Ohio Accident Book, Third Edition


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The Toledo personal injury attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices provide this guide to all types of accidents within the state of Ohio.

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Ohio Accident Book, Third Edition

  1. 1. Thousands of accidents resulting in hundreds ofinjuries occur every day on Ohio’s roadways. Theconsequences can be devastating for those whoare injured. The health problems present the mostobvious concern, but financial pain can linger longafter the injuries heal.That’s why the attorneys at the Charles E. BoykLaw Offices, LLC, have written this book. Insurancecompanies have one goal when dealing with anaccident: settling the claim for as little money aspossible regardless of whether the victim is fairlycompensated. We hope this book serves as areference guide for people who have been injuredas the result of someone else’s negligence.If you read this book and would like our help, pleasecall attorneys Charles E. Boyk or Michael A. Brunoat 419-241-1395 or 800-637-8170. We’re based indowntown Toledo, but we have five other offices innorthwest Ohio where we can meet with you – forfree – to discuss your case.Charles E. BoykMichael A. BrunoCharles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLCWe have offices in downtown Toledo, West Toledo,South Toledo, Findlay, Bowling Green, and Swantonwww.charlesboyk-law.com$12.95Charles Boyk and Michael BrunoTheOhioAccidentBook-3rdEDITIONCHARLESE.BOYK&MICHAELa.BRUNODon’t Get Caught in Insurance Company Traps3rd Edition
  2. 2. THE OHIOACCIDENT BOOKCHARLES E. BOYK LAW OFFICES, LLCWe have offices in downtown Toledo,West Toledo, South Toledo, Findlay,Bowling Green, and Swanton.www.charlesboyk-law.com
  3. 3. Copyright © 2007 by Charles E. Boyk, Michael A. Bruno,and Dale R. Emch.All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproducedin any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author.Printed in the United States of America.ISBN 10: 1-59571-174-0ISBN 13: 978-1-59571-174-8Library of Congress Control Number: 2007922232Word Association PublishersCopyright © 2007 by Charles E. Boyk, and Michael A. Bruno.
  4. 4. The Ohio Accident Book3Seek treatment immediately – The best thingyou can do after an accident is to seek medicaltreatment immediately and follow your doctor’sorders.Don’t rush to settle your claim – Don’t settleyour claim before you complete your medicaltreatment. A few thousand dollars may soundgood until you realize it doesn’t come close tocompensating you for your injuries.Don’t underestimate the insurance adjuster –Insurance adjusters have a huge advantage overyou because they settle claims every day. Youneed a lawyer to help deal with them.Don’t provide a statement to the adjuster –Don’t make any statements about your case untilyou consult with a lawyer.Quick Hits
  5. 5. The Ohio Accident Book4Don’tsignmedicalauthorizationforms – Don’tsign authorization forms that allow an insurancecompany access to your private medical records.Only sign forms completed by your lawyer.Documenteverything – Start a file for all police,medical, and insurance documents related toyour case.Honesty is the best policy – Be honest aboutyour injuries. Nothing will kill your claim fasterthan being caught in a lie.Don’thideinformationfromyourlawyer– Yourlawyer needs to know the good, the bad, and theugly about your case to properly represent you.Don’t exaggerate your injuries – Exaggeratingthe extent of your injuries could come back to
  6. 6. The Ohio Accident Book5haunt you if the insurance company films youparticipating in an activity you shouldn’t be ableto do.Hire a personal injury lawyer – Insurancecompanies employ professionals who deal withpersonal injury cases every day. Shouldn’t you?
  7. 7. The Ohio Accident Book6Accidents happen every day. You’re drivingdown the road,heading to the grocery store or towork,and another driver plows into you.A crashcan start a chain of events ranging from minorinconveniences to a complete disruption of yourphysical and financial health. Accidents cancause devastating injuries that lead to months oryears of pain and medical treatment. They alsocan create tremendous financial hardship if youare unable to work for an extended time.Statisticsshowaccidentsareacommonoccurrenceon Ohio’s roads. From 2001 through 2007, therewere 367,002 crashes annually, according to theOhio Department of Public Safety. During thatsame period an average of 133,486 people wereinjured annually and 1,312 people were killedevery year on Ohio roads.To crunch the numberseven further, 322 people were injured or killedACCIDENTS CAN BEDEVASTATING
  8. 8. The Ohio Accident Book7every day in traffic accidents in 2007, accordingto the state.Those who haven’t been involved in a serious caraccident often expect that an insurance companywill take care of their bills and compensate themforthepainandsufferingthey’veendured.Butformany the nightmare is just beginning. The paincaused by the wreck becomes almost secondaryto the unfair treatment the victim receives frominsurance companies that have one objective– closing the file for as little money as possiblewithout fair compensation for the injured.Dealing with the consequences of an accident isa new and unfamiliar experience for most people.That’s why we’ve written this book. It’s intendedto serve as a reference tool that can help youdeal with insurance companies and the ofteninevitable and complicated litigation.
