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Evaluation media


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Film Poster
  • 2. Film Poster One of the main conventions of an independent film poster is the title. It needs to be big, bold and the centre of attention. I believe we followed this convention as our name on the film posters looks very similar to those of the examples I collected.
  • 3. Film Poster We chose to make our photo a centre point of our poster. We found this was important as due to our project being a short film it Is presented in a very different way to a full length film. As you can see from the independent films “In Bruges” and “Fish Tank” the posters are based largely around the pictures. However In the “savages” poster you can see the photo is small and not necessarily drawing the audience in. So I believe that although we followed the conventions of the film posters where the picture is a main focus point. We also challenged them in the sense that a lot of independent film posters interpretate there short film in their own personal way.
  • 4. Film Poster After looking at independent film posters in our original research we found that all the important is placed under the name of the film. We followed this convention completely as you can see from our poster. I believe this made our poster look much more realistic.
  • 5. Film Poster We challenged the conventions in our film poster when it came to adding on the reviews from other media texts. The only film poster we have currently seen with this on is for the film “Fish tank”. Although we challenged this convention I believe that it worked well with our poster and helped it look more professional.
  • 6. Film review
  • 7. Film review The layout of our text was influenced by the two review magazines we looked at. Due to one being on line and both still following the same lay out it made it obvious this was an important convention to follow. All out text are in block paragraphs and are positioned perfectly symmetrical.
  • 8. Film review One of the hardest tasks throughout designing the film review was deciding where to place the main title. After looking at a few reviews we found that there isn’t a set convention to follow however it can make or break how professional it looks. I decided to follow the design of the actual film magazine we were looking at. Although I believe there is no main convention to follow from the research I carried out I believe this was definitely a good decision. Film review Film review
  • 9. Film review To make our design look more original we added the film strip to the top of the page. We used this as if it would be a unique selling point that was included on every page. I believe we challenged the conventions at this point as throughout my research i found that film reviews are generally block text, with a few pictures and actually quite boring. The film strip livened up our page but also without jeopardising the fact that we are in fact designing a film review. Film review Film review
  • 10. Film review To ensure that the review contained all the information needed we had to look closely into what is actually included. We got the idea of putting the title and the “plot” and “review” titles in bold writing from the empire review online magazine. However this website didn’t actually include any background information due to it being hyperlinked onto another page. The film magazine however that we looked at had an obvious position for any extra information. We decided to include this as it gave our review a much more professional look.
  • 11. Short Film
  • 12. Short Film We started our short film with a range of close up shots. This allowed us to introduce the characters quickly but also without giving too much away. This is essential in a short film as all the audience has to be familiar with the characters within a matter of seconds. The pictures on the right hand side of the page show the first few seconds of three different short films (now, the black whole and my beast friend) each of these short films start with close up shots of the characters.
  • 13. Short Film We next used an establishing shot to give the audience a clear idea of what is going on. This happens around 40 seconds into the short film to ensure the audience doesn’t get bored. This is an obvious convention as to include as it is important for the audience to establish the scenery. As you can see in “the black hole” it goes straight from a long shot back into a close up. We chose to follow this as it draws you into the characters feelings and emotions.
  • 14. Short Film From my genre research I found that short films don’t really have a clear genre as such but are based mainly around conveying emotion. After looking at the short film “now” we decided to follow on from the Dream-like stages of their short film. We made this our main focus point and concentrated on creating a short film that is fun and exciting. We used a lot of close up throughout this process as it allowed to show the emotion of the characters which is essential. If we hadn’t used these shots we wouldn’t have put the emotion across as well as I believe we have.
  • 15. Short Film One of the conventions we defiantly followed was which shots to use to bring an end to a short film. We found that using establishing/ long shots drew the audience out of the short film just like at the beginning using close ups will draw the audience in. Again after researching into the short films, Now, The black hole and my beast friend we found this combination of shots extremely important.
  • 16. Short Film A convention we didn’t follow is the fact that we used a song as the backing track of the short film. This doesn’t usually happen as it can result in the film actually looking like a music video. I believe that for the nature of our film it was the best move to take however it did result in us sending out a copyright letter to the producer. This is the basic copy of the letter that I sent to the producer of the track.
  • 17. Used Short Films – Click to view Now The Black Hole My Beat Friend Moment