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Black rose  Evaluation Question 3 Black rose Evaluation Question 3 Presentation Transcript

  • How did you attract/address your audience? Charlie Lewin
  • The Components of Thriller and Suspense Films• Thriller and Suspense films are known to promote the feelings of intense excitement, suspense, expectation, uncertainty and tension.• Cliff Hangers and thrills are often used to keep the audience " on the edge of their seats" as the plot builds towards the climax. The tension usually arises when the main character is placed in a dangerous situation of mystery and he or she become involved in mission.
  • Characters/ Themes in Thrillers• Plots in thrillers usually involve characters which come into conflict with each other or outside forces. Characters in thrillers included convicts, criminals, stalkers, assassins or innocent victims.• Themes of thrillers include terrorism, political, conspiracy and pursuit. View slide
  • Physiological Thrillers• Thrillers With Convoluted Plot Twists: involves twisted plots and surprise endings• The Usual Suspects (1995)• Se7en(1995)• The Sixth Sense (1999)• Momento (2000) View slide
  • How does this translate to Black Rose?• Tend to be a lot more frequent these days opposed to “easy thrillers”.• The leading character Natalie Harland is mentally unstable and has uncomfortable reactions to the small girl. She covers the character profiles of the stalker and convict found in many thriller films.• The Black Rose would fit under the thriller film of "Thrillers with Convoluted Plot Twists" with the twisted plot and relationship between Natalie and the little girl. It makes the audience uneasy and surprises them.• The theme of the Black Rose would be obsession, pursuit and mental unstableness.
  • The Title of the Black Rose• Red Roses traditionally symbolize desire and love, and in our film the lady Natalie feels love and attraction to her victims. By incorporating the flower of a rose into the tittle, it foreshadows that desire will be an ongoing theme.• Natalie is also a florist which means being surrounded by flowers everyday at work she understands the nature and language of the flowers.
  • Black Rose• A Black Rose has an irony and contradiction within it however, and providers and impossible combination due to the fact that flowers cant be black.• The color black has connotations of death and hatred, from this it foreshadows how the movie will be set up and the conflicts that will be in it.
  • Target Audience• Age- Younger Audiences (15-30)• Gender- Tends to be more male audiences, however the Black Rose has a leading female character which will make it more relatable to a female audience. This makes the target audience for our particular thriller wider. This is the case with James Bond thrillers as well since there is always a leading beautiful woman alongside James.• Television: Sherlock, Mad Dogs, CSI, Dexter, True Blood, Criminal Minds, Lost and 24• Film: Inception, Bourne Ultimatum, Source Code, Sherlock Homes, James Bond and The Strangers• Restaurants: Hard Rock Cafe, Wagamamas and Gourmet Burger• Clothes: Natterjacks, Topshop, River Island, H&M and Super Dry• Media: Xbox, Playstation, Iphone, Blackberry, 3D Tvs, Imac, IPad and Ipod• Books: The searches of the dead, the clinic, On Dangerous ground, Angles and Demons and Black Wind
  • Case Study- The Devil Inside• In order for our movie the Black Rose to target the right audience, I decided to research into the genre of psychological thrillers. The new movie " The Devil Inside" directed by William Bell achieved this by having a striking portrait shot of the leading female character on their webpage.
  • Case Study• The Devil Inside coveys that it is a thriller film due to the use of the colors black and red. Red brings about connotations of evil, death, murder and blood, which will be found in the movie. The photo also has a worn and scratched effect on the image which again implies to the viewers that violence will be used in the movie.
  • Website for the Black Rose
  • Facebook Page for Black Rose• Using popular media tools such as Facebook will gain our movie recognition
  • How did you attract/address your audience?• To attract our Audiences I did this through the:• Contradicting tittle of the Black Rose: showing components of darkness and desire.• Leading character that falls under the category of stalker and convict• Using Social Media such as Facebook to attract attention for the movie