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Script Script Document Transcript

  • Screenplay
  • SCRIPT- WALKING ON SUNSHINEINT.IN HOUSE CORRIDOR, NIGHT MALCOLM 34, Burly aggressive. Heavy breathing as he staggers down the corridor, with the axe in view. He cautiously opens the door, hands are shaking. He starts to mumble the walking on sunshine song is quietly and slams the axe on the table, it now cuts.EXT.IN CAR- DUSK GUS "Arr we have been traveling for hours!" RICHIE "Mabye we should find a place to spend the night; we’ll never make it to the campsite" (As they drive past a ’empty’ house) SVEN "We could stay there" GUS "But how do we know that no one lives there" SVEN "We don’t but its worth a try we need a place to stay, I don’t want to spend the night in this car all cramped up together". GUS "Alright then, lets go and check it out" (They drive down towards the house, as this happens the lads are all joking)
  • 2.INT.IN HOUSE KITCHEN- DARK MALCOLM He stares menacingly at his son (cowering in the corner of the room). JAKE "I’m sorry farther, please forgive me" MALCOLM He then attacks Jake with the axe. (Jake is screaming).You see the silhouette of the killing in view.EXT.DRIVEWAY, DUSK TOMMIE "This looks alright then, ayy?" SVEN "Yep, we just need to check that no ones in" TOMMIE "HELLO IS ANYONE AT HOME!!" (he repeats this twice) RICHIE (He walks into the house cautiously, followed by the other three he knocks on the door and it creeks open RICHIE: "It looks all clear let’s go take a closer look"INT.IN HOUSE- DARK TOMMIE "lets find a place to sleep" SVEN "This place seems to have been abandoned for some time" GUS "I don’t like this place, can we stay somewhere else" (CONTINUED)
  • CONTINUED: 3. RICHIE "Being a chicken now are we" GUS "No, I am not" TOMMIE "go upstairs and search the place then if your not chicken that is" GUS "I’m not chicken" SVEN "well go upstairs and prove it" GUS "Fine I will" (he walks up the stairs with Sven shooing him on) The rest remain downstairs.INT. UPSTAIRS- NIGHTLightning is striking, as Gus looks out the window and themasked figure is behind him up the stairs. As he the looksback the masked figure is gone. He then worryingly runs backdown the stairs: TOMMIE "So what it like up there?" GUS "nothing, just lots of rooms but"........