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Hairstylist riches vol1 synopsis

  1. 1. Hair Stylist RichesThe Money Making Secrets They Dont Want You To Know AboutThe Step by Step Guide to Attracting Hairstylist SuccessAuthor: Charlotte HowardPublisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformDate of Publication: (December 11, 2012)ISBN-10:1480245518ISBN-13: 978-1480245518Number of Pages: 66 pagesIf youve always been struggling to market and sell your beauty salon products andservices, then you are about to discover the ins and outs of being a successful hair stylistusing proven strategies and effective money making techniques.In this book, Charlotte Howard, Award winning Hair Artist, Author, Beauty Salon SuccessCoach and Founder Of Hair Artist Association, shares with you Christian principles thathas helped her and others create success.The book is filled with easy to understand strategies that brand new hair stylists comingout of school and seasoned hair stylists can use to attract and keep beauty salon clientsand customers. Charlotte believes marketing and selling your salon products and servicesis one of the most powerful skills you could ever learn.Learn how to market yourself strategically and authentically to set yourself apart fromeveryone else. Discover the insider secrets to attract your ideal beauty salon clients andcustomers.
  2. 2. Inside Hair Stylist Riches you will discover:• Chapter 1 Why It’s Important to Love Yourself And Put God First In EverythingYou DoAccording to the author, she believed finding your passion is possible and will take somedeep searching within yourself. However, putting God first in everything you do will helpbuild the foundation for your success in your personal and professional lifestyle.• Chapter 2 How to Use Your Powerful Hair Artistry to Build Your CredibilityWhile it is true that your hair salon business will grow by word of mouth, you cannotsolely depend on this source to stay in business. Planning your marketing strategy isessential to have a successful hair salon business. Niche salon marketing is a great way foryou to build your credibility. It involves focusing and marketing a particular salon niche.The marketing concept has numerous benefits. You not only attract clients who have aninterest in your salon but also those who know where their particular needs will be met.Thus your consumers can view your salon as trustworthy to give them what they wantand desire. Not only do you get customers that want what you have to offer but alsoincrease the credibility of your salon.• Chapter 3 How to Master Your Hair Artistry Even If You Are Brand NewIn order for you to become a master at your hair artistry you will have to learn all theaspects of the business. Retailing products is very important in a salon selling business.Aside from the earning that you will get from the salon services that you will be givingyour clients, you can also make a lot of money from the product sales. It can really make adifference per month if you do well in salon selling of products.• Chapter 4 How to Build Your Hair Artistry Platform Using The Power of SocialMediaAs a hair stylist, it is in the best of your abilities to provide excellent service to your clientsand educate them with the best products as well as services to suit their needs not yours.With that in mind, you will want to be everywhere possible to help as many people aspossible.
  3. 3. • Chapter 5 How to Use Your Hair Artistry to Build Local Awareness And Make aDifferenceWhen you offer a good service, the satisfied customers will talk good things about you andthe word will spread like a fire. They will also feel free referring their friends and relativesto your business. The referral marketing and word of mouth is a viral marketing thatrequires no investment. The only thing required is providing good hair artistry that willappeal to many. Your brands should stand out to be the best and unique. The uniquenessshould be the selling point of your business and therefore you should concentrate moreon your hair artistry. Give the best and the best will come back to you.• Chapter 6 How to Create a Six Figure Income Using Your Powerful Hair ArtistrySkillsSearch for a good mentor. Aside from the lessons which you have learned in beauty school,explore more for other ideas. Join seminars and conventions on hair styling. When givenan opportunity, seek employment under one of the best hair and fashion stylist in yourcountry or area, even just as an assistant. You will eventually learn some tips and tricks bymere watching and listening.• Chapter 7 How to Create a Profitable Salon Business Without Draining YourBank AccountStarting your own beauty salon business might seem very overwhelming particularly ifyou are someone who is starting from scratch and has no idea about managing your ownbeauty salon business. To begin with, planning is the basic activity that you will need to doto start your own beauty salon. Like any other beauty salon business, only the right planwill make you successful. When you are planning to set up your own beauty salon, youmust consider the location, the kind of beauty salon you want to have, the services youwant to offer, your budget, etc. These basic details are very important to make sure you setyour business up for success.
  4. 4. • Chapter 8 How to Create Systems That Work For You And Your TeamIt is the dream of every salon owner or manager to have the business grow. For this tohappen the salon must have a good working team that is able to gain the loyalty of clientsand thus retain old clients and at the same time attract new clients. To have a good salonteam a salon owner or manager should not just think of how to motivate the team, but onhow to create a good working environment where the salon team can motivatethemselves.• Chapter 9 How to Increase Your Retail Sales And Revenue GrowthOffer high quality work and exceptional customer service and current clients andcustomers will rave about how great your salon is. You have to be able to offer productsand services above and beyond what the competition is offering.• Chapter 10 How to Increase Your Client And Customer ReferralsGood marketing will enable you to get referrals endlessly. Understand how to wow yourcurrent clients and customers. When you do this you will position your products andservices as the ultimate choice.• Chapter 11 How to Increase Your Visibility In The MarketplaceThe community that surrounds you is the reason why your salon exists. Without them youcannot prosper. You need to recognize them and give back to them. This will build strongpublic relation and customer loyalty. Socializing is the major marketing strategy for a hairstylist.