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  • For my working to a brief project I e-mailed a few different places for briefs but didn’t get many replies. I e-mailed different graphic designers I’d heard of and researched as it’s different from what I’m doing in my other units and I’m very interested in it. The first place I e-mailed was ‘Crème Design’ as I did my work experience there so I knew the people there and knew they were friendly and trusted me. Other places such as ‘indent’ couldn’t give me any old or current briefs as it against their confidentiality agreement.Although ‘Crème Design’ replied with a past brief during that time I had found another brief from the building company ‘Hollis Construction’
  • Hollis Construction asked me to design a few different things such as a logo, business card and a letter head. To find out what my client wanted exactly in detail I sent them a questionnaire which meant I knew what colours and style I needed. Using a questionnaire I didn't understand how it would significantly help in designing the products but after using it I found it really helpful and would recommend it to anyone. Although designed the questionnaire in publisher I exported it in PDF for 2 reasons one so everyone will be able to see it which would mean I didn't have to re-do a questionnaire every time someone needed it and also so people can download it offline. One reason I chose this client was that he was going to use my products for his business which would mean I needed to set myself deadlines and regular interviews to make sure my products were high quality and just what my client wanted.Why I did a questionnaire?
  • I started off by researching other builders logo’s to get an idea of what they are like.
  • After researching the logo’s I designed 3 of my own as from the logo’s I got some idea’s together.
  • To get to this stage I used Adobe Photoshop as it’s a professional software and I know it well. After designing the three logos I set up an interview with my client to get his views on my logo’s. He chose the 3rd logo although wanted me to make the hollis bolder so it stood out. So finally my logo looked like this.
  • Instead of just researching builders business cards I chose to expand my researching to get a wider verity and I’m glad I did as I got some good ideas.
  • The client chose the 3rd one and this time chose not to change anything as he liked it the way it was.
  • It was important for me to research letter heads as I had no idea how to design these to a professional standard.
  • After doing my research I found it a lot easier to design the letter heads and as I had previously designed the logo and the business card I had the theme already designed I just had to put it in the style of a letter head.
  • My client chose the second letter head and again chose not to change anything as he liked it the way it was. On this interview my client couldn’t chose so we had to pause and carry on the next day which gave him longer to chose.
  • My final products all match and use the same theme and colours which is just what my client wanted. They are all strong and keep to the brief therefore my client was very happy with them and is currently in the process of printing the business cards out and has asked me to design a website later on for his company.
  • For my business card and letterhead I use Microsoft publisher which I hadn’t used a lot and only know the basics so I had to expand my knowledge with trial and error and for those of you that don’t know what that is it’s basically when you try something out then if its wrong or doesn’t work you just undo it and try again! I knew how to use photoshop well as I mentioned so this helped me a lot and it meant I could design the logo’s quickly to a high standard and didn’t have to learn to use the programme before I started.
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    1. 1. ReviewWorking to a brief
    2. 2. My Brief• What was I looking for?• Who did I e-mail?• Who replied?• Who did I choose?
    3. 3. Hollis Construction• What did they want?• Are they going to use it?
    4. 4. Logo• How did I start?• What I used?
    5. 5. Research
    6. 6. Logos
    7. 7. Logos
    8. 8. Logos
    9. 9. Logos
    10. 10. Logo
    11. 11. Business Card• How did I start?
    12. 12. Research
    13. 13. Business Cards
    14. 14. Business Cards
    15. 15. Business Cards
    16. 16. Letterhead• How did I start?
    17. 17. Research
    18. 18. Final Products
    19. 19. New skills I learnt..Skills I already knew but expanded..Old skills that helped me..