Visual Chart Trading


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Simple MT4 Trendline EA designed for a Total Visual Chart Trading Experience. This Visual Chart Trading Software is Optimized to Work on Forex Metatrader 4

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Visual Chart Trading

  1. 1. Making money in the marketisn’t easy. So much of human natureis geared to poor trading habits thatit is difficult to overcome thechallenges to being a good trader.Using a visual chart trading tool onthe Metatrader 4 platform toconfirm Forex chart patterns, itserves as a verification signal toolsas well as an alert tool, informingthe trader about an upcoming tradeopportunity.
  2. 2.  make trading less subjective and moresystematic process. has help traders in many ways of automationand making better trade decisions which are keys tohigher trading performance.
  3. 3. Specifying the time at which to accept a tradesignal and refuse trade signals outside of the specifiedtime can now be automated with the visual charttrading tool. We use it to define our market tradinghours while leaving the work of placing trade entries orrefuse trade entries to be carried out by the software.
  4. 4. When technical analysis research is performed on the charts,the trader can identify a good price which constitutes an attractivebuying opportunity. However for most of us, we may not have theluxury to stay at the computer and wait for price to reach the levelswhich constitutes a good bargain. Hence, we use the visual charting tools to draw a line at thebargain price points. If price was to reach the specified levels, thecharting tool will place a buy or sell entry automatically on thetrader’s behalf. This process ensures that we do not chase themarket after a signal was missed or miss anymore attractive entryopportunities due to not having the time to trade in front ofcomputer.
  5. 5. Patterns do not form overnight. They take weeks or even monthsto form. It is very tempting to enter a trade based on the supposition that apattern will complete. Thus, it is very tempting for a trader to get into atrade early on the presumption that the forming patterns may eventuallyformed what the traders has first perceived to be. In order words, he wants to beat the crowd before they realize thepattern has broken. However, an incomplete pattern isn’t a pattern at all.Pulling the trigger or getting into a trade too early may backfire many timesthat it simply doesn’t become worthwhile for the risk to profits. We use the special visual chart trading MT4 tool to draw a line atthose critical levels. And when these levels are broken or bar closed beyondthese levels, software will alert us and should we programmed it to makean automated entry will they then performed the instructions as described.
  6. 6. An initial stop loss must be in place at all times during a trade. Thisis a safety net for Forex trader in a 24 hour market where any events mayimpact our positions in a short span of time. An exit plan is either beingstopped out or trade has hit its targeted price. Although MT4 has basic features of placing stop loss and takeprofit levels, it’s function is extremely basic where only horizontal targetedexit prices can be specified. The visual chart trading tool allow us to simplydraw any line with any gradient or slope, when price break or touch thepre-drawn line, will warrant a trade exit. This way of placing your exit provided more flexibility to achannel-based forms of trading. And we can easily introduced multiplescaled out exits or partial close lines to close position partially overtimewhen market break each of these drawn lines.
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