  9. 9. The Ohio Accident Book8We think this book is necessary because you’reat a natural disadvantage when you deal withinsurance adjusters who handle claims for aliving. They do it every day and all day. It’s theway they feed their families and pay for theirhomes. In short, they’re professionals and you’renot. To use a baseball analogy, it would be likegoing to bat against a major-league pitcher.You might get lucky and foul off a pitch or two,but try hitting that big-league curve ball. You’dprobably strike out.The same concept applies to dealing withinsurance companies. It has nothing to do withhow smart or successful you are in other areas ofyour life. Insurance adjusters have the advantagebecause they settle claims for a living. We wrotethis book to help you level the playing field. Ifyou have any questions about an accident inwhich you, a family member, or a friend havebeen injured, please feel free to give us a call at419-241-1395 or 800-637-8170. You can alsovisit our Web site at www.charlesboyk-law.com.
  10. 10. The Ohio Accident Book9The authors of this book have over 50 years ofcombined legal experience. Chuck Boyk hasbeen in private practice for 26 years and headsthe Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC. Duringhis career, he has handled thousands of personalinjury cases ranging from small whiplash injuriesto wrongful death claims. He has conductednumerous seminars for other attorneys to helpthem understand the world of personal injurylaw. In addition to his personal injury work,Chuck has represented thousands of criminaldefendants, handling anything from routinetraffic offenses to murder cases.Mike Bruno also has been practicing law for26 years. Mike, who has been named an OhioSuper Lawyer, has a unique background thatbenefits our clients.As an assistant Lucas Countyprosecutor,he handled thousands of felony cases,including death penalty murder cases. As aninsurance defense attorney, he handled seriousWE CAN HELP YOU
  11. 11. The Ohio Accident Book10personal injury cases representing insurancecompanies. That experience has provided himwith invaluable insight into how insurancecompanies will view our cases.Mike has handledmore than 100 jury trials, is Board Certified bythe National Board of Trial Advocacy, and is AVrated by Martindale Hubbell, the highest ratingan attorney can receive.
  12. 12. The Ohio Accident Book11We’re happy that you’ve taken time to read ourbook. You should note, however, that orderingor reading our book does not create an attorney-client relationship.We also aren’t offering a legalopinion in these pages because every case isdifferent based on the facts of the situation. Ifyou want our legal opinion, please contact us at800-637-8170 or 419-241-1395.We’ll be happyto set up a free meeting with you.THIS BOOK DOES NOTOFFER LEGAL ADVICE
  13. 13. The Ohio Accident Book12If you’ve been injured in an accident, the initialsteps you take can make a big difference to theoutcome of your case. We’ve compiled ten tipsto help you avoid insurance company traps andreceive fair compensation for your injury.1. Seek treatment immediately.The best thing you can do for both your physicaland financial health is to get the proper medicaltreatment for your injuries. This isn’t a time totough it out and hope that you’ll miraculouslyheal. Returning to health should be your toppriority. You need to go to your family physicianor to the emergency room to make sure that youget the treatment you’ll need to recover from theinjuries you suffered in the accident.Onceyougotothedoctor,followhisorherordersso you can make the best recovery possible. IfTEN TIPS TO MAXIMIZEYOUR RECOVERY
  14. 14. The Ohio Accident Book13your doctor tells you to go to a physical therapist,do it. If you visit a chiropractor, complete therecommended treatment plan.This makes sense not only for your physicalhealth, but for your financial health as well. Aninsurance adjuster is going to base any settlementoffer to you on the medical care you’ve receivedbecause it provides a way to measure yourinjuries and resulting pain. Getting treatmentdemonstrates to the insurance company thatyou’re not faking your injury and that you’retaking the process seriously. Compensation forthe pain and suffering you’ve endured as a resultof your accident will be based to some degree onthe amount of your medical bills.Once you’ve started treatment, see it through tothe end. Don’t stop the second you start to feelbetter if your doctor has recommended that youcomplete a certain amount of rehabilitation. Ifyou stop early, you may not be fully healed.
