AIESEC the netherlands mcp application booklet 2013 2014
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AIESEC the netherlands mcp application booklet 2013 2014






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AIESEC the netherlands mcp application booklet 2013 2014 Document Transcript

  • 1. AIESEC The NetherlandsMCP Application 2013 - 2014
  • 2. Dear applicant, By reading this you have taken the first step to consider applying for MCP. In a couple of weeks you could be selected as the MCP of AIESEC the Netherlands for the term of 2013-2014!Being a MCP is a huge responsibility. You will lead an entire AIESEC country. Every decision you make will influence the future of our organization. It is also a challenge. You will learn, grow as a person and develop yourself professionally. Most of all, it is a privilege. You will get the chance to work with extremely talented people, travel, explore, grow and create impact. When reading this, you might think: Why me? Could I be the one fulfilling this role? Or I would like to but I really need to go and find a job.. But the question is not why, the question is why not? Can you name one good reason not to apply? Does this reason really matter? When you look back at your life, you will only regret the things you did not do. Take this chance. Get out of your comfort zone. Apply. Warm regards, The MC 2012-2013 Charlotte Eijsvoogel Laurens van Vloten Dissevelt Marieke Doelman Kelly Dixon Pascal Steeghs Paul Heijlands Sanne van Erp
  • 3. Contents 1. Job Description 2. Expectations 3. Application Procedure 4. Appendix 1: CORE Competencies 5. Appendix 2: General Questionnaire 6. Appendix 3: Personal Questionnaire
  • 4. Job description of the MCPStrategy and operations management  Continuing the implementation and execution process of the national vision, ensuring that the long term goals will be achieved  Implementing ideas from the international network, aligning the national direction with global plans and strategies  Delivering national strategic planning and tracking, follow up operations and goal achievement  Defining the role of the LCP team, NST and MC VPs in delivery of yearly Measurements of Success and managing these teams accordingly  Ensuring the national and local operations’ alignment  Empowering local initiatives for them to better explore their local external relevance  Embedding the LCP team into national level operations and strategies. Tracking and making sure national strategies are implemented on local levelLeading the Member Committee  Facilitating the creation of the MC vision for the term, direction and main ambition  Preparing, running and following up MC meetings  Ensuring the synergies between AIESEC and MaM operations  Facilitating MC team events and team evaluations  Regular MC coaching and performance assessmentNational Level management  Creation of NST structure, roles and responsibilities  Managing NST Succession process (promotion, application, selection, transition)  Creating and following up NST systems and general education  Creating accountability, communication and reporting systems and managing themLCP Team management  Coaching and tracking LCPs  Designing and delivering LCP-MC meetings  Managing LCP Team’s communication, accountability and reporting  Keeping continuous contact with LCPs regarding LC operations and plan delivery, LCP role and team management, follow up of national services and supportGovernance  Managing the Board of Directors, ensuring reporting and implementation of outputs  Ensuring legality of AIESEC operations  Delivering all requirements for International Membership Criteria
  • 5. Representation  Attendance of National & International Meetings  Communication with AI VP Entity Development and PAI  Member of International Teams/Working Groups/Subcommittees  Building country branding strategy and making sure AIESEC in The Netherlands is well- represented in the international network (physically and virtually)  Representing AIESEC on external conferences and events  Managing relationship with other organizations (non-corporate, student, governmental, corporate)Human resources  Managing MC recruitment and coaching LCs on LC recruitment  Facilitating team development, training and education  Responsible for national member development cycle  Responsible for reward and RecognitionExternal relations  Managing the national talent partners  Acquiring new talent partners  Managing the Board of Advisors  Keeping regular contact, communication and involvement of MC alumni  Creating alumni strategy for the term 2013-2014
  • 6. ExpectationsTimelineAs MCP you will officially start your term on the 1st of August 2013. However, once you areselected you will already have a number of responsibilities. This mainly involves selecting theMC team and representing AIESEC the Netherlands on the International Presidents Meeting.Next to that you will already start MCP transition on a part-time basis.From the 24th of June MC transition will officially start and you will be expected to be availablefull-time for AIESEC. You term will officially end your term on the 1st of August 2014. • 6th: MCP Application deadline, 23:59 GMT+1 • 7-25th: MCP Selection Interviews Jan • 31th: MCP Announcement at NatCo II • 15-28th: International Presidents Meeting, Serbia • 24th: MC Application Deadline, 23:59 GMT+1 Feb • 25th Feb-22nd March: MC Selection interviews • 25th: MC Announcement March • 15th: National Take Over Start • 22-24th: Boarders May • 14th: National Training Day • 20th: LCP Transition Meeting June • 24th-28th July: Start MC TransitionOffice & housingFrom the 1st of January the MC office will be located in Amsterdam. It is about a 5 minute walkfrom Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena train station, enabling the MC to travel easily throughout thecountry. As a member of the MC team you are expected to move to Amsterdam during yourterm.
  • 7. Application procedure1. Before the 6th of January 2012, 23.59 GMT+1, we will need from you: - Your Curriculum Vitae - An endorsement letter from someone you’ve worked with in the past 24 months - The general questionnaire (appendix 1, attached in another document) - The personality questionnaire (appendix 2, attached in another document)The entire application should be in English.2. After the deadline we will contact you to schedule the selection rounds.You will need to go through two selection rounds, each round consisting of two interviews. Afterthe first round (two interviews) we will let you know whether or not you will pass on to thesecond round.During the interviews you will be assessed on: - Motivation - Organizational understanding & vision - CORE competencies - Analytical skillsBelow you will find the relevant CORE competencies which can be used for preparing yourinterviews.3. Selection will happen between the 26th and the 31st of January.We very much encourage you to contact MC members or alumni to create a better understanding ofAIESEC the Netherlands. Furthermore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questionsregarding the application, we are more than willing to help. Good luck!
  • 8. Appendix 1: CORE competencies MCPDEVELOPING A WINNING TEAMOptimizing suitable interpersonal characteristics to create a team that works together effectively andefficiently; striving to realize team objectives.OBTAINING BUY-INStimulating others to commit to a project, plan, idea; delegating tasks to others, making themresponsible for meeting objectives; gaining involvement by seeking input and individual opinions.COMMUNICATIONClearly transferring a message, thoughts, and / or information to a designated group through meansof creating an interpersonal rapport with the audience; assisting the audience in understanding theinformation by adapting to their motivations.COACHINGAssisting others in strengthening their development opportunities through means of guidance andfeedback. Creating opportunities to discuss others’ performance, progress, and mistakes; tappinginto their motivations to reach a collective objective. Acknowledging and accrediting achievements.ENCOURAGING CHANGECreating an environment where innovative changes are encouraged and implemented to satisfydevelopment opportunities; stimulating others to think of new procedural approaches; supportingchange and promoting its acceptance.ALLOCATING RESPONSIBILITIESDistributing decision-making responsibilities amongst others, aligning duties with individualcapabilities and job functions; clearly defining and allocating tasks in order to optimize businessefficiency.ORGANIZATIONAL VISION AND VALUESPlacing the organization’s visions at the vanguard of all decision-making; striving to realize objectiveswhich satisfy the organization’s visions and values.ADJUSTABILITYAbility to adapt to external changes without compromising performance; adjusting conduct to fitchanged circumstances, expectations, and / or customs while upholding professional efficacy.TAKING STRATEGIC ACTIONIdentifying the organization’s long-term vision and objectives, gathering information in order tocreate a strategy and steps of action to realize the long-term vision; making a decision, committing toa strategy, and ensuring smooth execution.