1st Music Video Pitch


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1st Music Video Pitch

  1. 1. MUSIC VIDEO PITCHBy Sammie, Charlotte, Chess and Mat
  2. 2. CONCEPT OF THE VIDEO IN A SENTENCE: “The changes that happen in relationships throughout the years, and the twists and turns that happen to make them ultimately fall apart.”
  3. 3. ARTIST SIGNED? The band Citizens! Have just been signed to a French music and fashion label Kitsune who specialise in Electro music which shows they are providing music for a niche audience.
  4. 4. KITSUNÉ Kitsuné started out in 2002 founded by Gildas Loaéc, Masaya Kuroki and the London based company Abake. The idea to start the label was Loaéc and Kuroki’s. They got the idea to start the label on a trip to Japan where many people like both music and fashion, and weren’t afraid to combine the two. Before co-founding the label Loaéc worked with Daft Punk and also another music label: Roulé.
  5. 5. BANDS THAT ARE SIGNED TO KITSUNÉINCLUDE: BeatauCue Delphic Heartsrevolution Housse de Two Door Cinema Club Racket
  6. 6. NARRATIVE We decided that our music video would have a strong narrative, as it is typical of the indie/power pop genre. Our narrative will be based on three couples all at different stages of their relationship, and also all of them will be typical high school stereotypes – so they’ll be relate-able. The first couple are going to be the stereotypical preppy and innocent couple in they honeymoon period of their relationship. The second couple will be the stereotypical ‘jock’ and ‘popular girl’, and they will be continuously flirting with members of the opposite sex to get back at each other for doing so in the first place. The last of our couples will be constantly arguing which will bring down the fairly upbeat mood of the song, which will link to their stereotype of being emo and always depressed. All of the couples code of dress will fit with their stereotype also (see costume). The lyrics of the song juxtapose with the tempo of the song as the tempo is quite upbeat and the lyrics aren’t. To generate humour we decided that we’d have gender reversals so the males play the female parts and vice versa. We plan to end our music video with a chase, the couples would have each displayed their relationship for the audience to see and the lead singer of Citizens! will run away with the ‘girl’ from the first couple (honeymoon couple) with the boyfriend chasing after them both, and the rest of the band. This will end with them being trapped at a dead end and as the song finishes the band will use their instruments to zap the ‘girls’ boyfriend finishing with a cartoon style effect of large colourful blocked shapes with thick black outlines.
  7. 7. BACK UP IDEA If the band are unable take part in the video we have other people willing to be in it pretending to be the band. This way we can still keep our narrative and ideas we have for our music video.
  8. 8. SETTING AND LOCATION We plan on having our music video filmed in many different locations: On the college campus. We plan on filming the popular couple here as it will fit well with them being the stereotypical popular people. The college gymnasium, there will be cutaway’s and stop motion figures of the band. We plan on it being in the gymnasium as it is typical of the preppy genre (for example Vampire Weekend in A- Punk). The Priory Gardens will be where we film the honeymoon couple as there is a romantic, quiet setting there with a bench and a lake. The Green , near college as the emo couple can be more secluded from the busy college campus. and the ending will be in Sainsbury’s car park.
  9. 9. COSTUME All of our costume choices are very stereotypical to clearly show which stereotype each couple are representing. Our costume will also be reliant on make up to show the different roles and stereotypes. Remembering that the female is actually a male, and the male is actually going to be a female the costumes are as follows: The first couple will be wearing as follows: the girl will have bows in her hair and will be wearing a dress/skirt and cardigan, these will be tight on the boys frame. The boy will be wearing a polo t-shirt, chino’s and will have their hair slicked back, these clothes will be baggy on the girls frame which will add to the humorous element. The second couple will be will be wearing as follows: the girl will have heavy make up and look really tacky wearing a tight top with her bra showing along with a short skirt. The boy will be wearing a hat, track suit bottoms, and a baggy top. The third and last couple will be wearing as follows, the girl will have dark make up and clothing as will the guy.
  10. 10. SHOTS, TECHNICAL CODES, MISE-EN-SCENE,LIGHTING, SPECIAL EFFECTS? Stop motion figures for the cutaway of the band playing in the gymnasium. (Like in Vampire Weekend’s video to their song A-Punk, they use sped up stop motion figures.) Sped up motion images (when switching to different couples and locations) Close ups (show emotion) Long shots (establish setting) Medium shots (convey specific elements of narrative eg: when the couple are arguing) Over the shoulder shots (when a couple are having a conversation) Panning Bright lighting (to give our video a more professional feel) Over exaggerated bright colours The special effects we plan on using will be towards the end of the music video. We will be using a cartoon-y/ art attack style using bright colourful shapes/splatters with a thick dark outline. This will be when band zaps the ‘guy’ away with their instruments.
  11. 11. AUDIENCE The audience will be people between the ages of 13 years old and 20 years old. They will be the stereotypical indie/preppy teenagers. They will be our audience as we believe that they will be able to relate to the characters portrayed in our video narrative as they would all know of or know someone in these set stereotypes.
  12. 12. WHERE DO YOU ENVISAGE IT BEING SHOWN ANDWHEN? INTERNET, MUSIC CHANNELS? We envisage it being shown on the internet on websites such as: YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and blogs. This being because the internet is widely used all over the world. Using the internet would enable the video to get more views resulting in the band ultimately gaining more fans too. Also, there is the ‘share’ feature button which will enable the video to generate more views and comments. In turn, if this is successful there would be nothing stopping the video from being shown on music channels once popularity is gained through the internet.
  13. 13. VISUAL STYLE AND GRAPHICS OF YOUR DIGIPAKAND WEBSITE. We all decided on producing different graphics for digipaks and websites individually.
  14. 14. STORYBOARD We’re still sketching our story board but as soon as it’s finished we will upload it to our blogs.
  15. 15. PRODUCTION SCHEDULE & PRODUCTIONROLES Our production schedule is as follows: Production Roles Make-up, Costume & Hair: Chess Camera work & Direction: Charlotte Lighting & Video Organisation: Sammie (me) Sound & Editing: Mat
  16. 16. PRODUCTION ROLE’SSammie My main role in the group is lighting in the video and organisation. I will edit this post with information as we create the video and I organise times and places to meet, along with other aspects of our video. We all will be having our own chance at camera work and editing so we are all a part of the video making process.Organisation Creating an email account and emailing Paul to try and gather as much information as possible:
  17. 17. CONTINUED.. Emailing Kitsune directly to get the details for copyright and Citizens!s manager replied: Creating a YouTube account to post our music video on afterwards and comment on their video’s.
  18. 18. CONTINUED.. Also, I browsed Facebook to see if they had a fan page and they do.
  19. 19. RISK ASSESSMENTS Risk assessments we need to do are of the gymnasium, college campus, the priory gardens, Sainsburys Car Park and the green near college campus. The potential hazards with filming on the college campus & the green near college campus: Other students and lecturers. We have to be aware of other students and lecturers who are going to and from classes, to ensure both their safety and ours. Cars. If we decide to film in the college car park we have to be sure we are careful and aware of the cars around us. For example: if any are pulling out, and also so none of the cars are damaged in the process of filming. The potential hazards with filming in the gymnasium are as follows: Flooring. Make sure the floor isnt slippery as this would be a hazard to the band when playing and acting their parts. It would also be a hazard to us when filming too. The potential hazards with filming in Sainsburys Car Park are as follows: The cars. Like above we have we have to be sure we are careful and aware of the cars around us. For example: if any are pulling out, and also so none of the cars are damaged in the process of filming.
  20. 20. BLOG LINKSSammieCharlotteChessMat