  15. 15. The Ohio Accident Book14Resumingtreatmentmonthsafteryou’vestoppedsends a message to the insurance company thatyou may not have been hurt in the first placeor that you’re trying to take advantage of theprocess.2. Don’t rush to settle your claim quickly.If you’re reading this book because you wererecently involved in an accident caused byanother driver, you may already have received acall from an insurance adjuster trying to settleyour claim.Typically, an adjuster will wave a fewthousand dollars under your nose to settle theclaim quickly. It sounds good until you realizeyou’re hurt more seriously than you anticipatedor your medical bills end up eating into thatmoney.If you’re tempted to settle your case below itsvalue just because you need money for yourmedical bills, hold off. If you hire an attorney,the attorney usually will be able to work out
  16. 16. The Ohio Accident Book15an arrangement with your health-care providerfor your provider to be paid out of the proceedsof your settlement. The doctor or chiropractorwill continue to treat you without requiringpayment after receiving what’s called a “letterof protection” from your lawyer. This allows youto continue getting the treatment that you need,while ensuring the doctor is paid at the end ofyour case.Settling your case quickly doesn’t allow you tobe fully compensated for your medical bills, painand suffering,and lost wages.It only benefits theinsurance company because it won’t have to payout the full value of your case.3. Don’t underestimate the insurance adjusterswho contact you.This tip goes back to what we discussed in theintroduction. Insurance adjusters handle claimsfor a living. They’re judged by their bosses byhow they settle claims and how much money
  17. 17. The Ohio Accident Book16they save for the company. This doesn’t makethem bad people; they’re just doing their jobsand looking out for the best interests of theiremployers. It’s up to you and your lawyer to lookout for your interests.It’s no shock that insurance companies oftenown the tallest skyscrapers in a city. They havepowerful lobbies throughout the country and,along with other business interests, have donetheir best to get legislation passed that makes ithardforaccidentvictimstobefairlycompensated.They’ve gotten rich by collecting as much moneyas possible from all of us while trying to avoidmaking fair settlements with people sufferingfrom accidents they didn’t cause.So, when an adjuster representing the personwho caused the accident gives you a call, keepin mind where their loyalties lie. They’ll likelybe extremely pleasant, but they have one goal:to settle your claim as cheaply as possible.
  18. 18. The Ohio Accident Book17They do this for a living, all day and every day.Because this is probably the first time you’vebeen an accident victim, you are at an obviousdisadvantage.Be smart when you’re dealing withthem – or better yet, hire a lawyer who dealswith insurance companies on a daily basis. Afterall, the insurance companies have professionalsworking for them, so you should too.4. Don’t provide a statement to the adjuster.If an insurance adjuster contacts you, don’t makeany statements about the accident, your physicalcondition, and whether you’re being treating bya doctor. The adjuster may be recording yourconversation and certainly will be taking notes.Youcansettleanyclaimsdealingwiththedamageto your vehicle, but any statements you makeabout your injuries could come back to hauntyou. Simply thank the adjuster for calling, tellher that you don’t want to make any statements,and that you don’t want her to call back.Tell theadjuster you’ll initiate a conversation when you’re
  19. 19. The Ohio Accident Book18ready. You don’t have to be rude, but you need tobe firm.The adjuster can’t make you talk.It’s a foreign concept to most people, but youhave to view your injury case with the idea thatit could go to trial. Most cases don’t, but youdon’t want to hinder your negotiating strengthby making a statement to an adjuster that canbe misconstrued or twisted. The concern aboutmaking a statement is that you may not knowthe extent of your injuries right after an accident.It’s not uncommon for people to feel worse inthe weeks or months following the accident thanthey do in the immediate aftermath.One way to avoid awkward conversations withan adjuster or making statements that could hurtyour case is to contact a lawyer to represent you.Your lawyer will stop the adjuster from havingany further contact with you.
  20. 20. The Ohio Accident Book195. Don’t sign any medical authorization formsat the request of an insurance company.Insurance companies often try to get accidentvictims to sign and return authorization formsthat allow them to obtain your medical records.The forms usually are drafted so the insurergains access to all of your medical information,not just information relating to your accident. Itallows an insurance company to go on a fishingexpedition for any other medical problems thatmight explain the pain you’re experiencing.If your injuries are serious,you should consult anattorney to deal with these issues. Your attorneywill ask you to sign medical authorization formsthat will be used to obtain the information that’srelated to your accident. Only the informationrelevant to your accident or injury will be sentto the insurance company so your claim can beevaluated.This protects you from having personalinformation winding up in the wrong hands.
