Green is the New Blue


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Presentation on the "green" considerations that will be part of this new development.

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Green is the New Blue

  1. 1. Green is the New Blue Sustainable Development Practices at the Corky McMillin Companies
  2. 2. Where Have We Been?
  3. 3. • Premier Builder of Mixed Use Master Plan Communities • Sensitive and Responsible Land Planning • Preservation of thousands of acres of permanent Open Space • Hundreds of acres of wetlands preserved or restored • Examples: Scripps Ranch North; Otay Ranch
  4. 4. What Are We Doing Today?
  5. 5. • Award- winning Mixed Use Land Plan – Residential, employment, retail, hospitality, educational and civic / cultural uses • Adaptive Reuse of historic buildings • Hundreds of acres of plazas, parks and recreational uses • Connective tissue of sidewalks, paths and promenades • Recycling of construction debris and materials • LEED certification
  6. 6. McMillin Green A healthier, smarter way to live. • Showcases McMillin’s commitment to green building practices, with a focus on our homebuilding company • Focus on green features and options that McMillin offers on our homebuyers • Emphasizes the commitment to ongoing education of our residents and buyers
  7. 7. The Eastern Urban Center What Does Tomorrow Look Like?
  8. 8. EASTERN URBAN CENTER – SUSTAINABLE FEATURES •Flexible Mixed Use Format •Intimately Scaled Grid Street System •Compact Walkable Districts •Transit Integration •Urban Parks Program •Community at a Neighborhood and Project Level • Other Sustainable Initiatives and Modeling Efforts
  9. 9. Site Utilization Plan
  10. 10. Vehicular Circulation
  11. 11. Pedestrian Circulation Pedestrian Grid Loop Trails Regional Trail Village Pathway Internal Connections / Paseos Park Promenade
  12. 12. Regional Transit
  13. 13. The Plan •Urban Parks and Public Spaces
  14. 14. The Plan •UrbanPark and Public Spaces •North Parks
  15. 15. The Plan •Civic Plaza •North Park
  16. 16. The Plan •Town Plaza •Civic Square
  17. 17. “Always do right. It will gratify some and astonish the rest.” -Mark Twain
  18. 18. Sustainability •Implementing the City of Chula Vista’s sustainability initiative through a cooperative venture between: The United States Department of Energy The Gas and Technology Institute The City of Chula Vista San Diego State University Creating model processes and market based designs for energy efficient community development •LEED-Neighborhood Design Pilot Program participant – one of 234 projects from six countries; also accepted into the Focus Group – a select group of 60 projects. EUC is one of eight focus group projects from California and the only one located south of Los Angeles
  19. 19. Developing Sustainable Development The “Green Building” movement started through an analysis of development on a building by building basis. Now we must step beyond that approach of analyzing individual components and embrace a whole systems approach which will allow us to utilize the efficiencies that can be created through integration.
  20. 20. LEED for Neighborhood Development Designed to certify exemplary development projects that perform well in terms of smart growth, new urbanism, and green building
  21. 21. LEED-ND Point Categories • Smart Location & Linkage 30 Points Possible • Neighborhood Pattern & Design 39 Points Possible • Green Construction & Technology 31 Points Possible • Innovation & Design Process 6 Points Possible
  22. 22. LEED-ND Certification Levels •LEED Platinum 80-106 points •LEED Gold 60-79 points •LEED Silver 50-59 points •LEED Certified 40-49 points
  23. 23. Chula Vista Research Project Intended to determine how advanced building energy technologies and land use, transportation and urban design features can be integrated to produce energy-efficient development projects in California
  24. 24. The CVRP has allowed us to… Input Land Use Scenarios Create Building Analyze Annual & Hour By Hour Prototypes Energy Performance for Different Building Specifications Measure aggregate impacts Evaluate Preferred Plan (Buildings AND Land Use) Experiment interactively & see changes
  25. 25. Eastern Urban Center …presents the opportunity to address peoples’ desire for a sense of community and connection. This holds the promise of a sustainable future, one that is part of the ‘solution’ vs. the ‘problem’ posed by ongoing sprawl development.
  26. 26. Questions / Comments?