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Csc Presentation2

  1. 1. Case study ref: CSC 0015 Wimbledon Centre Court CSC succeeded in winning the contract to screed the luxury VIP terraces at Wimbledon Centre Court. Our client was Wilson and Wylie Contracts Limited and the screed system included an accelerated drying additive enabling CSC Screeding to ensure the screed was completely dry within 7 days. Staying on top of our game
  2. 2. Case study ref: CSC 0027 Addington School Reading This screed application was for 5,500 sm x 80 mm depth of accelerated drying screed laid onto underfloor heating, requiring a demanding and complex installation schedule. The main contractor was Balfour Beatty and the underfloor heating system was installed by Warmafloor GB Ltd
  3. 3. Case study ref: CSC 0033 Albion Riverside, Battersea 10,000sm of traditional fibre - screed including various thicknesses of EPS 100 high density insulation. CSC were contracted by Alandale at a late stage for which we deployed our operatives day and night to bring the programme back on track. The main contractor on this very busy project was ISG and our compact M760 screed pumps made it possible for us to work in the small space available . Staying on top of our game
  4. 4. Case study ref: CSC 0048 The new Beaconsfield Service Station <ul><li>This project required three different types of screed system to meet a demanding programme, including a standard 1:4 Cement / Sand Fibrescreed and two variations of high performance screed systems:- </li></ul><ul><li>Flexi Dry™ F1 7 day accelerated drying screed is a fast drying liquid floor screeding additive. It is used as a levelling screed to receive, carpet, linoleum, wood flooring, tiles, etc. This product can be laid as a bonded, unbonded, floating or heated construction. It gives the contractor and client a huge amount of flexibility as the name suggests. Dry times can be adjusted by altering the dosage to achieve a range of 3 days, back to natural drying. This gives a great deal of logistical and timeline advantages on site and allows reactive decisions to be made without any downturn on workflow. </li></ul><ul><li>Adrex A35 is a special cement for producing a rapid setting, rapid hardening and rapid drying floor screed. after only one day the compressive strength and tensile bending strength of an ARDEX A 35 screed exceeds the acceptable minimum attained by an ordinary cement screed after 28 days. </li></ul>Staying on top of our game
  5. 5. Case study ref: CSC 0055 Dublin Airport – New Terminal 2 & Pier Extension CSC brings floor screeding to Ireland, working on the delivery of Terminal 2 for Dublin Airport. This is one of the largest high profile screeding projects in Europe requiring 90,000sm of floor screed to be installed within the main terminal building, pier and check in areas. The project is currently in the construction phase and the detailed design in its final stages. Having been awarded the contract in November 2008, CSC mobilised in January 2009 to start deliver in this demanding environment and there is more than a year to completion. The main contractor is Mace Construction with the interior fit- out managed by our client, P J Hegarty & Sons