Glow and ICT in Education


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A presentation I gave at the Holyrood Primary Education Conference on November 26th - about Glow, Office 365, 360Safe and ICT in Education.

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  • Glow is complex system providing a wide range of applications, services, content and resources.The task of moving to a new system and integrating MS Office 365 was a big one.It’s difficult to talk about the future without also talking about now – the two are linked and have dependencies.Acknowledge there have been issues and lessons learned along the way, that is why we are going to allow ourselves time to make sure the system delivers what users require.This presentation / focus on what you can do now with Glow and where it’s going next.
  • How can we build on the existing Glow service?
  • High level roadmap.  Will endeavour to deliver within the 6 months but acknowledge that the complexity and scale of the task may be such that we will take longer in order to deliver the best product.The team have done a great job up until now given the resources available.  Key will be to ensure the right skills and expertise form part of the team going forward.Excellence Group talked about an ‘Agile’ approach to delivery and this is the project management methodology that the team will follow.Key to this is having the team in one place – will be based within the Digital Directorate in VQ in Edinburgh.
  • The Scottish Government, together with South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL), have now released 360 degree safe Scotland. This e-safety self-review tool has been constructed to enable schools to assess their own internet safety provision, identify any gaps and, most importantly, provide advice, suggestions and solutions for each school to meet the necessary standard. 360 degree safe is a multi-award winning tool that has been available to schools in England since 2010, benefitting over 4,000 schools.  Over the past 9 months, the system has been entirely overhauled and adapted by for use in Scotland to empower all Scottish schools to cast a mirror on their own practice to determine their areas of good practice and where they may need to improve.The tool is completely free to use. Individual schools can register for the tool at
  • Glow and ICT in Education

    1. 1. Glow and ICT in Education the future is bright Twitter: @charlie_love
    2. 2. Access from Home Typical storage at school 100Mb School Storage/Server Mobile Devices So….you use (and lose) these
    3. 3. 25 Gigabytes of Storage (256 times more than in school) Never forget to take a file to school again!
    4. 4. Sites Users Documents Newsfeed
    5. 5. ICT in Education 360 Degree Safe Scotland – e-safety self-review tool for schools
    6. 6. Mobile Devices • Truly portable • Many low-cost or free creative applications from App Stores. • Little support / configuration required • Best with WiFi connectivity • Lifespan? Desktop/Laptop • Requires servers and network administration • Support to install software • More options for creativity • Large screen / great for sharing • Lifespan?
    7. 7. Blog: Twitter: @charlie_love