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Cord blood banking
Cord blood banking
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Cord blood banking


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  • 1. Saving Cord Blood Home => Cord Blood Banking ... Share | Cord Blood Banking Cord Blood - Stem Cell Dept. Department Of Health And Human Services Cord Blood Options Cord blood banking preserves stem cells from the placenta and umbilical cord of newborns.   Preserving these stem cells provides insurance to the child since they can be Saving Cord Blood used to treat life-threatening diseases like anaemia, leukaemia, lymphoma, Cord Blood Banking neuroblastoma, cancer and genetic diseases. Cord Blood Storage   In addition to this, the blood could Cord Blood Services possibly be used by relatives of the donor who need blood grafts. Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Cord Blood Stem Cell There are two types of cord blood banking, private and public. Private banking or family banking retains the connection between the blood sample and the donor’s name. That is, the Cord Blood Transplants donor or the donor’s parents own the blood sample. This type of storage ensures that the donor will always have a perfectly-matched supply of stem cells available if the need ever arises. Cord Blood Registry   Private cord blood banking can also benefit siblings of the donor since there is a twenty-five Cord Blood Donation percent chance that there will be a match between siblings. In public cord blood banking, the blood samples taken are identified by number only so if a past donor ever needs stem cells What Is Cord Blood there is no guarantee that he will be able to receive his own. However, public banking is free » while private banking requires the customer to pay for the extraction, shipping, processing and testing of the stem cells as well as for storage. The size of the sample as well as the length of time stored is taken into consideration too.   The first year of private banking can cost as much as twenty-one hundred dollars with every year of storage after costing approximately one hundred and twenty-five dollars.   Retrieval of blood grafts from private banks is free for the owners of the blood while retrieval from public banks can range from fifteen thousand dollars to twenty-five thousand dollars per unit. The blood samples to be banked are taken right after the baby is disconnected from the umbilical cord. The blood can be drawn from the placenta or the umbilical cord itself and causes no discomfort to the mother or child. Once collected, the blood can remain at room temperature for about three days.   This time is usually taken to ship the blood to the processing centre. Once here, the stem cells are isolated and cryogenically frozen which preserves their usefulness for decades to come. The blood samples in private banks belong to the parents of the child until he/she grows to the legal age of maturity (eighteen in most countries). Only the legal guardians of the blood sample can control who the blood goes to in private cord blood banking. In public cord blood banking, blood can go to any person who is a match and who can afford to pay for it.   In addition to the direct health benefits provided by cord blood banking, the blood samples can also be used for research. Research into cord blood could possibly provide cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis for which there are no definitive cures. Also, there is the possibility that progenitor cells in cord blood could be used to grow new tissue for use in damaged organs. Cord Blood Banking Headlines Stock Alert for Cord Blood America Inc. Issued by MicroStockProfit - MarketWatch (press release) Stock Alert for Cord Blood America Inc. Issued by MicroStockProfitMarketWatch (press release)... has been appointed managing director of CBAI's 51% owned stellacure GmbH, the
  • 2. third largest cord blood banking service in Germany."and more » The Pros and Cons of Cord Blood Banking - EmpowHer (blog) The Pros and Cons of Cord Blood BankingEmpowHer (blog)Now there's cord blood banking to consider. So should you bank your baby's cord blood or not? • Taking a cord blood sample is painless for the baby and may ...and more » Umbilical Cord Blood: Save It and Save Lives - CBS News CBS NewsUmbilical Cord Blood: Save It and Save LivesCBS NewsFrom hospital bed to bank, it costs about $2400 to collect, transport, freeze, and store each cord blood unit. Private cord blood banking is available (and ...and more » Cord Blood America Names Managing Director of Its New Stem Cell Company in Germany - PR Newswire (press release) Cord Blood America Names Managing Director of Its New Stem Cell Company in GermanyPR Newswire (press release)... has been appointed Managing Director of Cord Blood America's 51 percent owned stellacure GmbH, the third largest cord blood banking service in Germany. ...and more » Thinking about Cord Blood Banking? - EmpowHer (blog) Thinking about Cord Blood Banking?EmpowHer (blog)Cord blood banking could be a decision that greatly affects the future of your child or family. If interested, there is a ton of heavy ...and more » Share | Copyright © 2010 | All Rights Reserved Saving Cord Blood | Privacy Policy | Sitemap