Primary Audience Research

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  • 1. Primary Audience Research
      • When constructing our questionnaire we had to think about the quantitative and qualitative data that we would be collecting and also how much of each would be beneficial to us regarding the success of our product. We decided that throughout our questionnaire the majority of the questions should be qualitative. This is because written information, such as detailed opinions, are going to be much more beneficial to us as they will allow us to see exactly what the target audience want.
  • 2. Primary Audience Research
      • However we will still be using some quantitative questions. Quantitative questions are mainly going to be placed at the beginning of the questionnaire as a way to eliminate any participants who may not fall into all the categories of our target audience.
  • 3. Primary Audience Research
      • However, we will still be using closed questions and, like the quantitative questions, these will mainly be used at the beginning of the questionnaire. This is so that, once again, we will be able to eliminate any participants who do not meet the requirements of the target audience.
  • 4. Primary Audience Research When we asked our target audience if they believed the video should have a narrative, we found that most felt the video should. However, we have decided not to include a narrative in our video as we believe this would make the video look more professional. When a band releases their first commercial video, they need to represent themselves in a positive light that is appropriate for the genre and also attracts their target audience. We also believe that not using a narrative will enable the band to know who they are and, in music terms, what they are all about.
  • 5. Primary Audience Research When we asked the target audience how many locations they would expect to see in the video, we found that most people wanted to see more than just one location. However, we have decided to use only one location in our video as this would also allow the audience to get to know the band and the music they create, but also because of the budget; this is the first video for an emerging band and therefore, they would not be given a large budget to create the video.
  • 6. Primary Audience Research When we asked our target audience where they would expect a music video of this genre to be shot, the answers were ranged, however, participants mainly chose a house party or a live gig. We have decided to combine these two ideas that our chosen band will be seen in the video playing a live gig at a house party. We have chosen to use both the house party and the live gig as these locations are very conventional of this genre and would therefore ensure that the music genre is easily recognisable to a viewer. A simple house party is also relatively low budget to create and will also allow the band to let their individual personalities to show in their very first video.