!                                                                      Portfolio WebsiteCore Skills-COMMUNICATIONS/ STRATE...
Media Career History2010-11 Work interrupted by multiple earthquakes2010-2011 (November-) Natural Media (Web + Project Man...
Media Career History continued 2006-2008 (Dec-May) Natural Media Productions (Agency) naturalmedia       Account Manager /...
Corporate Abstracts-[Natural Media or Natural Media Productions is a New Zealand based digital media company situated in C...
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  1. 1. ! Portfolio WebsiteCore Skills-COMMUNICATIONS/ STRATEGIC MARKETING / RESEARCH & PRESENTATIONCREATIVE COPY, ART DESIGN, (campaigns / scripts)EDITING and DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN (for both visual and written content)WEB DESIGN (xHTML / CSS / CMS installs / TV streaming)STREAMING MEDIA TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATIONCONTENT CREATION and REGULATIONHD TV PRODUCTION (regular use of broadcast HD workflows)Media Qualifications- 2001, 2003, 2006Post Grad. ADVERTISING + MULTIMEDIA (Auckland University Technology) Creative Principles & Practice, Marketing Strategies, Art Design, Copy and Campaigns. Digital Communications, Pre and Post Video Production, Web design.Post Grad. FILM & TV PRODUCTION (Canterbury University) Aesthetics and techniques of TV Production (3 short-films), The Documentary (its forms) (2 doco’s; expositional + observational modes), French Film, Linguistics, English Drama.Post Grad. ADULT EDUCATION (Christchurch College of Education) Critical Thinking, Quality Teaching, Self-Assessment and Reflection, Research in Adult Education, Life Coaching, Multiple Intelligences. Key Milestones o CANTERBURY MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION PRIZE - JOURNALISM o MARKETING MANAGER FOR CHILD HOPE CHARITY - AWARDED TRUST OF NZ o MAJOR CONTRACT - WITH BAYLEYS REALTY (NATURAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS) o CRITICAL CONTRACT EXTENSION FOR OVATION CHANNEL (WITH FOXTEL) o DEVELOPED OVATION WEBSITE FROM 10,000 TO ~1000,000 HITS PER MONTH o CONTRACT FOR PERPETUAL TRUST (WITH TYCO-WATER) o CONTRACT RENEWAL FOR DAEMON (WITH UNSWTV)
  2. 2. Media Career History2010-11 Work interrupted by multiple earthquakes2010-2011 (November-) Natural Media (Web + Project Management) iForm.co.nz Fi-glass.com.auExploringchristianity.co.nz, naturalmedia.com.au lnzcc.co.nz Contract Online Producer / Account Manager Clients- Natural Media Productions, The London New Zealand Cricket Club, Fi-Glass, iForm Dev.Tripp Publications, Account Management- client liaison, web upgrades; implemented end-to-end website developments that included UX design, layout, CMS Upgrades- to enable social network and shopping cart integration when required. Design and Production- re-designed logos and skin/appearance of sites. Developed branding, bridging existing brand status with development of new style (recognition) gap. Specific tasks included; scoping, wire-framing, graphic design, CSS, HTML, encoding.2010 (July-October) Daemon Internet Consultant (Web + Project Management) tv.unsw.edu.au/ Maternity Leave Cover; Senior Producer / Account Manager Clients- BlueScope Steel and Brands; UNSW; Yaffa Publishing Account Management- contract renewals, action reports & development tracking. Design and Production- developed creative, user experience (based on consumer channel card-sort analysis) for redevelopment of key BlueScope brands Colorbond, Lysaght, Pipesteel + BlueScope (Product Portal animated site coming). New FAQ system and produced SEO reports, wire-framing.2009 (August-June.) Perpetual Trust (Management) perpetual.co.nz Senior Project Manager Account Contract Management- with business stakeholders, between Tyco-water (Aus), Perpetual Trust and iFORM Developments Trust. Client liaison Negotiation of contract terms, rights of renewal and budgeted infrastructure upgrade. Campaign Management- liaised with stakeholders such as architects, council planners, electricians, and sub contractors to budgeted and time dependent site design. IT infrastructure upgrades. Web Design- end-to-end web development and production.2009 (April-June contract) cCORP (Web + Conferences) ccorp.com.au Online Producer / Videographer Web Streaming- engineering, encoding H264, FLV, HD and SD web streaming (PC/Mac). Conference Video and DVD Producer- working cooperatively with developers to co-ordinate effective designs and presentations for conference presentations and DVDs. Producer- filming and edited footage from conferences for advertising on social networks.2008-2009 (June-Jan. contract) Ovation Channel (TV / Web / Campaigns) ovation Senior Project Manager Clients- Foxtel, Independent Entertainment. Account Strategy- liaison with business and technology stakeholders in a collaborative cost effective manner to develop effective design solutions for the ovation channel website. This included CMS systems upgrades and accounting packages (NetSuite) while documenting the rationale behind design decisions. Project produced under budget and schedule delivering a 20-fold viewer increase. Streaming Media Integration- Flash streaming technology site that demonstrated creative flair in line with industry best practice. Flash 3.01 streaming media server integration + mail server setup. Creative Campaign Management- liaison with business and technology stakeholders to design and deliver successful 08/09 channel contract renewal / campaign pitch to Foxtel. Production and Filming- HD production of 2008 Classical Arias.
