Music video analysis 2


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Music video analysis 2

  1. 1. Music Video Analysis 2 Ed Sheeran – A team
  2. 2. Mise en sceneThe costumes worn by the people in the music video help torepresent social class. The video is mainly focused on thehomeless woman, and shows a day in her life before she died. Inthe video she is seen wearing old, ripped clothes which arestereotypically associated with a homeless person. When the shotis shown of her begin in a busy street, you can see higher classpeople just walking straight past her, you know that these peopleare higher working class, as they are wearing suits and other workattire. Also the use of make up helps to show that she is homeless,as she has messy hair and her make up is very messy and lookslike it has been worn for a couple of days.
  3. 3. The use of props such as the sleeping bag shown, which thehomeless woman has used while she was sleeping on thebench help to show that she was homeless. This fits in wellwith the song and the lyrics as it follows a story of a girl, whowas homeless and sold her self for money in order to buydrugs, and who had recently passed away due to her drugaddiction and the life she had lead. A lot of other props usedalso helps to show the life the woman was living, such asmake up, drugs, money, and some others. The make up andmoney show that she used to ‘dress up’ in order to getmoney for the drugs, which was shown in the video.
  4. 4. The lighting tends to be low-key throughout the whole of thevideo, which goes with the genre of the song, it also links inwith the meaning of the song and the message it is trying todisplay. The video is also in black and white and acts as aflash back of the girls last hours alive and the events thattook place during her last day. The low key lighting reflectsher life and how she feels. She isnt happy with her life andshe is a dark place, and the low key lighting helps show this.
  5. 5. EditingAt the end of the video a super imposition is used to showthat the girl had passed away and had now gone to ‘heaven’as she is shown in the sky. This also links in with the lyrics ofthe song as it says how angles will fly hoping for a better life.Which suggests that she had died from the drug abuse andnow she is free and in search for a better life, as any lifewould be better than the life she had been living.
  6. 6. The speed of the video has been sped up to make it seem asthough everyone one is walking past really quickly to showhow long the girl had been sitting there, and how much timehad gone by where she was waiting, and begging on thestreet. This also shows that she is alone and isolated in herlife, which also fits in with the song. This creates a sense ofsympathy for the woman in the video. Which would make theaudience sympathize her due to the things that havehappened to her and how her last day had planned out.Fade has also been used at the beginning of the musicvideo, this allows the video to show the transfer betweentime, as it goes from the present time to the past. It alsoallows a smooth transfer between the two scenes.
  7. 7. CameraworkA long shot has been used near the beginning of the musicvideo, this allows the audience to see the location, it alsoallows the us to see that the girl in the video is homeless asshe has spent the night sleeping on a park bench with an oldsleeping bag. This is a stereotypical view of a homelessperson and could create a sense of sympathy for the woman,as she is young and homeless.
  8. 8. A mid-shot has been used to show thewoman in a bit more detail, the mid-shotallows the audience to see that the womanlooks rough and is wearing dirty clothes andis wrapped in a sleeping bag. A close up has been used to show the womans face, this allows the audience to see the woman’s emotions, and how she isn’t happy with her life. This could also create sympathy for the character. Tracking had been used in the video, the camera moved with the woman to show the things she did. Tracking was also used to show the woman walking to a house, where she was about to take drugs.
  9. 9. SoundAt the beginning of the video there is some ambient soundwhich is played before the main song, the ambient soundincludes birds singing and some background noise. Theambient sound is played during the scene which shows thetwo characters in the present time. The main song which isplayed throughout the rest of the video is played whilst thevideo shows the past, and how the woman’s day had beenbefore she died. The ambient sound which is played at thebeginning of the video is then played at the end of the video,during the scene which shows the woman in the sky.