PEO ServicesHR Business Solutions Designedto Grow Your CompanyHuman resources and strategic people                        ...
MidMarket Solutions                                                         Retirement Services           Recruiting Servi...
Insurance Services                    Retirement Services             Recruiting ServInsure Your Business and EnsureCost C...
Retirement Services           Recruiting Services                  Time & AttendanceA Workforce ManagementSolution to Impr...
Retirement ServicesA Plan for the Future That ServesYou TodayProviding a competitive retirement program                  R...
Recruiting ServicesFinding the Right People to HelpYour Company SucceedTime spent managing your recruiting                ...
Employment ScreeningProtection for Your Reputationand Your BooksHiring who you think you are hiring isone of your business...
Performance Management               Retirement Services                                 Recruiting ServicesTransform Tale...
IT Services       Affordable, Responsive IT Support        In today’sbusiness world, the performanceRetirement Services   ...
Retirement Services            Recruiting Services                   Expense ManagementEffortless Expense Managementand Vi...
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New Ways to Improve Business Performance

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Abu Pisbrochure Online

  1. 1. PEO ServicesHR Business Solutions Designedto Grow Your CompanyHuman resources and strategic people Retirement Services Recruiting Servpractices represent a significant oppor- Administaff is the nation’stunity for your business. To truly capture leading professionalthe growth and stability you seek requires employer organization,foundational, responsive and proactive serving as a full-serviceactions to position your workforce for human resources (HR)success. With Administaff ’s professional department for businessesemployer organization services (PEO), you throughout the United States.receive a wide range of HR solutions thatenable you to be more systematic andstrategic about the role that your peopleplay in the success of your business.Through our co-employment model, your company enters into an agreement with usto establish a three-way relationship between you, your employees and Administaff thattakes the place of the traditional employer/employee relationship. Administaff clientsreceive help in controlling expenses, optimizing performance and turning employmentobstacles into opportunities for success.The result: you gain more control over your business than ever before, because you can turnaway from the daily minutiae and apply your energy directly to achieving your goals.Our PEO Services Solution Includes: • Employment Administration • Recruiting & Selection • Government Compliance • Policies & Best Practices • Employee Benefits • Performance Management • Workers’ Compensation • Training & Development • Payroll & Payroll Tax Administration • And Many Other Essential ServicesYou receive all of our comprehensive services for one set price.There’s only simplicity withfull service and no headaches, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business. Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 800-465-3800 E-mail: Visit:
  2. 2. MidMarket Solutions Retirement Services Recruiting ServiAn Essential Roadmap to DrivingYour Bottom LineGrowing a successful business is not onlybased in understanding your market, man-aging your operations, attracting capital Administaff is the nation’sand acquiring the latest technology; it is leading professional employeralso rooted in the effectiveness of your organization, serving as a full-people strategy. Best-in-class companies service human resources (HR)focus their attention on their ability to department for businessesattract, retain, maintain, develop and throughout the United States.reward the right people. Our MidMarket SolutionsThe Administaff Business offering helps growing organiza-Alignment Process tions evaluate the effectiveness of their people strategies andUsing data from more than two decades ofimplementing high-impact human resources the alignment of their people(HR) solutions, Administaff has created the to company goals.proprietary Business Alignment process. The Business Alignment Survey This management survey will determine if your leaders are aligned or misaligned with your business objectives. It includes a comprehensive risk analysis to identify legal, regulatory and associated financial exposures. The Validation Process Onsite interviews with key company leaders, reviews of company policies and documentation, and a manager/employee climate survey are utilized to compare leaders’ perceptions of goals and practices to the realities that are in place. The Implementation Plan All collected data and results are used to evaluate strengths and areas for improvement. Customized, measurable recommendations are developed that focus on the execution of your goals. The Plan is presented to company management and is reviewed annually.Multi-Layered Resources for Your SuccessOptimizing your people strategy profoundly enhances day-to-day performance andgives your business a competitive edge. No one does it better than Administaff, theindustry innovator. Beyond the basics, we offer an unparalleled menu of time-saving,performance-enhancing services. And twice a year, we’ll present a detailed “report card”outlining everything we’ve accomplished together. You’ll see it right there, in black andwhite. You’ll also see it in your bottom line. Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 877-273-6961 E-mail: Visit:
