Everything about funktion golf clothing


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Prior to purchasing a collection of golfing gear and clothing, make sure that you are getting items that are in accordance with the club rules and regulations.

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Everything about funktion golf clothing

  1. 1. EVERYTHING ABOUTFUNKTION GOLFCLOTHINGhttp://www.funktiongolf.co.uk
  2. 2. HTTP://WWW.FUNKTIONGOLF.CO.UK Golfing on weekends is a pleasurable and relaxing pastime. Although you may have all the tools you need to participate in this sport, you will also need a collection of outfits. If you are thinking of playing more often, you will also need to get more clothing like the ones in Funktion Golf. If you are just a beginner, make sure you have all the things you need such as clubs, a bag, gloves, golf shoes, shirts, and golf trousers.
  3. 3. HTTP://WWW.FUNKTIONGOLF.CO.UK Prior to purchasing a collection of golfing gear and clothing, make sure that you are getting items that are in accordance with the club rules and regulations. Besides polite behavior, most clubs will also require that players adhere to a dress code when playing on the green. Find out what the policies are before spending so much cash buying clothes.
  4. 4. HTTP://WWW.FUNKTIONGOLF.CO.UK If you plan to join a tourney and play with a group, common practice dictates that everyone in the team will wear similar clothing. If the competition is an informal one, you can probably wear just about anything that adheres to the club dress code. Learn what the tournament rules are before deciding what to wear on the day of the match.
  5. 5. HTTP://WWW.FUNKTIONGOLF.CO.UK If you are playing on an ordinary day, you will still have to wear appropriate clothing on the course. Majority of the semi-private, resort, and private fairways require players to follow their dress codes. In some cases, the clothing rules may apply to those who practice on the driving range. The only place where regular outfits are allowed is in the clubhouse.
  6. 6. HTTP://WWW.FUNKTIONGOLF.CO.UK Some public venues may let you wear ordinary shirts or jeans in the fairway but this is not common practice. Most will require players to use shorts, slacks, or shirts with collars. Jeans and tight pants or leggings are usually unacceptable. Golf footwear is often a must with socks that go with them.
  7. 7. HTTP://WWW.FUNKTIONGOLF.CO.UK Even though collared shirts and slacks are permitted, you should always use good judgment when dressing up for a game. Things that are commonly frowned upon are skimpy shorts and shorts, plunging necklines, and sheer shirts. Another thing that is often unacceptable is an outfit that has loud prints that catch too much attention.
  8. 8. HTTP://WWW.FUNKTIONGOLF.CO.UK If you do not want to risk being ostracized at the club for inappropriate clothing, it would be best to stick to conventional Funktion Golf shirts and golf trousers that most players use on the fairway. You can wear sports jackets or warm-up getups if the weather is chilly. A clubs dress code often applies to male and female players, along with junior golfers.
  9. 9. EVERYTHING ABOUTFUNKTION GOLFCLOTHINGhttp://www.funktiongolf.co.uk