Correction of all the assessments

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  • 1. Correction of all the assessments Grammar 3 III Co – 2011_______________________________________________Quiz #1. Analyze the mistakes and correct them.1. Where is the party does takes place?R/ Where is the party does take place?2. The picture has many new details. 3. I have don´t see the pain in this picture.R/ I have not seen the pain in this picture.4. I have gone to the museum in January. 5. The nurse see the patient with sorrow. 6. I am playing soccer right now. I am playing for most then two hours.R/ I am playing soccer right now. I have been playing for most than twohours.7. Alex is talking on the phone. He talked on the phone for more than halfan hour. He should hang up.R/ Alex is talking on the phone. He has been talking on the phone for morethan half an hour.
  • 2. 8. I am liking this exam. I am remembering what the teacher said. 9. The sun raises every day on my window. 10. I was tired last night, so I decide to lay down for a while.I was so tired last night, so I decided to lie down for a while.Quiz #2. Part I Sound with /t/ Sound /d/ Sound /id/ Asked Rained Answered Laughed Opened Smoked Watched Started Looked Part II1. 2. 
  • 3. 3. Either could be used here.* Are you enjoying?4. Many scientists believe global warming:* Is really happening.5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Water____ at hundred degrees.* Boils.Quiz #3.I. Complete using simple present or present progressive.3. Shhhhh! Be quiet John sleeping.4. Don´t forget to the your umbrella. It is raining.5. I hate living in Seattle because it rains always.8. Denise: Oh, I´m sorry , I can´t. I going to a movie tonight with somefriends.
  • 4. II. Complete using simple past or past progressive.A. What were you doing when the accident accurred?B. I tried to change a light bulb that had burnt out.C. I was working out at the fitness center.D. When I was walking into the bussy office, the secretary was talking onthe phone with a customer, several cleks…III. Complete using simple past or present perfect.A. Since computers were first introduced to the public in the early1980´stechnology has chanced a great deal. They has not much memoryand they were not very powerful. Early computers were often quiteexpensive and customers often had pay thousands of dollars formachines…IV. Complete using simple past or past perfect.There were at least twenty other people who arrived before me. Most ofthem already felt out their applications and were already leaving. I hadtried to fill out the form, but I couldn´t answer half of questions. They hadwont me to include references….
  • 5. V. Complete using lie or lay.1. Good!2. Zeus likes to lie around in the kitchen.3. Good!4. Good!