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C3 congress demo


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  • So, What would Jesus tweet? What do you think the caption for this photo might be?Joke: the real caption for this photo is probably, “what the heck is my password again?”Really, how would Jesus share the good news today?
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    • 1. C3 SFPR Technology Cluster Pilot Charlotte McCorquodale, PhD Ministry Training Source Project Consultant
    • 2. Pilot Objectives 1. Create a multi-parish collaborative effort utilizing current and trending technology solutions. 2. Cultivate an environment to promote strategic development of new initiatives and enhance/expand parish ministries by fostering partnerships, enabling functional integration and utilization of shared resources 3. Utilize change management strategies to foster parish visioning and strategic decision making to increase the long-term benefits of the project for participating parishes.
    • 3. For our parish… If the application of technology could solve one issue or challenge that you or your parish is experiencing right now in the following areas, what would that be? • Catholic Faith Formation • Communication within the Parish Community & Leaders (both staff and volunteers) • Ministry Collaboration within your parish groups and among other parishes in your area
    • 4. Goal 1 Leverage technology resources to enable collaboration among participating parishes in the areas of faith formation, sacramental preparation, outreach, and evangelization.
    • 5. QR CODES  Free QR Code Generator: https://www.the-  Great YouTube Video explaining how to create QR codes:  Great YouTube Video to explain how use QR codes: ClznXM
    • 6. C3 CLUSTER LENTEN INITIATIVES • Device Sunday, March 2, 2014 p%20Video%20Device%20Sunday%202-24-14.avi • We used Google Docs to share and curate social media content for Lent. 2nnIcMdHRocERPNGJWVEZQblhZN0pqb0lvalE&usp=d rive_web#gid=2
    • 7. Lenten Options for Growing in Faith • Daily reflections sent via email, Facebook, or Twitter • Online Retreat for Busy People • Sharing ideas and resources for celebrating Lent • Faith sharing via social media around inspirational quotes, scripture, videos, or images
    • 8. SFPR Busy Person’s Online Retreat
    • 9. Social Media Lenten Sharing
    • 10. Goal 2 To assist each parish in the project to more effectively use communication and collaboration technologies to respond to pressing pastoral and organizational needs identified by parish leadership. Outcomes of individual parish efforts will be shared with all participating parishes for possible adoption.
    • 11. Ministry Scheduling & Collaboration • Ministry Scheduler: • Ministre-Space: • Follow me on Pintrest Ministry and Technology • ministry-resources/
    • 12. Goal 3 To provide specialized technology training for parish leaders in utilizing technology resources piloted in the project.
    • 13. Goal 4 To share insights, as well as replicable strategies from the Technology Project with parishes and schools from throughout the ADLA.
    • 14. Check out my C3 Blog…
    • 15. Thanks for being a part of the C3 SFPR Technology Congress Demo!