity to make money or work is the tourism. In San Andres I saw beautiful beaches with clean water; also in this place the weather is very good. I have bought some things there because some things are very cheap.<br /> The next year I visited El Salvador, a poor country, but so beautiful. I was in the coast that its name was Salinitas. Salinitas always have had many mountains and nice beaches where the people can go and enjoy their vacation. You can go there planning or in bus because there is an important street that is called Interamericana Street or American Street.<br /> El Salvador is next to Nicaragua and Nicaragua is next to Costa Rica, so the trip is small. The coin in this country is the dollar, and that is good because no matter if the country it is small they use a big coin. The culture in this country was very interesting because they had many traditions and customs. I was in that place where a mortal earthquake happened; today is a mountain, forgotten mountain. The town that was there was Santa Tecla.<br /> Also in Costa Rica we have many beautiful places where we can find beaches, mountains, rivers, volcanoes and historical places. I like the mountain so much. However I have traveled to the beaches and to many traditional towns. Our country is a good destiny to many people that live in other countries, has a good position, good weather, friendly people and is a country where the peace exists. For example in my town there are many mountains and every time that I go there I feel so happy, because mountain is one of my favorite places.<br /> There is a specific place to a specific moment. The most important is feeling ourselves very happy no matter the place where we are or with whom we are there. Every country has beautiful places, has culture and traditions that are part of people. Travelling is good and is a nice experience, however to know new people and new things about a specific country is good chance. Every place can teach us something new, each person can show something else that we know about them. In every place where I have been, they were important for me and also they gave me knowledge, fun and joy. It is good when I know a place and later I hope will there again. That is living!<br />