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Evaluation - Media Technologies Script

  1. 1. SCRIPT How did you use media technologies in the research and planning, construction and evaluation stages?Media technologies have been crucial throughout each stage of this project. Firstly, atechnology which has been significant during the research stages of this project hasbeen the Internet. The Internet has provided my partner and I with a wealth ofknowledge of the conventions and styles of existing products across each platform.An understanding of trailers, posters and magazine conventions provided us withinspiration for the kind of product that we wanted to create.Furthermore, when designing our storyboard, my partner and I had the opportunity touse a graphic tablet. This allowed our hand-drawn sketches to project directly onscreen from the pad. This took time and practice to get used to since the tablet wasquite sensitive and at times difficult to control. As a result of this, the majority of ourstoryboard has been hand-drawn using pen and paper however the opportunity touse a graphic tablet allowed for an understanding of how the storyboard would beconstructed in a professional industry.For our main product of the trailer, a video camera was a vital technology for theconstruction of this. From this I have learnt how to firstly, set up a video cameraincluding securing the base plate, ensuring the boom mic is connected and workingand how to set up a tripod ready for filming. Using a video camera for something ofthis standard was new to me however after some trial and error, the camera wasfairly easy to operate with the main functions being the record button to stop andstart filming and the touchscreen to review the footage. The tripod was useful forshots which involved panning and those which required a tilt. Also, through our trialand error we found the setting for night-mode on the camera. We chose to use thissetting for some of the shots as since our trailer is of the horror genre, we thoughtthis effect added to the sense of unease.To piece together our footage, we used editing software Final Cut Pro. This was aprogramme which I had previously no experience using so it took some time topractice and experiment with what each of the features did. Nevertheless, once Iunderstood the basic features, I became more confident in using this software. Someof the features used on Final Cut Pro to edit our trailer included using the ‘I’ and the‘O’ key on the keyboard to select the start and end points of each shot.Contrastingly, to further adjust the length of the clip, we also used the razor bladetool. This was particularly effective for creating short, quick clips such as theflashbacks of the doll. We also used the colour corrector tool to brighten up some ofour shots since some were a little dark and so difficult to see some of the finerdetails. The snap tool was another important tool on Final Cut Pro as this allowed usto align our footage without gaps making the video and audio clips easier to match.
  2. 2. For the music, this was downloaded from both Youtube and found using SoundtrackPro. For the music from Youtube, we converted the original video to an MP3 usingan online converter and saved this as a Wave file so that it could be imported ontoFinal Cut Pro. This process was also carried out for the sounds on Soundtrack Prowhereby they too were saved as Wave files. Since the music in our trailer regularly changes, we made this change less obviousby having the music fade in and out. To do this the pen tool was used to draw thepoints as to where the music was going to fade in and where it should fade out. Theposition of these points was then altered to indicate how quick or slow the fadeshould be. Another feature of Final Cut Pro employed was text. We made this textmore appealing by adding a dissolve to it which was available in the video transitionstab. Our completed trailer has been uploaded via YouTube, which is again, anothermedia technology.In order to create our ancillary texts, a technology used for this was a digital camera.Since both of these images use have a face as the main subject, the camera was setto a portrait mode since this was ideal for skin tones. In order to frame the shotcorrectly, the rule of thirds grid was set on the camera to ensure that the shot wasframed appropriately.For the construction of our ancillary tasks, the main technology used was Photoshop.Despite using this technology last year for my music magazine, this time I felt a lotmore confident with the programme and as a result was keen to be more creative byexperimenting with the tools that were available. The tools on Photoshop allowed usto digitally manipulate our original images so that they appeared exactly as we hadimagined. Some of which included the bright/contrast tool and shadow highlightstool to adjust the lighting of the images to create a horror-like atmosphere since ouroriginal images were quite bright. Furthermore, to remove some of the colour fromthe images, the sponge tool was used to take away the colour and contrastingly, thepaintbrush tool for adding new colours. We also downloaded additional fonts from the Internet to Photoshop as we hadfound some font styles that we felt would be more appropriate for our genre. WE alsodownloaded new paint brush tools such as fog and smoke brushes to highlight thehorror theme. Other features of Photoshop that we used included the shapes tool,text box, select tool, and free transform tool.With my evaluation I have used various media technologies to show how as a mediastudent, I can take advantage of the technologies available to me. One of whichincludes Prezi. This is an online software which allows presentations to be presentedin an interactive way rather than through traditional slides. With this software, I havelearnt how to make presentations more interesting through adding transition effectsand zooms as well as adding images and embedding videos.
  3. 3. Slideshare has helped throughout my project whereby this website has allowed meto upload any word documents or PowerPoint presentations and present them in astyle which allowed me to directly embed my work onto wordpress rather than havinga link.Therefore, one of the most important technologies used to present my work hasbeen WordPress, an online blogging service. This website has enabled me to keepby work organised through the use of various categories and I have learnt how tomake my blog posts more interactive and engaging through importing media such asimages, and embedding videos.Overall, with this project I have been able to gain and develop my understanding ofmedia technologies and these have allowed me to create products with a sense ofverisimilitude since these technologies would be used in a professional industry.