  21. 21. The Ohio Accident Book206.Startafiletodocumenteverythingconnectedto your case.Make sure you keep every bill, police report, anddocumentconnectedtoyourclaim.Theinsurancecompany has a right to see evidence of medicalbills for which you’re seeking reimbursement.Keeping track of your bills also ensures thatyou won’t settle your claim without makingsure you’ve been compensated for all of yourexpenditures.This is true even if you have healthinsurance because you may have to repay yourprovider for any bills they’ve paid on your behalfif there’s a settlement.In addition to documenting your treatment,keep track of any wages you’ve lost becauseyou’ve been unable to work. Don’t assume you’llautomatically get reimbursed for your lostwages. You have to get a note from your doctorif you miss work because of the injuries from theaccident and you’ll have to get documentationfrom your employer about your rate of pay and
  22. 22. The Ohio Accident Book21how much money you lost because you weren’table to work.7. Honesty is the best policy.Be honest when it comes to dealing with yourinjury claim. Be honest with the insuranceadjuster, be honest with your doctor, and behonest with your lawyer. Nothing will kill yourclaim faster than being caught in a lie. Yourcredibility will be crucial in resolving your case,particularly if you have to go to trial.If you’re not in pain, don’t get unnecessarymedical treatment to drive up your bills. Thatdoesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow your doctor’sorders, but don’t exaggerate the extent of yourinjuries. The truth eventually will come out, andwhen it does your case might become worthless.If your case goes to trial, your credibility withthe jury carries tremendous value. If jurors feelyou’re not being honest, they won’t give you thefair compensation you deserve.
  23. 23. The Ohio Accident Book22You also have to be straight with your lawyer,who won’t handle your case if he thinks you’relying. The attorney needs to know what’s reallyhappening with your case in order to representyou fairly and aggressively.8. Don’t hide information from your lawyer.This tip goes hand-in-hand with our advice aboutbeing honest. You’ll be making a big mistake ifyou hide information that is embarrassing orthat you think will hurt your claim. You mayget away with it, but usually the truth comesout. And if it comes out at the wrong time in adeposition or at trial, your case may be damagedbeyond repair. Your lawyer can only help you ifshe has the complete picture.If there’s somethingawkward to be dealt with, she’ll handle it. Butdon’t put your lawyer in a bad situation by hidingsomething.9. Don’t exaggerate the impact of your injury.You’re entering a world you likely didn’t know
  24. 24. The Ohio Accident Book23existed.Aswe’vesaidearlierinthisbook,insurancecompanies prosper by paying accident victims aslittle as possible. In an effort to do that, they’llresort to what you may regard as underhandedbehavior. They may hire a private investigator tospy on you, they may have someone engage youin conversation about your injuries, or they mayvideotape you as you go about your day.We know of one case – fortunately not one ofours – where an insurance company investigatorplaced a video camera in a gym bag to recorda supposedly injured accident victim teachingan aerobics class. Needless to say, the attorneyhandling that case dumped it immediately – andshould have. People like that aerobics instructorgive insurance companies reason to be skeptical.The problem is they seem to be skeptical ofeveryone, even people with legitimate claims.So, if you exaggerate the extent of your injuriesby doing something like hobbling around on
  25. 25. The Ohio Accident Book24crutches when you can walk just fine, and thenyou’re filmed running a marathon, don’t besurprised when your case tanks.Don’t play gameswhen it comes to dealing with your injury case.10. Hire an attorney who devotes his practiceto personal injury cases.Earlier, we wrote about insurance adjusters whonegotiate settlements every day. They’re good atit because it’s their profession. That’s why you’llneed a lawyer to handle your case. Your lawyernot only will deal with the insurance adjuster,buthe’ll navigate you through the complex world ofpersonal injury litigation.Armed with knowledge of the law and the ploysof adjusters, a lawyer can help you obtain a fairsettlement for your case. Numerous studies haveshown that you’re far more likely to end up withmore money at the end of a case if you hire alawyer rather than trying to settle the case onyour own. By virtue of handling injury cases
  26. 26. The Ohio Accident Book25every day, lawyers develop a sense of how mucha case is worth.Furthermore,you’re not likely to have experiencewith the types of arguments you’re going to hearfrom insurance adjusters. Hiring a lawyer lessensthe amount of hassles you’ll face and you’ll almostcertainly net more money, even after attorneyfees and expenses are subtracted.
