A comparison between manual link building services and automated ones


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YouRank professionals in the industry seldom agree about which method is superior. To begin assessing this, it's first necessary to understand why businesses don't generate their own keywords for their sites. The answer is that it's so time consuming that few entrepreneurs are able to do it.

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A comparison between manual link building services and automated ones

  1. 1. imohttp://www.yourank.com.au/A Comparison Between Manual LinkBuilding Services And Automated OnesWhen someone does a search on an engine looking for information, they usually dont look past thesecond or third page of listings. If a website includes the right links, search engines are more likely todisplay them. Three people wouldnt necessarily type the same words into a search engine while lookingfor the same thing. Many combinations of relevant words need to be established to rank higher withsearch engines and herd clients to a particular site. This can be done with YouRank manual link buildingservices or automated ones.There is much controversy around which is more effective. To compare them, we must establish why acompany needs a service to establish links rather than produce those links themselves. The reason isthat so many links need to be generated that its not possible for a business owner to do it himself.Manual link building is extremely time consuming. Many say higher quality links are establishedmanually while others insist that search engines cant tell the difference between something generatedby a bot and something generated by a person. The key to successfully using automation is it shouldntbe used randomly but rather in a targeted manner.The problem arises when many service providers offering automated links arent smart about how theydo it. A business may pay less for their services but the keywords generated are often inferior. Aspecialized individual working manually is able to create targeted links that are more effective.When choosing a service provider, skill and experience are important. An automated service shouldhave good experience achieving the same results manually so that they understand fully what theprocess involves. This is necessary as it improves their skill as automated generators. Otherwise, youmay end up spending what you think is less money on an automated business that doesnt understandwhat theyre doing and supplies you with weak links.
  2. 2. Another disadvantage of the automated method is that it often generates spam, which search enginesand customers recognize and ignore. There are many shady practices in this industry. Its usually theautomated industry thats to blame.YouRank manual link building services offer links that tend to have staying power. They are able to keepyour site at a number one rank for years, while automated links have a tendency to require continuousupdates to maintain ranking. As is often the case in many industries, it seems that a human touch simplycant be beaten. http://www.yourank.com.au/