Drafting analysis


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Drafting analysis

  1. 1. Draft Brief description of What did you What changes did Summarise any Based on Any additional your piece. think you needed you make and why? audience feedback audience comments. to change and you received feedback, what why? (positive and further changes negatives). will you make?Draft 1 We had loads of We needed to N/A We were told that We decided to short clips, which make the clips fit we needed to film do much more was mainly narrative. together so that performance filming, especially These shots did not the narrative was footage of a better of the fit together very well. clear. Also we quality, to fit in with performance needed to add the narrative. scenes and we more However, we were also decided to performance to told that the footage re film some of the video. we had was good, the footage that but just needed we already had some improvement. as it wasn’t up to the standard that we wanted it to be.Draft 2 We had much We still needed to - We filmed We were told that We then spent longer and better do some more some more the footage we had some of our spare quality clips than the filming and some performance fitted in very well time shooting first draft but we still more shots footage. with the narrative of some more needed to do some needed to be re the song but we still footage. more filming as shot. We then - We also needed to do some when we edited the managed to do improved more filming as we shots together, it that and then also some of the didn’t have enough didn’t look good. done some more footage we for the entire song. filming to make already had We did originally up the whole 3 by re filming. have a lot of minutes and 30 footage but when it seconds of the was edited and song. parts needed to be cut, it meant that we lost a lot of filming.Draft 3 We edited all the We decided that - We filmed We again, were told Re shoot some
  2. 2. shots together that our footage didn’t some more that what we had more footage we had but thought consist of many footage. was very good but using different that we needed to different camera the audience camera angles, use some different angles. We then agreed that we and also add camera angles as decided to film needed to use some some different they were all very some more different camera effects to make it similar. footage with angles. more interesting. different camera angles to what we had been using.Draft 4 We then edited our We still thought - We made sure We then had a We then made video to include that we needed that our video presentation sure we edited some different to re-shoot one or included evening where we the music video effects such as slow two more shots to many different showed the perfectly so that motion and fast make sure the camera audience our video, the lip syncing motion effect. filming went angles. and asked them to fitted in time with perfectly with the fill in a feedback the music. timing of the song. form, telling us how we could improve. We were told that we needed to improve the lip syncing as it was very slightly behind the music.Final Draft We then made the We did not think We made sure that We were told to We made sure final few changes by that any changed the music went well make sure that our any minor making sure that the needed to be with the lip syncing video was finalised. changes that we editing fitted in made; only to go and that the scenes needed to make perfectly with the over our video that needed to be re were done. music, and also that and make any shot were done. the lip syncing tiny tweaks that looked as if she was needed doing. actually singing the song.