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The idea of these storyboards is to show typical user activity before and after the Knowledge Hub. To get an accurate picture of what this could look like, we worked with a number of local authority …

The idea of these storyboards is to show typical user activity before and after the Knowledge Hub. To get an accurate picture of what this could look like, we worked with a number of local authority colleagues, drawing on their experiences to communicate the Knowledge Hub experience and benefits, in language that those working within public services could relate to.

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  • 1. SHAMI HALL Task To procure personal development support for the top team in her council and help it achieve it’s transformation plan.
  • 2. 1. AGREES SPECIFICATION OF THE PROCUREMENT Shami agrees the specification of the procurement with the head of HR and begins to think about finding providers. SAMPLE PROCUREMENT SPECIFICATIONS & GUIDES TO GOOD PRACTICE IN PROCUREMENT
  • 3. 2. CONTACTS LOCAL COUNCILS AND FEW OLD CONTACTS She contacts local councils that have procured to a similar specification by emailing and mailing a few old contacts. As she hasn’t worked with some of the other councils, it takes a while for emails to be answered. NARROWCAST REQUESTS NETWORKING TOOLS FOR SUPPORT FROM REGIONAL AND LINKS TO OTHERS COUNCIL COUNTERPARTS EXPERIENCES
  • 4. 3. IDENTIFIES PRIVATE AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISES Based on some recommendations and from the CIPD website she begins to identify private and social enterprises that offer relevant senior development programmes. IDENTIFY ACCREDITED SUPPLIERS/PROVIDERS
  • 5. 4. APPROACHES A PEER CLEARING HOUSE She also wonders if there are national framework agreements, but is unsure where to start looking. She approaches the Peer Clearing House at LGID to look for suitable candidates with experience in running development programmes. She has no way of making any immediate comparisons between what she finds and gets frustrated that the information is so fragmented. SHARING EXPERIENCE & RECOMMENDATIONS WITH PRACTITIONER PEERS
  • 6. 5. RECIEVES A CONFERENCE BROCHURE As a CIPD member, Shami receives a brochure for a forthcoming conference on organisational development (OD) and decides to book a place. AGGREGATED CALENDARS & TOPIC ALERTS
  • 7. 6. ATTENDS OD CONFERENCE The OD conference is a great networking opportunity, and she manages to make useful professional links. MAKING A PERSONAL NETWORK VISIBLE TO OTHERS & SHARING SOCIAL NETWORK CONNECTIONS
  • 8. 7. ISSUES ITT After this research and networking Shami feels confident about the specification of the procurement and issues her ITT SHARING PLANS WITH PEERS BEFORE PUBLICATION
  • 9. 8. GATHERS AND COMPARES CVS In response to her tender she gathers CVs, testimonials and references. She makes a comparative spreadsheet to assess strengths and weaknesses ORGANISATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE TOOLS
  • 10. 9. INTERVIEWS CANDIDATES She shortlists her candidates and arranges an interview panel. There is wide variance in capabilities. The council’s standard evaluation criteria are not helpful in distinguishing the best appointment IDENTIFYING INDIVIDUALS SUGGESTED AWARDING TO HELP EVALUATE RESPONSES CRITERIA AGAINST WHICH SHE CAN TEST HER KNOWN OUTCOMES
  • 11. 10. AGREES SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES She discusses her options with her colleagues and agrees that shortlisted candidates adjust their submissions to better match the criteria CONVERSATIONS IN A SHARED, SECURE SPACE
  • 12. 11. APPOINTS PROVIDER Based on the reviewed criteria and the agreement of the interview panel she appoints a provider.
  • 13. 12. SHARES HER PROCESS ON THE OD COP She thinks her process may be of some value to peers so shares her experiences on the Organisational Development Community of Practice. LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE MUCH MORE WIDELY TO OTHERS
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