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Genre research

  1. 1. Genre ResearchAction – Crime/Gangster
  2. 2. • A typical gangster film contains violence, guns, lots of swearing, death, and dark comedy.• The gangster genre originates from the USA, although has been shaped and moulded to fit a more British audience over the years.• The use of Cockney accent and slang has become hugely popular in British gangster films.Introduction
  3. 3. The 20’s seen a massive increase in crime in the US. The government put a ban on the sale of alcohol, which made criminals such as Al Capone, distribute alcohol through speak easies; the consumption of alcohol was not actually banned.Because of this, there was an increase in crime related films in the 30’s, although films focussing on these criminals were not produced until later.The 1920’s Crime Boom
  4. 4. This film is considered the first Crime film in history. It was released in 1912, and only runs for 17 minutes. The film follows a young couple who are both targeted by gangsters. Each of the men perusing the man and woman are rivals and begin to shoot at each other.The Musketeers Of PigAlley
  5. 5. Bulldog DrummondBulldog Drummond (1922) is possibly a ‘lost film’; there is no known recording of the film left. This character went on to star in British crime films up until 1968, the actor playing Drummond changed a lot.These films concentrated Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond, a former WW1 officer, who, after the war leads his life as a private detective.
  6. 6. Based on a true story, Chicago follows Roxie Hart, and her murder of her husband. Although the real Roxie wasn’t charged, and neither was the character in the film, the film is much more cruel to Roxie. A remake of this film was made in 2002. Chicago (1927)
  7. 7. Released in 1928, Lights of New York was the first all- speaking feature film, and was said to define the crime genre as we know it. The critical reception of this speaking film meant that by the end of 1929, Hollywood was producing sound films exclusively.Lights of New York (1928)
  8. 8. The Big House got the ball rolling for crime drama’s in the 30’s. This film focused on characters in a prison block, ruled by convict Butch. The prisoners take over the block, in order to escape. Although, like other films in this era, good prevails. This film was not a silent, which made it interesting for the audience; most films released before this had no vocals. The Big House (1930)
  9. 9. This film laid a basis for future films ofthe genre; as with modern day Gangsterfilms, it revolves around gang warfareand police intervention, and the control ofa city.The film centres around Toni Camonteand his struggle to take over South Side.He and the rest of the gang make moneyby selling illegal alcohol to speak easies.This film influenced Brian De Palma inmaking the popular film of the same title.Scarface (original)
  10. 10. The 40’s saw a change in crime films; due to them becoming more dark and cynical, this was known as film noir (black film). The films would literally become darker due to directors using a lower shade of black and white. This term was given byFilm Noir French.
  11. 11. You Only Live Once is a 1937 crime drama filmstarring Sylvia Sidney and Henry Fonda. This wassuccessful and considered an early Film Noirclassic.The films realistic violence meant that at leastfifteen minutes of the original film was edited outbefore cinema release. Eddie Taylor is an ex-convict who cannot get abreak after being released from prison. When he isframed for murder, Taylor is forced to flee with hiswife Joan Graham and baby. While escapingprison after being sentenced to death, Taylorbecomes a real murderer, condemning himself andJoan to a life of crime and death on the road. You Only Live Once (1937)
  12. 12. High Sierra is an early heist film and Film Noir. The filmwas noted for its extensive location shooting, especially inthe final scenes.The film is about a group felons who plan to rob a casino.Their leader ‘Big Mac’ puts together a group of experiencedcriminals for the job.Their efforts are wasted when they are perused by the policeand Mac’s recently released aid, Roy Earle, is killed. Thissticks with Hollywood rules of evil losing.High Sierra (1941)
  13. 13. This film could be seen as a basis for a series of filmscenario’s in todays age; a prisoner on the run is cut out of adeal and is now not only running from the police, but thecontact in which the deal is set up with.This film was given negative reviews initially, as it did notshow that crime doesn’t pay, this was a major breakthroughin Crime films; until now good had normally prevailed.Raw Deal (1948)
  14. 14. The Ladykillers is a British release, it saw the beginning ofblack comedy, a mixture of serious plot development andhumour.This film is another film centred around a robbery. In thiscase a lodger staying in an old woman’s London home, andhis gang of thieves are to rob a security van. The plan issuccessful until Mrs Wilberforce finds out about their recentcrime.In an attempt to silence Wilberforce the men end up doublecrossing each other and she walks away with the money.The Ladykillers (1955)
  15. 15. This film, followed the real-life criminal George ‘Machine-Gun’ Kelly, this was one of the first films centring around American criminals during the prohibition era. This was unusual because typically, crime films would see these criminals in a bad light, and a full feature film dedicated to Kelly would have shown him in a more positive way.Machine-Gun Kelly (1958)
  16. 16. Starring five members of ‘The Rat Pack’ this film anticipation was high. The likes of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra conducted a casino heist, run by Danny Ocean (Sinatra) on new years eve.The film was recently re-released on Bluray DVD, which shows that the massive hit is still popular now. Also, a remake of the film was released in 2001.Oceans Eleven (1960)
  17. 17. Bonnie and Clyde is a 1967 American crime film directed by Arthur Penn and starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as the title characters Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. This is another film based on the infamous criminals of the great depression. Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
