CMI Conference - Change or Die
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CMI Conference - Change or Die

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Presentation given to the CMI Conference October 2012.

Presentation given to the CMI Conference October 2012.

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  • Vitali Klitschko
  • Gilberto Keb Baas Mexico Light flyweight


  • 1. Change or Die!CMI Scotland Conference 27 October 2012
  • 2. Talk• Change or die?• Share thoughts on change• Business continuity as a tool
  • 3. Slowish change• Founded 1889• 1997 90% share of film, 85% cameras• Invented the digital camera• Lost $60 on each one sold• No longer in camera business• 1997 turnover $15.97b• Jan 12 Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 4. Why
  • 5. Woolworths• Started USA 1879• Frank Woolworth Liverpool store 1909• Late 1960s 1141 stores• Failures in Big W, Woolco, Big Red Book, Entertainment UK• Dec 2008 administration and close down• Loss of 27,000 jobs
  • 6. Why
  • 7. OODA Loop
  • 8. Rapid change• May 2004 Explosion• Maryhill Stockline plastics factory• 9 killed 33 injured• Due to a faulty pipeline• Enquiry• Heath and safety prosecution• Loss of company
  • 9. Rapid changeSelby driver jailed for 5 years The driver who caused the Selby rail crash is told he is responsible for the "worst driving- related incident in the UK in recent years".
  • 10. Rapid change - external• Flooding• Storms• Snow• Fire• External supplier failure – Utilities – Raw materials – Supplier failure – Contamination
  • 11. Business Continuity in context 11
  • 12. Business Continuity• Wicked things happen• Only the tough survive
  • 13. Incidents will happen
  • 14. What is business continuityBusiness Continuity Management isan holistic management processthat identifies potential impacts thatthreaten an organisation andprovides a framework for buildingresilience and the capability for aneffective response that safeguardsthe interests of its key stakeholders,reputation, brand and value creatingactivities. BCI GPG 2010
  • 15. Business continuity Loss of IT Staff Floods Telecoms Internal threats Fire Weather Utility failure OrganisationExternal threats Organisation Organisation Organisation
  • 16. Over recovery100% Planned Recovery Recovery Business Business Continuity Planning Unplanned Recovery Worst Case ! 0% Time
  • 17. Resilience = Tough• Not suffer from incidents• Less impact if it occurs• Recover quicker
  • 18. SizeMatters!
  • 19. Business Continuity Lifecycle
  • 20. Practical steps Business Continuity Programme Management & Quality Assurance Risk Mitigation Measures Implementation Tactical & Strategic Risk Assessment Plans Business ContinuityProgramme Set up Business Business Impact Operational Ongoing Continuity Exercises Analysis Recovery Plans Business Strategies Continuity Management Organisational Other Plans Understanding IT Disaster Recovery Strategic Decision Making Embedding business continuity management in the organisation culture BS 25999 The business continuity lifecycle Embedding BCM Understanding Determining Developing and Exercising, BCM in the Enabling the orginisation BCM strategy implementing a maintenance and programme organisations Activities BCM response reviewing management culture
  • 21. Conclusion
  • 22. Conclusion• Slow change• OODA loop• Rapid change• Events will happen• Make your organisation tough• Do your business continuity
  • 23. Any Questions Charlie Maclean-Bristol PlanB Consulting 0871 663