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Accessing the Datum: GIS for Sustainable Economic Growth

Accessing the Datum: GIS for Sustainable Economic Growth



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  • GIS is about data relating to actvities on the earth of all types, such as incidents along a rail network, static or moving objects such as maintenance vehicles or weather. GIS is fundamental to fusing all this diverse info together to help see patterns and make decisions.
  • Geographice Information is included today in decision Models. By performing GIS analysis, more accurate decisions can be made
  • Need information tools to make the right decisions. GIS helps provide simple access to very complex information. Seeing is not just in the form of a map – it’s the patterns of phenomena that is important. GIS helps to find patterns to predict behavior or outcomes.
  • GeoPost is a data base which contains all the address coordinates in Switzerland. Through GeoPost, it is possible to geocode any address in Switzerland with a precision in the range of 5m or more. GeoPost is used in many commercial data products such as Tele Atlas’ Multinet dataset for navigation solutions and other applications of street map data.
  • LA POSTE DIRECTION DE LA SECURITE En juin 2006, la direction des Achats du Groupe La Poste a passé un contrat avec ESRI France pour la fourniture des logiciels ArcIMS, GéoMarket Analyst et WebiGéo (interface entre ArcIMS et Webi de Business Objects) de la société Galigéo, à la Direction de la Sécurité du Groupe pour le système d’information de la sécurité au bénéfice des différents métiers. Ce système d’information offre à chaque métier des outils de collecte et de déclaration des incidents portant atteinte à la sécurité et des moyens d’analyse de cette insécurité, notamment avec Business Objects.
  • Mediapost, filiale du groupe La Poste, est spécialiste des campagnes de publicité en boîtes aux lettres physiques et électroniques, et dispose d’une forte expérience en géomarketing. ESRI France et Mediapost collaborent depuis plusieurs années en co-éditant le produit GéoMarket Analyst, solution globale de géomarketing construite autour du logiciel ArcView.
  • Banda Aceh – Tsunami – Coast Map IO project

Emanuele Gennai, ESRI Emanuele Gennai, ESRI Presentation Transcript

  • Accessing the datum Global Addressing Summit UPU, Bern GIS for a sustainable economy Emanuele Gennai Ian Koppel
  • Agenda
    • Defining GIS
    • GIS Address Management
    • Importance of GIS for Postal Services
    • Examples
    • GIS for Economic Development and Humanitarian Affairs
  • GIS Integrates All Types of Data Boundaries Infrastructure Addresses Environment Real time locations Basemaps Geography is a “key”
  • GIS is an Information System…
    • Points, Lines & Polygons
    … Linking features to databases
  • Geographic Information … Geographic data Workflow and Decision Models Maps & Visualization … as business logic
    • Going beyond visualization to understand:
      • Patterns
      • Relationships
      • Processes
    GIS provides powerful tools for comprehending complex issues
  • GIS is Being Applied Across Many Disciplines, Professions and Organizations . . . Incident Mapping + + Site Selection Spatial Measurement Topographic Analysis Land Management Resource Inventories Network Analysis Transportation Modeling Geoprocess Modeling Demographic Analysis Engineering Design Watershed Analysis Facility Management Spread & Diffusion Logistics Routing Corridor Selection Resource Exploration
  • Agenda
    • Defining GIS
    • Address datasets
    • Importance of GIS for Postal Services
    • Examples
    • GOS for Economic Development and Humanitarian Affairs
  • A street can have several names
  • Many street segments share a common street name
  • By modeling M-M relationships among streets, address ranges, and names, every case can be represented
  • Address data model
    • Normalized data model
    • Model complex relationships between features, addresses, names, and zones
    Features Addresses Names Zones * * * * *
  • Import Address Data Into Data Model
  • Agenda
    • Defining GIS
    • Address Datasets
    • Importance of GIS for Postal Services / Examples
    • GOS for Economic Development and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Applictions of Address Datasets
    • Public Services
      • Emergency response & intervention
      • Call centers
      • Situational Awareness
      • Community planning & analysis
    • Transportation Logistics
      • Territory Optimization
      • Route Optimization
    • Geo Marketing Services
      • Direct marketing
      • Business intelligence
    • Location Based Services
    Each application type has unique addressing requirements
  • Visualization GeoPost geocodes any address in Switzerland with precision in the range of 5m+. Show me addressed by courier route…
  • Postal Security Applications
    • Which addresses & facilities are impacted by natural (or man-made) hazards?
  • GeoMarketing Analysis
    • Which addresses meet selected criteria for target mailing?
  • Site Selection Where should postal facilities be optimally located?
  • Routing Optimization
    • How can addresses be clustered for more efficient delivery?
  • 18 Routes - out of balance
    • Varies 3:00 to 7:24 hours/route
    Reduced to 16 balanced routes
  • RouteSmart for ArcGIS optimizing routes for the Swiss Post
  • Best practices
  • Agenda
    • Defining GIS
    • GIS Address Management
    • Importance of GIS for Postal Services
    • Examples
    • GIS for Economic Development and Humanitarian Affairs
  • GIS supports a process for Guiding Human Activities
    • Many Scales
    • Many Fields
    . . . a Framework For Action Action Decide Observe Measure Analyze Plan
  • GIS facilitates coodination and cooperation Building a Common Understanding . . . Helping communication
    • Providing More
    • Science
    • Accuracy/detail
    • Realism
    • Logic & analysis
    • Immediacy
    Creating a Sense of Engagement
  • Building Partnerships… . . . For Economic Development
  • Thank you for your attention
  • … needs innovative approaches
  • Knowing where people and things are is crucial for Economic (re)Development
    • Economic planning
    • Site selection
    • Microcredit
    • Infrastructures
    • Natural ressources
    • Human settlements
    • Touristic potential
    • World heritage
    • Transboundary pollutants
    • Disaster response and recovery
    • Damage assessment
  • Damage assessment
  • WHO / Health action in crises: where is the hospital, is it damaged, can it be reached?
  • Voluntary Geographic Information (VGI)…
    • Where data is inexistent or rare
    • … But yet badly needed
    • Responding to emergencies
    • Collaborative approach, individual contribution
    • Spatial Data Infrastructures
    • OpenStreetMap (OSM)
    • « Global Vision » project: worldwide, dynamic Health centers database
    • Coast map IO
    … where mission critical data is missing
  • Accessing the datum
    • Bing & Google Maps
    • ArcGIS Online
    • Standards and interoperability
    • Spatial data Infrastructures
      • INSPIRE
      • Geodata.gov
      • UNSDI
    • Geoportals
    • Simple , free and accessible applications in the cloud
      • Geoss ESRI geoViewer: http://geoss.esri.com/geoviewer
      • Data fusions
  • Example: GEO Viewer: OpenStreetMap integration, Fuse Multiple Imagery Sources, OGC services, ArcGIS online, social media, … ESRI Inc (c) 2010 http://geoss.esri.com/geoviewer
  • Example Twitter as data source / spatial tweets Follow tweets within radius ESRI Inc (c) 2010
  • In short
    • Geography is key for decision making
    • An Address geo-data model automizes data acquisition and geocoding
    • Knowing where PEOPLE are can save lives
    • Today, data can be easily harvested and information accessed
    • Innovative thinking is needed to manage addresses and locations in Developing Countries
    • Knowing where things and people are is a requisite for economic growth and (re)development
    • Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI)
    • Emanuele Gennai ( [email_address] ): Global Affairs Account Executive
    • Ian Koppel ( [email_address] ): EU Transportation Industry Manager
    Thank you