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  • 75 minutesEstimate for 65 minutes
  • 3 minutesAndyLearning Technologies is a BIG IDEA around which the University has set a number of initiativesLearning Technologies Master of Science program (including professional development)New Academic Building – integrated lecture capture, room control devices and SMART interactive whiteboard technology in almost every classroomAlso unique to Harrisburg University is a centralized approach to learning technologies. The LTMS program and learning technologies at the university are highly integrated. Increasing faculty adoption of learning technologies is a high priority.CAELT is a combination of efforts from our undergrad new media concentration and the LTMS program. One outcome of that effort is the The Learning & Entertainment Evolution Forum (LEEF) is a yearly forum that focuses on the use of games & simulations for learning. LEEF is actually where we first experienced the Virtusphere as part of the high tech demo area at the event.
  • 5 minutesCharlesDescribe the virtusphereSpheres can be networkedInclude hardware costs
  • 3 minutesCharlesShow video of the virtusphere orientation video (.flv format)Industrial plantHeart
  • Charles3 minutesMap of others who have a virtusphereMaxwell Airforce Base (plus)Go to virtusphere web site for list of all the virtusphere installations.We’re the only US university with a Virtusphere.
  • Charles7 minutesPossibly discuss our setup, and how we get clients and students to work on projects75 x 50 room, locked down facility outside the University’s main operating spaceThere is a conference table in the room for meetings with clients and there is seating space where visitors can sit in front of a large flat screen television to view what the user in the sphere is seeing through the heads-up display gogglesAccess to the spaceProject-based (talk about how we’re working with clients)Unreal Engine comes with the packageUnity3D – currently integrated with help for Diana Dugas, a developer and part-time HU studentCryEngine 3 – University is now a licensee of the award winning engine, development with the engine will begin this summerPeripheralsThere is a network of peripherals that come with the sphere, but we are also interested in not only exploring the software that we can use with the sphere, but hardwareWe’re looking at ways in which to improve or increase the locomotion experienceThe Inertia cube orients the headset with the sphere and we’re looking for ways to improve that orientation and also add other external sensors (like a glove)We also want to use telemetry kits to bring live data into the virtual environment to enhance the reality and variability of the experience.
  • 10 minutesCharlesShow video walk throughs (heart and energy)These are all things you can do at the desktop. We want to study whether/how locomotion can enhance these experiences.Also, we want to build as few Virtusphere-only applications as we can.Active projects:Industrial safety Mechanical engineering (engine)PhysiologyConceptual projects:Visualization
  • Project timeline5 minutesCost range (project costs)3D model – If you have this you’re half way there.What’s different with virtusphere development versus other simulation development?
  • Andy7 minutesBenefits of the virtusphere (beyond benefits of simulation)Locomotion. Brain science – movement.Further fidelitySpatial recognitionExploring and practicing for dangerous situationsTeam roles, even though it might be a single individual in the sphere (dispersed input on the same simulation)- Build for sphere = other distribution.Recording for debrief (this is where the learning can really happen)
  • Andy3 minutesBenefits continued.Look at cost savings of sphere versus physical simulation experiencesMock buildingsMock city simulations process for attending the training began about 18 months ago. Only a few communities are brought in annually for the training. FEMA paid for all costs except food.Costs for the city totaled about $5,000, according to Cora Scott, spokeswoman for the city. The total includes meals while at the camp, food costs on travel days and miscellaneous expenses for 26 people from the city who went.Can change the environment more easilyCan practice again and again and again
  • Charles – 5 minutesTalk about other hardware add-ons
  • Charles – 3 minutesText chat:What other hardware peripherals do you think would add to the virtusphere experience?
  • 19:00-20:00AndyNeed to grab some new images here.We already mentioned LEEF as the way in which we became aware of the Virtusphere. The high tech demo area is one area of the event. It also features keynotes, hands-on case studies, and workshops
  • Virtusphere for Learning

    1. 1. Virtusphere:Where Virtual Reality Meets Real Life
    2. 2. Learning @ HU• Learning Technologies – BIG IDEA• New Academic Building• Integrated approach to LT• Center for AdvancedEntertainment and LearningTechnologies - CAELT
    3. 3. What is a VirtusphereA simulation platform comprising of a 10’ hollowball of ABS plastic in which users can safely explorehazardous, or complex environments within avirtual worldSpecs– 485lbs– Wireless head-mounted display– Laptop/desktop with proprietary SDKCosts– $21-$45K– Includes hardware(headset, gun, sensors, computer, and sphere)– Additional stabilizing bar, HD headsetHow it worksSphere is safely housed in a base of rolling casters.Sensors monitor 360° movement while gogglesdeliver virtual environment.
    4. 4. Sample Work
    5. 5. Virtusphere across the GlobeAFB Maxwell, AlabamaMadigan Army Medical Center (Fort Lewis)Bremen University, GermanyBarbican International Enterprises, UKHarrisburg University, PALockheed Martin (Fort Knox)Museum of Telecommunication, St Petersburg, RussiaNaval Research Lab/US Marine CorpsOrlando Science Center, FLState Research Institute of Nuclear Electric Stations, RussiaSchool of engineering, the University of Applied SciencesUnited States Military Academy
    6. 6. Software– Unreal Engine– Unity3D– CryEngine 3– Quake– Second Life– VBS2– Virtools– WorldwizFacilities and software applicationsFacilities– Setup– SpaceAccess– Project based– LTMS & CISPeripherals– External sensors (InertiaCube)– Telemetry Kits (USB-1208FS)– Haptic GloveSystem Costs:• Base Package $20,700• Upgraded Headset $29,000• Ruggedized w/ 6DOF $45,000
    7. 7. ProjectsInsurance claims adjustersIndustrial safetyInner space– Mechanical simulation– Plasma Racer– Cancer CrisisOuter space– Battlefield Tour– Space exploration
    8. 8. • Similar to other production processes• Modeling the environment is lengthy• Projects can range from a few hundred fora simple “locomotion-only” environmentto several thousands for a system whichintegrates multiple devices, externallystores user data, and may need extensiveprogramming for custom interactions.Development costs variables• Environment (accuracy and level of detail)• Level of interaction/ learning objectives• Number and complexity of user tasks
    9. 9. BENEFITSMovement Fidelity Spatial Recognition Mitigate Danger• Team Roles• Debrief
    10. 10. BENEFITS
    11. 11. Other hardware peripherals
    12. 12. InputWhat other hardware peripherals do you thinkwould add to the Virtusphere experience?
    13. 13. Thank you.
    14. 14. Andy examples: INFO