  18. 18. The first Godfather film was released in 1972, it had an outstanding critical reception and was dubbed one of the greatest films ever made. The soundtracks main theme, composed by Nino Rota is also extremely well known and used in other places; always in honour of the film.Real life gangsters responded to this film saying that it was a brilliant representation of the real ‘Gangster’ lifestyle. A former under-boss of the Gambino crime family stated that he ‘floated’ out of the cinema in awe.No other film following gangsters had had the psychological depth that had been portrayed in both the first and second Godfather films. This influenced how mobsters were represented in future productions; such as Martin Scorsese’s ‘Goodfellas’ .The Godfather III is seen as the least powerful of the three movies, this is partly blamed on the casting. The Godfather Trilogy
  19. 19. This film, directed by Ted Kotcheff, followed the Bonnie and Clyde scenario; in which it shows a young, middle class couple (Dick and Jane) who lose everything and go on a crime spree to earn money back. This is a more light hearted crime film and could be watched by families; the crime genre has crept away from Film Noir.Fun With Dick And Jane(1977)
  20. 20. Scarface is arguably the most influential crime film of its era; Al Pacino (star of The Godfather) has a very big role in the crime genre, thrusting him into the lead role kicked up a lot of anticipation and made the film a cult hit. The film follows Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee who fled his home land to become a drug lord. The film goes back to Hollywood’s rule that crime pays. The film has a very dark ending. The film contains an abundance of violence, bad language and graphic imagery.Scarface (1983)
  21. 21. The Untouchables is a 1987 Americancrime-drama film directed by Brian DePalma. Based on the book TheUntouchables, the film stars KevinCostner as government agent EliotNess. It also stars Robert De Niro asgang leader Al Capone and SeanConnery as Irish-American officerJimmy Malone. The film follows Nessautobiographical account of his effortsto bring Capone to justice during theProhibition era.The Untouchables (1987)
  22. 22. Batman is a crime film which completely differentiatesfrom other films of its sub-genre; it follows the story of asuperhero who is fighting crime in Gotham City. The filmshows themes of vengeance from Batman and alsointroduces the arch-enemy concept. Unlike other superherofilms Batman is very dark which is why it lies within thecrime genre.Batman (1989)
  23. 23. Up to now the Crime genre has been shaped into a more free area for productions. With censorship in Hollywood less strict, film writers are producing realistic movies with immersive storylines. These films usually focused on organised crime, which is a hugely popular subject for films of the crime genre up until today.The 90’s saw the end of the climax of the Godfather trilogy; which had influenced many writers to make films focused on the wrong side of the law.The 1990’s
  24. 24. Goodfellas is a 1990 American crime film directed by Martin Scorsese. It is a film adaptation of the 1986 non-fiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi. The film follows the rise and fall of Lucchese crime family associates Henry Hill and his friends over a period from 1955 to 1980. Influenced by the Godfather, Goodfellas shows the mob in the same sense; the gangsters being represented in a real-life portrayal.GoodFellas (1990)
  25. 25. The Krays is a 1990 film based onthe lives and crimes of the Britishgangsters Ronald and ReginaldKray, twins who are often referredto as The Krays. We have seen manyautobiographic crime films from theUSA, this British release gives avery good insight on crime in theUK.The Krays (1990)
  26. 26. Reservoir Dogs (1992) is anAmerican crime film markingdebut of director and writerQuentin Tarantino. It depicts theevents before and after a botcheddiamond heist, but not the heistitself. Quentin’s use of specialeffects were very good; somepeople found the violenceunnerving because of itsheightened sense of realism. Reservoir Dogs (1992)
  27. 27. Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 hit Pulp Fiction was a very odd movie, due to its non-linear story and intense mixture of action and humour. Again, Tarantino used extreme gore and bad language which, earlier in Hollywood, would have been frowned upon severely.Directed in an alternative style, Pulp Fiction joins the intersecting storylines of Los Angeles mobsters, fringe players, small-time criminals, and a mysterious briefcase.Pulp Fiction (1994)
  28. 28. The Usual suspects is an American crime film which in some aspects reflects the Film Noir era, critics have called it a neo-noir release. The film follows the interrogation of Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint, who tells the story of how he and four others ended up at a crime scene. Using flashback and narration, Kints story becomes increasingly complex.The Usual Suspects(1995)
  29. 29. The film tells the story of two brothers, Derek Vinyard and Daniel Vinyard, their father killed by a black drug dealer. Derek, angered by this turns to the neo- nazi movement and after brutally killing two black people spends time in prison and changes his ways. When released we see Derek trying to turn him away from the movement. The film expresses racism in a different light, Edward Norton (Derek) was nominated for an Oscar because of his performance.American History X (1998)
  30. 30. Oceans Eleven is a 2001 American crime and remake of the 1960 Rat Pack film. The film is less serious than the original as it incorporates humour into the original plot. The film, like the original, stars very famous faces in the film industry. It was a box office smash hit and went on to become a trilogy.Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
  31. 31. Over time, the crime-action genre has been shaped intowhat it is today. With the progression in special effects andafter effects, these movies provide seemingly real scenes ofintense action, mixed with deep storylines and give a greatportrayal of the crime world.Conclusion