How to track your backlinks


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How to track your backlinks

  1. 1. Share | How To Track Your Backlinks Backlink Building SEO Department Search Engine Optimization and Backlinking Experts When you start a backlink How To Backlink campaign, there are Incoming Links keywords you choose to use as anchor text for the One Way Backlinks links. These keywords will Deep Links be the ones used to establish rank in the search SEO and Backlinks engines. After a few weeks of work, how do you know if Anchor Text & Keywords the current marketing Writing Content choices are really working to better the search engine "Fast" Backlink Services? rank of your website? Social Media Optimisation - SMO Keyword position is the term used for a website's rank for a specific term. Retail mega store, Walmart, for instance, ranks 27th for the search term "save money". On Yahoo and Internal Link Structure Bing, they are not ranked in the top 50. How did I know that? It is called keyword position SEO Tips monitoring. 4 Advantages of Backlinking SEO tools are essential to gauging how well you are doing at building backlinks. One Social Networking service, offers Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alexa information for a website. You may be asking, "Do I really need to know my rank on search engines other than Google?" Tracking Your Backlinks The Google Juice is what Outsourcing Backlinks most online websites aim Link Strength Explained for, but that does not mean other search engines are Viral Marketing Tactics not just as important. While Link Building Strategies Google accounts for 70% of the searches completed Backlink Discussion every day, Yahoo and Bing Backlink Building Blog account for most of the Tools And remaining 30%. That 30% may not seem like much, Resources but how about 130,000,000 Ultimate Online Marketing searches. That is a lot of Rolodex reasons to rank just as high on Yahoo and Bing as Google. There are many SEO tools just like the rank checker, if you will. The reason I like this one is because there is no registration needed to check that rank. But, for a small bit of time lost, the user can sign up for the website and monitor those same keywords and the rank their website earns. The monitoring system is FREE, which is something every backlink builder loves to hear. The information is presented in number format as well as in the form of a graph. The graph is a great visual aid for tracking the ups and down of the SERP. As if the graphs were not enough, there is an email alert system that contacts the user when the website(s) they are tracking move up or down in the rankings. This is an absolutely invaluable tool because marketing is a full-time job and no one wants to keep
  2. 2. logging into a website to check rank. If you run a backlink campaign with more than five keywords, you will be out of luck. This FREE tool does not allow more than five keywords to be tracked per domain. The small business or the blog are perfect for use with this tool, but not the major company that is working to better their SEO to further push their Internet dominance. Limitations to Perfections Writing content for your website requires knowledge of writing content for the web. While search engine algorithms are constantly changing, there is one thing that will never change. Content is important, great content is more important and a strong title is what holds the entire package together. Why Push an SEO Tool Like This? What good is building quality backlinks if there is no way to keep track of the results. Whether your company is using a backlink building service or personal hard work and dedication, the results of that work are best seen in graph form.   Share |   Copyright © 2010 | All Rights Reserved How To Backlink | Privacy Policy | Sitemap