  27. 27. The Ohio Accident Book26Not everyone who has been injured can win apersonal injury case. The person who causes theinjury has to be deemed negligent, or at fault,under the law. Someone is at fault when it is hisresponsibility to act or behave in a certain way,but fails to and causes some type of damage orinjury. There’s a lot of complexity built into thatseemingly simple concept, but that’s the roughidea.A routine traffic accident is a good example.Motorists have a responsibility to drive in a waythat doesn’t hurt others.  When a driver speeds,fails to yield, or rear-ends another driver andcauses an injury, then that driver is negligent.Filing a negligence claim doesn’t mean thatyou’re accusing the other driver of being a badperson, and it doesn’t mean you’re being greedy.It’s simply a claim that the other person’s conductPERSONAL INJURY CASESTANDARDS
  28. 28. The Ohio Accident Book27has caused you some type of harm for which youdeserve to be compensated. No one is going togo to jail as a result of your civil lawsuit.The civilsystem offers a way for you to be made wholefor the damages you’ve suffered as the result ofanother’s wrongful conduct.The insurance industry, along with state andnational chamber of commerce organizations,have done a great job of casting doubt onlegitimately injured people and the lawyerswho represent them. While there certainlyare unethical lawyers and people who makefake claims, the vast majority of claimants andattorneys seek only fair compensation for theinjury suffered. You shouldn’t feel guilty forpursuing a legitimate claim for injuries causedby someone else.When you seek a settlement from an insurancecompany, you’re just trying to be made whole forthe medical bills you’ve incurred and the painyou’ve endured.You have nothing to be ashamedof when you look out for your best interests.
  29. 29. The Ohio Accident Book28People are understandably nervous about hiringa lawyer. Fear that it will cost too much stopssome from consulting an attorney, especiallywhen expenses may be adding up as a result of arecent accident. Accident victims, however, don’tpay their lawyer anything unless a settlement isreached or they win in a trial.Most attorneys who represent accident victimstake what’s called a contingent fee, which meansthat the lawyer’s fee depends on his success inresolving the case. If you win your case or geta settlement, the lawyer takes a fee. If you loseat trial or the insurance company won’t settle,you don’t get anything, but you typically won’towe the lawyer a fee. Usually, the lawyer takesone-third of the gross award or settlement. Thearrangement works for both parties. The lawyertakes a risk that he’ll never get paid if the caseYOUR LAWYER DOESN’TGET PAID UNLESS YOU DO
  30. 30. The Ohio Accident Book29bombs. The client gets to pursue his claimwithout having to come up with thousands ofdollars in legal fees. Without this arrangement,some people never would be able to bring a claimbecause they couldn’t afford it.Trying cases can be expensive because courtreporters have to be hired to take depositionsthat have to be transcribed, medical recordshave to be ordered, experts witnesses such asdoctors have to be consulted, exhibits have tobe compiled, and court costs have to be paid.The attorney usually will cover those expensesbecause most people couldn’t come up with thatmuch money. If the case settles or the clientwins at trial, the lawyer is reimbursed for theexpenses he incurred in handling the case.Again,this arrangement benefits the client. Our firmhandled one case where the expenses alone werein the neighborhood of $100,000. If we hadn’tpaid for those expenses, our client never wouldhave been able to pursue his claim even thoughhe had an excellent case.
  31. 31. The Ohio Accident Book30When you meet with a lawyer, you will have tosignanagreementthatspellsouthowtheattorneywill be compensated and how the expenses willbe paid. Make sure that the contingency feearrangement – typically 33 1/3 percent of thegross settlement or award – is clearly spelled outin the contract.If you don’t feel comfortable withthe contract,don’t sign it.You’re in control of thesituation. If you have questions, make sure thelawyer answers before you sign the document.You can walk away after the case starts, but thelawyer will be entitled to get paid for the timeand expenses he’s incurred out of whateversettlement another lawyer obtains for you.When the case is resolved, you will get a checkthatrepresentstheawardorsettlement,minustheattorney’s fee and expenses. In some situations,the attorney could be entitled under the contractto more money than the client ultimately receivesafter expenses and medical bills are paid off, but
  32. 32. The Ohio Accident Book31that shouldn’t happen.The attorneys in our officecut their fees so the client always ends up withmore money.