  3. 3. Media Career History continued 2006-2008 (Dec-May) Natural Media Productions (Agency) naturalmedia Account Manager / Online Producer (Web / Print / TVCs) Clients: Vividas, PreVu Corp, Bayleys, LNZCC, Fisher Galleries, Mr Boats, Harcourts, LJ Hooker, Ngai Tahu Corporation, Classic Spares Repairs, Lucy Gardner Photography, Air NZ fashion week designers (Zambesi, Anna Stratton, Ricochet, Hailwood). Account Management- producing wireframes, timelines, budgets, liaising with clients and negotiating contract terms and conditions. Producer- scripting and producing corporate online videos. Web Design and Development- xHTML, FLASH, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, MySQL. Editing- using Final Cut Suite + Animation (Flash), Encoding, Filming; HD formats. CMS Content Management System implementation and customisation.2005-2006 (May-Jan contract) Compak Telepictures (Editing / Production) reference Account Management /Producer (Print / TV (DVD duplication)) Clients: MacPrint, University of Canterbury, Child Hope. Account Management- user experience design, DVD intros and navigation. Producer- Final Cut Studio, Premiere Adobe Design Studio; DVD duplication and dubbing, codec conversions and colour correction. Camera assistant.2004-2005 (April-April) Christchurch College of Education (CCE) example Producer / Creative / Copy Producer- “In Behind The Creative Mind” documentary. Developed methodologies, scripts and copy for project. Oversaw budgeting, schedule & work activities within a team. Research, Editor- identifying and demystifying relevant emerging educational practices and creating interactive e learning tools.2003-2004 (Feb-March) Child Hope Children’s Trust (Web / Campaigns) reference Producer / Account Manager Producer / Client Side Account Manager- 9 episodic documentaries on health and education. Producer- worked co-operatively with educational professionals, health practitioners and government agencies to realize media design and release of branded educational marketing. Web Development- developed web and mini documentary marketing campaign that aligned the trusts activities with a successful channel release, that resulted in government program participation and national recognition for the brand. (Flash website).2003-2006 (part-time) TAAP (The Association of Analytical Psychology) reference Researcher/Presenter + Production (contract) Researcher / Editor- investigated factors, principles and psychographics. Delivered presentations to scientific and public audiences on how certain moving image theories can be used to influence unconscious processes in consumers. Production- Globalnet Australia/NZ Science live streaming production for primary schools between Aus. and NZ.2001 (Jan- June) DDB (NZ), Lowes, (Agencies) reference Internship Clients- McDonald’s / Allen’s Sweets TVC. TVC vhs. (Copy of advertisement) Copywriter / Production - producing creative copy based on creative brief and sales proposition(s). .
  4. 4. Corporate Abstracts-[Natural Media or Natural Media Productions is a New Zealand based digital media company situated in Christchurch, operatingsince 2005 under the guidance of Deloitte’s Growth Solutions Division. It specialises in online and new media technology havinghad partnerships with digital pioneers such as Vividas PTY, a major partner of On2 Technologies and Google Inc. While NaturalMedia has worked with NZ Fashion Week clients, Zambesi, Ricochet, Hailwood and others, it pioneered virtual video tours in thereal estate industry with Bayleys and LJ Hookers as clients. Vividas in turn has been responsible for many online TVC viralcampaigns with Sony, GSJBW, Tourism Australia and Fosters Group to name a few.][Daemon is a boutique web development company that maintains some major Australian brands such as BlueScope Steel andUNSW websites. It has been in a transition phase through the GFC. It specialises in Cold Fusion and Adobe solutions for its clients.][Perpetual Trust is a large New Zealand owned corporate trustee company. Its services include asset and estate planning, wills,enduring powers of attorney, and Trusts, financial advisory (including UK Pension Transfers) legal and conveyance andaccounting as well as corporate trustee services. An associated client Tyco-water is a division of the fortune 500 company TycoInc. Its pacific division is based in Australia and has for example a contract package for the $3.5 billion Victorian DesalinationProject. Its New Zealand arm works with leading agricultural companies such PGG Wrightson, Fonterra and with the rapidly[CCorp is an umbrella company for several businesses dealing with mainly property development education but also has loan,investments and creative music divisions. It is located in the prestigious Jones Bay wharf precinct in Sydney’s CBD.www.csounds.com.au/].[The Ovation Channel is part of the Independent Entertainment Group that owns entertainment and educational distributionrights for a diverse array of arts, documentary and entertainment media for the Australasia region. It supplies retailers such as JBHi-Fi and ABC shops with these DVD titles. It also operated an “Arts Channel” under contract with Foxtel, called the OvationChannel, as part of Foxtels’ mainstream entertainment packages, (now subscription based). The channel focused on Australianclassical and popular arts culture, along with celebrity hosted major global arts events.] [The work involved successful collaboration, and consultation with College of Education staff for an adult educationdocumentary on the creative processes of top artists and scientists in New Zealand, “In Behind the Creative Mind”. Theconstructive collaboration involved input from academics, including Bridget Nicoll, Dr. Margaret Mahy (International author) andDame Phyllis Guthardt (ret. University Chancellor). Wiki/ Margaret_Mahy Wiki/Phyllis_Guthardt] SOFTWARE MATRIX YEARS USE LEVEL (1-10) PHP /CSS / HTML / GOOGLE Analy. 7 7 BRIGHTCOVE STUDIO 1 9 JOOMLA /WordPress/ Content management 5 9 CRM: JIRA + AGORA 1 9 MICROSOFT SUITE + (VISIO + PROJECT) 8 8 KEYNOTE / POWERPOINT 5 9 MYBALSAMIC (wire-framing) 1 9 FINAL CUT STUDIO 2 3 9 LOGIC STUDIO 2 3 7 APERTURE 3 1 9 ADOBE CS3 WEB SUITE 8 9 ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR 8 8 ADOBE CAPTIVATE 1 8 ADOBE LIVEMOTION 2 6 10 ADOBE DREAMWEAVER CS3 8 8 ADOBE FLASH CATALYST 1 7 ADOBE PREMIERE PRO 7 9 ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS 6 7 ADOBE MUSE new wireframing web integration ADOBE EDGE new HTML 5 animation