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Media analysis CD cover 1,2,3,4 Media analysis CD cover 1,2,3,4 Document Transcript

  • Arms in the air perhaps suggest that she is dancing, this links with the album title Dance Anthems. The blurred purple blue and pink lights are representative of a night club due to the neon lights. One third of the CD cover is sued to name all the attributing artists. Showing this allows the buyer to see the highlight performers such as ‘Jason Derulo’. The Composers Logo is on the Album as advertisement but also to tell the audience that they are Ministry of Sound who are very popular. The Album even includes what is included, 40 tracks is a unique selling point as normal CD’s don’t offer that many songs, so in that perspective this album is more music to money.
  • This Medium/Close of 2pac sells an image, commercial exhibitionist, this is how he wants the public to view him. The bling is sterotyoical as all rappers wear it to create an image. The album name is included ‘All eyez on me’ firstly ‘eyez’ is spelt in a gangster way to help create this over image of 2pac and his music. The name of the album itself suggest that he is fairly arrogant and wants to be centre of attention. The artists name 2pac is included to show the audience that it is the famous 2pac. The colours are very dark without a all black background and the only colour is his gold bling maybe that is trying to be emphasized. The lack of colour means that there isn’t much to the cover.
  • The artists name is put on the CD cover ‘Ellie Goulding’ to tell the audience if they didn’t recognise her face they know its her. This album cover is very bare with not much information but everyone knows her music. The album name is also included; the bold font type is powerful because it’s simple and clear. The gold colour font stands out compared to the other colours which are more dark. This medium/close up of Ellie shows the emotion and her overall image which she wants the audience to see. In some aspects this is an example of ‘commercial exhibitionist’ where she is trying to sell an overall image. This action shot of her pouting and her hair flying around looks good on the cover and could attract males and females. The gold sparks/stars add colour to the cover photo which follows the same colour as the gold/light writing. The gold dust just makes the album cover look more rustic and authentic.
  • The Album name is included in a gangster/italics font which looks quiet cool. The album name itself must have some meaning, maybe his famous quote or something along those lines. The artist name is included in a big bold font which catches the audience’s attention straight away. This medium/close shot of 50 cent could be seen as commercial exhibitionist as he is trying to sell and image to his audience. 50 cent standing there topless shows that ‘he lifts’ and he is able to show off his body as he has a lot of muscle. The tattoos also help build this overall image. The bling cross is emphasised by the bullet hole in the glass maybe he is trying to emphasise his religion or maybe he just wants to show off his bling. Perhaps the bullet hole is a subliminal message to 50 cents past and how he survived 9 shots to the body. This si a warning to the audience that his music may not be suitable for people under a certain age. This is essential to have as people who have never heard 50 cents music may nto know he swears a lot.