JavaScript Introduction
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JavaScript Introduction



This is the slide stack to the introductory video of my JavaScript series. The video is at

This is the slide stack to the introductory video of my JavaScript series. The video is at



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JavaScript Introduction JavaScript Introduction Presentation Transcript

  • JavaScript Introduction Charles Russell Bennu Bird Media
  • Java Is Not JavaScript Java JavaScript Complex language designed for Software Engineers Simple Language designed for beginners. Classical Language Prototype Language Compiled and delivered as byte code Delivered as Text Runs on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) designed for each operating system Interpreted Generally runs on server Generally is run on client Applets for client not common anymore There are a few tools for server side JS Both Java's and JavaScript's syntax are derive from C and that is the end relationship
  • A Rose By Any Name ● JavaScript has many names ● Netscape developed the language – During a brief patnership Sun Copyrighted the name and licensed it to Netscape. – Oracle bought Sun and the Netscape rights went to Firefox ● Other Names for this language include – Jscript – LiveScript – ECMA Script ( probably the more correct name)
  • Who has the controls ● The European Computer Manufacturing Association ECMA Controls the standard ● Current standard is ECMA 262 5.1 – ES 5 – Fully Supported by Current versions of the major browsers – Not supported by Microsoft until IE9 ● For older browsers use ES3
  • Outside of the Browser ● JavaScript is not limited to the browser ● Adobe Acrobat ● OpenOffice ● Auto Cad ● Titanium (Phone App Development for both Android and IOS) ● Server side with Node.js
  • Summary ● Other than having the same Syntactical Roots JavaScript is in no way realted to Java. ● Because of Historic Anomilies JavaScript has a lot of Names. ● The JavaScript Language is defined in ECMA 262. ● JavaScript is not limited to the web browser.
  • Next Tools and Implementation