  3. 3. Insurance Services Retirement Services Recruiting ServInsure Your Business and EnsureCost Containment, Complianceand SimplicityWhen it comes to protecting yourbusiness, your employees and yourselffrom unforeseen circumstances, you need For more than 20 years,just the right combination of insurance Lockton Affinity has been acoverage. With Lockton Affinity, you may leader in providing insurancebe eligible to secure coverage that betterfits your business’s priorities – and for small businesses. Ancapture a better overall value at the same Administaff alliance partner,time. In fact, many customers who have Lockton Affinity takes carebeen referred to Lockton Affinity through of your business insuranceAdministaff say they’re saving 20 percent so you can take care ofor more on their insurance – all the while growing your business.enjoying the safety and claims service ofa Fortune 500 company.A Solution Built for Small BusinessesLockton Affinity is a leader in providing insurance for small businesses and offers acomplete, customizable insurance package at your fingertips, including: • Workers’ Compensation • Crime • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) • Business Interruption • General Liability • Hired and Non-Owned Auto • Professional Liability • Commercial Auto • Directors & Officers Liability • Umbrella Liability • Property • And MoreAlong with these coverage options, you’ll enjoy: • The attention of a dedicated account manager • Prompt, around-the-clock claims service • Timely delivery of your policies, certificates of insurance and worksite postersProtection for Your Personal AssetsMost business owners have substantial personal assets including homes, jewelry, art,autos and rental properties. These are typically insured outside your business andrequire specialized services. Through our partnership with Lockton Affinity, customershave direct access to Lockton’s Private Client Solutions group. One phone call and you’llhave Lockton’s full array of products and services for the high net worth business owner. Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 888-305-9827 E-mail: Visit:
  4. 4. Retirement Services Recruiting Services Time & AttendanceA Workforce ManagementSolution to Improve ProductivityBeyond simple time and attendance, ourcomplete workforce management solution Acquired by Administaff inprovides job costing, scheduling and 2010, Galaxy Technologieseven PTO tracking that saves most has been engineering,companies 3 to 5 percent of payroll costs. implementing andTimeStar™, from Galaxy Technologies, supporting workforceenables you to collect, analyze and take management systemsimmediate control of your labor data – all for thousands of small andin real time, all online. medium-sized businesses since 1988.TimeStar seamlessly integrates with yourenterprise human resource informationsystems and payroll and accounting platforms and brings you and your employeesthe information you need anywhere, any time. All you need is an Internet connection.Benefits include: • Elimination of human error from manual methods • Integrated systems that do away with duplication of time-and-attendance tasks • Reduced overtime costs from proactive monitoring and alerts for managers • Expedited payroll processing • A paperless system that cuts out the need for purchasing, storing, distributing, completing, collecting, reviewing, routing and archiving time cards • Informed decision-making for staffing levels that impacts the current pay period • Employee self-service solutions that result in decreased calls to your HR or payroll managers • Reduced overpayment of employees due to rounding errorsBottom-Line ResultsBest of all, Galaxy Technologies gives you greater insight into your costs with TimeStar’slabor allocation capabilities – allowing you to make effective decisions that get immediateresults. You’ll enjoy: • Stress-free implementation within 15 days • A knowledgeable, dedicated person who answers your calls for technical support • No set-up fee for standard implementation or cost for upgrades • Stress-free online subscription, traditional licensing and managed hosting options Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 877-273-8214 E-mail: Visit:
  5. 5. Retirement ServicesA Plan for the Future That ServesYou TodayProviding a competitive retirement program Retirement Services Recruiting Servis a key driver in both recruiting and retain-ing your top talent. Administaff Retirement Administaff RetirementServices offers you the ability to design acomprehensive 401(k) plan that fits your Services is a leading pro-company’s needs and minimizes the burden vider of retirement servicesof daily administration, so you can focus on and record keeping to smallyour business. businesses, managing moreDiversity and Flexibility than $1 billion in assets andOur flexible plan design options include: utilizing a low-cost base to • Various participant eligibility options provide large plan services • A variety of employer matching contribution and vesting programs with low fees. • Discretionary profit sharing contributions • Safe harbor contribution option • Optional rollover contributions • Participant loans • In-service and hardship withdrawal optionsOur plans also provide a diversified investment program: • A choice of up to 20 investment options from a broad range of more than 140 mutual funds • Optional self-directed brokerage accountsComprehensive ServiceTo structure a program that best fits your company’s and employees’ needs, our teamof retirement services professionals will work with you through the entire process, fromdesign and conversion to ongoing plan support.In addition to our dedicated staff, our services include: • Daily valuation record keeping • Annual testing and government reporting • Loan and withdrawal administration • Plan sponsor reports • Optional trustee servicesParticipant ServicesYour employees will enjoy convenient, full-service features, such as: • Automatic payroll deductions with pre-tax and/or Roth (after-tax) contributions • Around-the-clock, online access to plan account for easy transfers and changes • Quarterly participant account statements • Access to interactive educational materials, such as planning calculators • Investment choices from a wide range of brand-name investment options • Superior call center support with knowledgeable 401(k) specialists • Paperless processing for enrollment, loan and hardship withdrawal requests Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 877-273-8407 E-mail: Visit:
