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Icona Pop 'Manners' Music Video Analysis
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Icona Pop 'Manners' Music Video Analysis






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    Icona Pop 'Manners' Music Video Analysis Icona Pop 'Manners' Music Video Analysis Presentation Transcript

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYdKxGpBLg&list=PLzHSrpNglsLOm396h1EzSl2rsykJ9AWx
    • • Within the music video there are many different camera shots such as close ups and extreme close ups of the two artists. • Their record label would want a lot of shots of them in order for them to be promoted effectively. • These shots are also used in order to highlight and clearly show the use of the neon face paint which is covering them.
    • • Close up shot of face with lyrics: „say it to my face‟ emphasises the words. • However the fact that the screen is mostly black and her face can‟t really be seen except for the neon face paint. Could also indicate that the person they are talking to wont say it to their face.
    • • The close up camera shots of the artist‟s mouths during the lines: „Like it‟s up to you You‟re coming back‟ • Indicate that the two artists are commanding the person they are talking to, and they are in control. • Furthermore this coupled with the wide shot of one of the artists with the word manners written over them makes the video somewhat sexual. • As the artists are singing about their love interests reconsidering their decisions and coming back to them because: The artist‟s pose also conveys their dominance and control over their love • „There is no one like me‟ interest.
    • • The close up shots of the instruments being played within the music video also emphasises the music and the beats which are important aspects of the genre of electro pop.
    • • This music video contains many different special effects and editing techniques which emphasise different aspects of the music video. • This overlapping effect which is used within the music video is specifically used when symbols crash together. This effect also visually reflects the symbols as an instrument as though the lips are the symbols themselves and are vibrating with the sound. • This effect is used in order to emphasise the different instruments and allow the audience to pick them out. • Also giving the instruments more impact
    • • The different special effects of patterns and colours are used many times. And add to the fun and entertaining atmosphere of the music video whilst also adding to the quirkiness of both the artists and their song.
    • • There is also a lot of use of the reflection and mirror special effects which allow the artists to be multiplied furthering their promotion. • In addition this also adds to the weirdness of the artists and their song.
    • • The whole music video is also made up of many different fast edits which make it very fast pace and up beat which matches the electro pop genre of Icona Pop. • Furthermore the fast edits also emphasises the party and fun atmosphere that the music video is trying to create. • In addition the edits are also matched with the beat of the music and when three fast beats come in the music video then the edits change to different angles of the artists.
    • • This music video is filled with many different bright colours which can be seen on the artists in the form of neon pain and within all the many different effects used. • All of these bright colours and the black/blue background colours brings the feeling of a club or party scene which fits the fun atmosphere of the video. • The facial expressions of the artists also within the music video are those of determination as they are commanding the love interest to come back to them. • However they are also having fun and smiling because they know that they are getting their own way.
    • • The prop which was one of the main focus is the neon paint which is used throughout the whole of the music video. These neon paints create the party atmosphere and night club feel of the music video. The neon paint also makes the music video much more effective and unique because it hadn‟t been seen before. • The light bulbs are also used in order to convey the name of the artists, and again highlights the party like atmosphere of the artists and their music video.
    • • The costumes which the artists wear are also dark and futuristic which matches the neon paint and lights. Also keeping in theme with the party atmosphere which these artists are known for. • The locations are also very futuristic which allows the audience to look directly at the artists rather than anywhere else and draws attention to the neon paint and what they are doing.
    • Icona Pop are the dominant figures in the music video. The video is based on the two girls telling someone ( there lovers?) that they know they are coming back even though they left them. I think that the protagonists are the dominant ideologies as they are they only people shown within the music video. This depicts that they are the only important ones. They only need to be shown no one else.
    • The lyrics in the music video highlight that the females are the dominant figures. They repeat “you're coming back, oh your coming back” several times. This line repeated in two verses could mean that they have a hold on them as they are know the partner is going to come back to them. As you can see in the screen shots the girl looks angry as she says “you're coming back” but a few seconds later as she carries onto “oh your coming back” she looks relaxed almost as she has her eyes closed. This highlights the idea that she has nothing to worry about as she is correct. This connotes that she is a dominant figure as she has a control over her partner.
    • It could also be believed that the female protagonists have the dominant ideology over there partners as the song is called „MANNERS‟. This could depict that they are telling there „partner/lover‟ to have manners and be respectful towards them. The close up of there face/lips when singing could be to emphasize that they have to understand clearly what they are saying. They have control. They must listen to them.
    • Icona pop are a dance pop/ electro-pop type band. There are certain conventions that represent the genre. The manners music video has a electronic vibe to it with the robotic sounds in the background. Common features to this genre are party‟s/club atmospheres. This video is a good representation to the genre as they have neon paint covering there bodies throughout the video. This gives an edge of a clubbing and party's as it‟s commonly used for the occasions.
    • Flashing lights are used within the music video. This is a good representation of the electro/dance pop genre of the song. The establishing shots show a range of lights turning on, then it leads to the text „ICONA POP‟ as a flashing sign. The blinking lights are shown throughout the video. Also the protagonists are holding a light bulb between them in the music video. This could have been used metaphorically as a representation for the genre. Electronic devices -> Electropop. The flashing lights also add to the club atmosphere as a convention to the genre.
    • There is NO use of Intertexuality used within the music video. I think that Icona pop have not used intertextuality within there music video as they don‟t want to advertise anything. They only want there message to come across: to use „Manners‟.
    •  The reaction to Icona Pop‟s music video for manners would be a Negotiated reading as the audience would partly understand, agree or disagree with the music video. For example the style is very much Icona Pop whereas the visuals do not match the lyrics and don‟t represent the music as well as the artists.
    •    The audience may like the artistic images within the music video and the use of special effects. It is a good way to watch they artists if they are big fans. It has a good atmosphere and it looks as though they are having fun.
    •  - Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics: The lighting is extremely important in the video There are constantly bright colours in the shots The artists are young and vibrant The costumes subvert the conventions of a pop music video as they are dull and plain colours however the neon face paint makes up for it.
    • There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals: The lyrics are only represented with one image of the lyric manners painted on the body.  There is a relationship between music and visuals. The tone and atmosphere of the visual reflect that of the atmosphere: - The pace of the music is highlighted through the quick edits which go well with the beats. The tone of the music has attitude and the beats of the drums are accompanied with sharp head and bodies movements and the sound effects are emphasised with patterns which form in time with the music. The split screens and mirror images also compliment the music. 
    • The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist and they may develop motifs which recurs across their work. There are a lot of close ups in the music video to promote the artists as this was one of their first music videos.  Frequently reference to the notion of looking and a voyeuristic treatment of the female body: - The highlight is placed on the neon lights which is used on the lips which could be very suggestive however the importance is on the lip singing rather than a sexual reference. The idea of looking isn‟t emphasised as the majority of the music video is directly towards the audience. 
    • There are often intertextual references: - There are no intertextual references as this is one of their very first music videos and so are unknown. Therefore they wouldn‟t be in high demand as it is uncertain whether the view count of their music video for manners would be high. 
    •  Although the female body is shown a lot it is used to highlight the song, lyrics and the message they want to convey. Therefore this could imply that they use their feminine ways to clearly get across the message of the music video. For example when the song title manners is painted on their body.
    •  There is a strong sense of the opposition between light and dark, through the use of neon lights, artificial light and the dark which plays a key role in the music video. It is a way of highlighting the message of the music video. The different patterns of the neon paint could indicate how different they are which could go with the lyrics „There is no one like me.‟