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  1. 1. TreatmentCharlotte Page & Jamie WhitbreadThis treatment is a proposal of ideas about our media package, which we willpresent, to a production company in an attempt to persuade them why they shouldfund our production.Working Title: AncestorsGenre: HorrorCertificate: 15Proposed Duration: 93 minutesCompletion Deadline: 28th March 2013Target AudienceOur film is aimed at both a male and female audience aged between 16 to 25. Audiencemembers are most likely to be students, either studying at college or university and are likelyto have a part-time job. This means that these consumers will have a small disposableincome meaning that will have some money to spend on our media package. Consumersare passionate about films of various genres, but show a particular interest in horror, as thisis a genre, is onewhich works best when watched as group as emotions can be shared together. This genre istherefore suitable for this type of audience who are always around other people as a student.Furthermore, our young target audience are fun; outgoing and adventurous which reflectshow our film would be exciting to this target audience.BackgroundWe are creating this product because we feel that there is a niche in the market for a productof this style. A typical convention of horror is to have a female play the role of the victimhowever in our film, Ancestors, we plan to portray the female protagonist as strong andpowerful, which although this is becoming more popular within the horror genre, it has neverbeen fully explored. We feel that our film would appear unique amongst competitors becausethe use of a prop, a doll, as the antagonist is unexpected, as usually a male would adopt thevillainous role in horror films.
  2. 2. ResearchWe are planning to have our film set both in the past and present. Firstly, for the past sceneswe will portray this through the furniture as being old and tired/worn looking. The choice ofusing flashbacks will be used to portray that the toys has been passed down generationsbefore switching to the present day.The location for our film will be set in a modern day house as this is something that ouraudience will be able to relate to. As consumers can relate to the setting they will be able toimagine themselves in the position of the character, as hopefully the location will lookfamiliar to them. We will ensure that the setting appears familiar through the use of propssuch as perhaps through phones and laptops as technology is popular amongst thisaudience and part of modern day society. Usually a house connotes an idea of comfort andsafety so this will allow the audience to feel relaxed which will make any shocks or surprisesexaggerated and more frightening because they are unexpected.The main prop that we will be using in our film will be the doll as this central to the plot of ourfilm. The doll is another aspect which will be shown in an unexpected way is usually it issomething associated with childhood and memories however we will portray this prop with amore chilling and sinister feel. Another prop that we are planning to use is old photographsas part of our film is to be set in the past so this will reflect the part of the film where the toyhas been involved withdifferent generations. With regards to laws, when shooting our film wewill ensure that we have the permission of the owners for any locations that we choose touse such as the permission of the homeowner or if we chose to film in any public places.Similarly, we will also have permission from parents, as it is likely that we will includechildren as extras during the opening scenes to show previous generations.SynopsisAncestors is a story based around the theme of family and generations. Opening with ascene set in the past, consumers are introduced to a doll that has been passed downgenerations. Shifting to the present day, the main protagonist comes into possession of thisdoll and realises the history and secret’s this doll holds. Trying to avoid its curse, the maincharacter dismisses the doll only to find it keep coming back to her. Is it trying to tell hersomething that she should know?StyleThe style of this film is to be serious as this will help to create the tense and eerieatmosphere that is associated with horror. We will portray this serious style through the useof lighting and colours, as these will create a moody ambience. For example, low lighting willhelp to create a feeling of unknown whereas high key lighting too will We are also planningon creating this serious style through various camera angles and editing. Camera shots andangles that will help to create a serious atmosphere include extreme close-ups, as this willcreate an intense and uncomfortable atmosphere for the audience. Similarly, canted cameraangles will too, create a feeling of unease and seriousness, which are emotions, associatedwith horror. With editing, scenes will be cut in a fast way and include cuts that are quitesharp to create feeling of shock and surprise.
  3. 3. Approximate budget requirementsThe total budget for our film is £75,842,80, which will be used to purchase variousequipment and the hiring of cast and crew. The equipment that we have chosen to hireincludes a HD Camera, lighting kit, microphone kit, and a tripod, as these will help us tomake a professional trailer as they are of a high quality.The majority of our budget is to be spent on the hiring of crew who specialise in certainareas that are essential to our production, helping to make our trailer more professional asthese crewmembers are best in the business. Some of these roles include a cameraassistant, camera operator, lighting assistant, researcher, sound operator, director and aneditor. Collectively, these members of staff can help to create a trailer that is of a highstandard as they can share their knowledge of the industry.Some of our budget will be used on props such as the doll, which we have tried to find onewhich of good quality as this is central to our plot and therefore it is crucial that we get thiscorrect. Costume are also important to reflect the culture and time period of the film which asour film is modern, we have chosen to use a contemporary shop to purchase our costumesfrom as this is relevant to and will reflect the target audience.