Social media optimization smo instead of seo


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Social media optimization smo instead of seo

  1. 1. Share | Social Media Optimization - SMO Backlink Building Instead of SEO? SEO Department Search Engine Optimization and Backlinking Experts How To Backlink If you are tired of hearing the Incoming Links term SEO (search engine One Way Backlinks optimization) maybe you should start to focus on Deep Links SMO. SMO, or social media SEO and Backlinks optimization, is an exciting way to breathe new life into Anchor Text & Keywords any website, even those that have been left on the Writing Content back burner for a few years. "Fast" Backlink Services? SMO utilizes the power of Social Media Optimisation - SMO people to drive traffic to a website. At the conception of the Internet, only businesses had the money and computer Internal Link Structure power to build and host websites. Today, it takes literally five minutes to build a website and only a few more to upload some PLR content. These cookie cutter websites are not SEO Tips going to rank in the Google or Yahoo top 10, but they represent how easy it is to build a 4 Advantages of Backlinking generic website out of nothing. Social Networking The real gold in website building today is SMO. With the popularity of FaceBook, Twitter Tracking Your Backlinks and other social networks, the webmaster or business needs to ensure their content can be readily shared easily. the SHARE button can be added quickly to website content, but Outsourcing Backlinks is your content worthy of being shared? Link Strength Explained The Pro of SMO is the Con Viral Marketing Tactics The power of user generated content is developing rapidly, but with that growth is the need Link Building Strategies to deliver content that search engines love and the user will want to share with their friends Backlink Discussion and family. How can both be accomplished? Backlink Building Blog Description - The Tools And description posted just Resources above the article is the first line of site for the search Ultimate Online Marketing Rolodex engine bots and the reader. This small paragraph needs to include the relevant keyword and attract the reader to read on. The reason this section is so very important is the fact that when the article is published to a social network, it is usually the snippet that is included for others to read. If they like the description, they will click through to your website. The articles shared on social networks are not indexed by search engines, but that does not mean they don't count as a backlink (considering a new definition for the word). The article is linking back to your website and with search engine advances soon could be
  2. 2. considered a viable backlink. What happens when the Google algorithm decides to include social links? Will your website be ready? Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Website In an effort to better understand how SMO can help a website, ask yourself these simple questions. 1) Where can I find people who are interested in my niche? 2) Where is sharing a link considered a GREAT thing? 3) What is the most popular form of communication online right now? The answers to all of these questions is the social network. Building a brand online when there are millions of daily active viewers who sign on just to read what other people are doing is the right choice for today's Internet. I Don't Have the Time to Backlink with SMO There are usually fewer hours in the day than the marketer needs to establish the "right" number of backlinks and as we all know, quality backlinks take time. Link building services are changing and expanding to include social media and networks. Help is there for those who find another marketing avenue just too time consuming. Share |   Copyright © 2010 | All Rights Reserved How To Backlink | Privacy Policy | Sitemap