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  1. 1. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. During our project we used various differenttechnologies , the main and most importantpiece of equipment was the camera we used.The camera was a Sony Handycam and belongedto the media studies department. When it cameto the day of filming we experienced technicalproblems with the camera and ended up usingMorgans own personal camera which luckilywas also a Sony Handycam. Morgan’s camera isHD so it gave us a good picture quality.Another important piece of equipment was thetripod, this enabled us to film steady extremelong shot, steady close up and a panning shot.The tripod we used was borrowed from schoolas we didn’t have our own.
  3. 3. As soon as we had finished filming we began theediting stages straight away. This involved usinganother important piece of technology, the Maccomputers. We only had the choice of using theBlack Mac computer due to the camera we usedhowever this worked out better as we hadexperience on these computers therefore knew howto use them effectively. However we did experiencesome problems with the black Macs, this was due tothe fact that there is only two of them compared tothe six white Macs, they are also newer andtherefore more students wanted to use them. Thesoftware we used to edit was ‘Imovie’ , this is a fastand effective programme which holds many effectssuch as transitions. The editing stages involvedthings such as dubbing out all of the sound becauseof the wind and then putting our own sound effectsback in. we also had the chance to cut clips, speedclips up and slow them down.
  4. 4. When designing our production splash we hadthe option of using a programme called ‘GIMP’this software allows you to design and editpictures and logos. However after exploring ouroptions we decided to design and draw ourown production splash , this worked out welldue to the fact both me (Charlotte) and Aliceboth do AS Art and design. After theproduction splash was designed we took aphotograph with it using Alice Iphone, we thenemailed this to Morgans hotmail and uploadedit on to the Mac.
  5. 5. During the whole process of our project we used mycamera. We used it for things such as finding ourlocation, and blogging our recent activities such as itemswe had purchased, and the progress of our costumes. Another form of technology used was Instagram, this page was used as an update feed of all of our photos. The photos included things such as us using the Macs.One of the forms of technology weused was Twitter, we used this to saywhat we were doing and when, thiswas used mainly for our filming days.
  6. 6. Due to the fact we were not allowed to use copy right sounds or music we had to find a reliable website which offers copy right free sound effects. We searched them on Google and came across a website called http://www.freesound.org/ . This offered us sounds that were easily downloadable and quick to find. We used soundssuch as ‘natural outdoors’ , this was used throughout the final piece. Another sound we used was ‘Drone’ this was used whenever the Zombie character was seen or insinuated.