Great Expectations


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A very graphic depiction of the plot and characters in Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations; done visually to facilitate teaching the book to high school or community college students

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Great Expectations

  1. 1. GRAPHIC REPRESENTATION<br /> OF THE PLOT OF<br />CHARLES DICKENS’S<br />GREAT EXPECTATIONS<br />A PowerPoint Program designed by<br />Charles Henderson<br />
  2. 2. PIP<br />JOE GARGARY<br />PIP’S SISTER<br />An orpan, Pip is raised by his complaining sister and her husband, blacksmith Joe Gargary <br />
  3. 3. PIP<br />MAGWITCH<br />At a near by grave yard,<br />Pip is accosted by an escaped convict, Magwitch, and forced to secure food and a file for him <br />
  4. 4. MAGWITCH<br />Is recaptured because he decides to fight with another escaped convict that Pip told him about <br />However, Magwitch keeps Pip out of trouble with his sister by claiming he stole the food from her kitchen. <br />
  5. 5. 1stConvict<br />Magwitch<br />Molly<br />Daughter of <br />Magwitch<br />And <br />Molly<br />Estella<br />Jaggars<br />Miss<br />Havisham<br />Adopts<br />Estella<br />Next: Continued<br />
  6. 6. Jaggars<br />Miss<br />Havisham<br />Adopts<br />Estella<br />Lawyer for both Magwitch<br />And<br />Havisham<br />2nd convict<br />Jilts Miss<br />Havisham<br />at the<br />altar;<br />Compeyson<br />Also<br />kills<br />Pip’s<br />sister<br />He arranges for Estella’s adoption to Miss Havisham and for Magwitch<br /> to be Pip’s benefactor<br />
  7. 7. Miss<br />Havisham<br />She pays Pip to come<br />to her mansion and “play”; later she pays for his apprenticeship as a blacksmith to Joe<br />Jilted by Compeyson on their wedding day, she stops time for her self at that point<br />But Estella is cold to Pip and treats him with disdain.<br />At Miss Havisham’s, Pip meets Estella and falls in love with her<br />
  8. 8. PIP<br />He is transferred to London where he begins his training as a “gentleman”.<br />When Pip learns of his anonymous benefactor from Jaggars, he assumes it is Miss Havesham<br />Magwitch<br />He appears and informs Pip that he is Pip’s benefactor. He had become wealthy in Australia<br />Pip is devastated to learn that his benefactor is, in fact, the criminal, Magwitch.<br />
  9. 9. Miss<br />Havisham<br />PIP<br />Comes to the conclusion that she has ruined both her and Estella’s lives and accidentally catches the mansion on fire. It burns down, and Havesham languishes for days until she dies<br />Returns home to ask<br />Biddy to marry him and<br />learns that she is marrying Joe Gargary, his step father, that same day.<br />
  10. 10. PIP<br />Pip arranges for Magwitch to escape on a hired ship; but his nemesis, Compeyson, has been watching him.<br />Magwitch, as a convict, was exiled to Australia; his sentence stipulated that if he returned to England, he would forfeit his life. In Australia, he made a fortune in sheep farming..<br />Because Pip did not have<br />proper papers for Magwitch’s<br />fortune, it is confiscated by<br />the police, and Pip is left<br />destitute.<br />Before Magwitch gets to <br />the ship, he sees Compeyson; they fight<br />and both drown.<br />
  11. 11. PIP<br />He works his way up to<br />the top, becomes an<br />executive with the <br />company, and is gone from England a number of years<br />Years earlier Pip had given<br />his friend, Herbert Pocket,<br />the money to start<br />an international business.<br />It had been successful;<br />Pip is hired as a clerk.<br />One afternoon Pip returns to the ruins of Miss Havesham’s burned mansion and, ironically, finds Estella there at the same time.<br />Estella had married Bentley Drummle, a<br />worthless man who Pip had disliked.<br />
  12. 12. Pip and Estella talk for some time; he learns of her divorce from Drummle. Estella has changed from the wreckless, arrogant tease that she once was. As she drives away in her carriage, she leaves the door open for Pip to court her once more; The promise, this time, seems much better.<br />