  33. 33. The Ohio Accident Book32In all but the most straightforward of trafficaccidents, these cases can become verycomplicated even for attorneys who handle theseissueseveryday.Dealingwithinsuranceadjusters,health-care insurers, doctors, chiropractors, andattorneys representing the insurance companycan make resolving a personal injury claim along, frustrating journey. Hiring a lawyer to helpyou obtain fair compensation makes sense unlessyou’ve been involved in a very minor accident.If you hire a lawyer, he has a few options whentrying to resolve your case. Some lawyers file alawsuit immediately, which has the benefit ofputting you quickly on a trial track. The otherpath the attorney might take is negotiating withthe insurance adjuster to resolve the case withouthaving to file a lawsuit.Most attorneys,includingthose in our office, prefer the second approach.ATTORNEYS KNOW HOW TONAVIGATE THE LEGAL PROCESS
  34. 34. The Ohio Accident Book33Lawsuits are time-consuming, expensive, andunpredictable.The benefit of settling a claim withthe adjuster is that the client gets compensatedsooner and has a certain outcome. We only filesuits quickly if the adjuster makes an unfair offerthat we know isn’t going to get any better or ifthe statute of limitations is about to expire. Fora routine traffic accident case, the injured personhas two years after the accident to file a lawsuit.The statute of limitations for a minor’s traffic-accident case is two years after the minor turns18.Even with our approach, you shouldn’t expect aquicksettlement.Aswestatedearlier,wethinkit’sbest for the client to follow a doctor’s treatmentplan – even if it takes more than a year – ratherthan settling the case prematurely. This benefitsthe client’s health and her case. Ultimately, yoursettlement or verdict will be based to some degreeon the cost and length of your treatment.
  35. 35. The Ohio Accident Book34Sometimes going to trial becomes the onlyoption. When you’re looking for a lawyer, makesure you hire someone who is willing to try casesif necessary.It can take a long time to get to trial,but it may offer your best chance of getting faircompensation for your injury.If you have to go totrial, be prepared for a long wait because judgeshave to juggle numerous criminal and civil cases.It’s not unusual for a trial date to be set anywherefrom six months to a year after the complaint isfiled.
  36. 36. The Ohio Accident Book35We hope this book serves as a helpful referencetool for understanding personal injury cases.Though the process can be long and complicated,an attorney can guide you through this journey.When picking an attorney for your case, selectsomeone who handles a lot of personal injurycases. Personal injury lawyers deal with thelegal issues specific to this field of law on a dailybasis.If you think we can help you with your case,please call us at 419-241-1395 or 800-637-8170.A receptionist will gather some information andconnect you with a lawyer. Calls that come intoour office after hours are forwarded to a lawyer.To learn more about our firm, visit our Web siteat www.charlesboyk-law.com.We’ll schedule a free consultation with youand give you our professional opinion aboutCONCLUSION
  37. 37. The Ohio Accident Book36whether or not we can help you. You can alsoorder one of Chuck Boyk’s books for people whohave been bitten by a dog, injured on the job, orinvolved in a truck accident. He has also writtenbooks on what to do if you have been injuredon a motorcycle, lost a loved one due to thenegligence of someone else, or if your child hasbeen involved in an accident. We have six officesin northwest Ohio where we can meet with youto discuss your situation. We’ll work hard to getthe best result for your case.
  38. 38. Name: ____________________________________________________________Address:___________________________________________________________Email:_____________________________________________________________Phone Number:_____________________ Fax Number:____________________Number of FREE books requested:_____ The Ohio Accident Book _____ The Ohio Work Injury Book_____ The Ohio Dog Bite Book _____ The Ohio Wrongful Death Book_____ Little Kids, Big Accidents _____ The Ohio Motorcycle Accident BookSend this form back to us & we will send your FREE books IMMEDIATELY.NEED MORE FREE BOOKS?We have six offices in northwest Ohio to serve you.Send us this form back one of three ways:Mail to: Book Request, 405 Madison Avenue, Suite 1200, Toledo, Ohio 43604 orFax to: 419.241.8730 or Email to: info@charlesboyk-law.comThere is no charge for these books and it does not establish an attorney/client relationship.Your information will not be disclosed to any third party.You will be added to our firm’s Free Newsletter Mailing List, The Boyk Bulletin,to receive important legal and insurance updates.If you do not want to be added to the list, please check below._______ No, I do not want to be added to your mailing list to receive current legalnews and information regarding insurance laws affecting drivers in Ohio.405 Madison Avenue, Suite 1200, Toledo, Ohio 43604www.charlesboyk-law.com | 419.241.1395CuthereCuthereOAB-2010
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