  6. 6. Recruiting ServicesFinding the Right People to HelpYour Company SucceedTime spent managing your recruiting Retirement Services Recruiting Servicesefforts is time spent away from runningyour business, yet hiring quality people Administaff Recruitingis critical to your success. Let Administaff Services has successfullyRecruiting Services put our years of recruit- placed thousands ofing know-how and proven strategies to employees through awork assembling a qualified and productive three-phase approach: aworkforce for you. Our experienced re- strong recruiting foun-cruiters help hiring managers make the right dation, a cost-effectivedecisions the first time, increasing retention advertising program and anand results to improve your bottom line. efficient selection process.Your Complete SolutionAdministaff Recruiting Services can:• Develop an integrated recruiting program to ensure efficient, consistent and compliant hiring practices• Provide comprehensive training for all hiring managers• Build a powerful employment brand• Implement a strategic advertising plan• Access passive and active candidates• Identify, interview, screen and present the very best candidates• Provide in-depth background checks and pre-employment assessments• Tap into extensive wage and salary data for a wide range of disciplines to ensure your offer is competitiveOur highly skilled recruiters have extensive knowledge and experience in the following areas:• Information Technology• Sales/Marketing• Accounting/Finance• Administrative/Clerical• Professional• Light Industrial/Manufacturing• Health CareWe are so certain our proven process will get results that Administaff Recruiting Serviceshas developed a unique fixed-fee pricing plan that aligns our interests – you don’t pay usthe full fee unless your new employee is with you for a full six months. Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 877-273-8412 E-mail: Visit:
  7. 7. Employment ScreeningProtection for Your Reputationand Your BooksHiring who you think you are hiring isone of your business’s most critical tasks.For more than 20 years, USDatalink has USDatalink offers employ-been a trusted resource for companies ment background checksthat understand how effective employ- and verification services,ment screening reduces the probabilityand impact of unfortunate events in the drug testing, professionalworkplace by reducing internal theft and assessments and an E-Verifyfraud, creating a safer work environment service to help companiesand building a more productive work screen applicants.force – all of which help you protect your USDatalink was acquiredcompany’s good name. by Administaff in 2008.Personalized Service ThroughCustomizationUSDatalink provides thorough, accurate screening information in an easy-to-understandformat, delivered in the way that best complements your hiring decision process. Ourscreening professionals can work with you to develop any of the following: • Customized Screening Packages – Designed to check what matters to you • Flexible Report Processing – Special handling when required • Tiered Report Access – Ensuring that only those you authorize see results • Custom IT Solutions / Private Labeling – To make our web interface your ownUSDatalink’s complete suite of screening reports and services are available through ourintegrated online console for easy ordering, organization, retrieval and archiving. Someof the more commonly requested services available are: • Social Security Verification • Professional Credentials • Criminal Records • Employment Credit Reports • Driving Records • Adverse Action Processing • Employment Verification • Integrated Drug Testing Services • Personal and Professional References • E-Verify Solutions • Education Verification • Integrated Personality, Cognitive, and Skills TestingUSDatalink also protects your candidates and your company from fraud. We do this bygoing directly to the source for information, by maintaining control of personal information,and by never outsourcing personal information to third-party or overseas clearinghouses.With the availability of all-inclusive package pricing, no start-up fees, no monthlyusage requirements and no term commitment, USDatalink adheres to its client-centricapproach by making it easy to get started, easy to budget and easy to understand whata good screening program will cost. Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 877-273-8411 E-mail: Visit:
  8. 8. Performance Management Retirement Services Recruiting ServicesTransform Talent ManagementChallenges Into OpportunitiesWhen it comes to managing employeeinformation and improving employee per- PerformSmart, fromformance, you should never go it alone. Administaff, helps you quicklyStreamline all of your human resources re- and easily manage employeesponsibilities and vital people-performance information and improvetasks with PerformSmart, Administaff ’s employee performance,suite of easy, intuitive software solutions. providing the expertise youGain the knowledge and solid advice youneed to align your people with your business need to be knowledgeableobjectives, setting the stage for lasting success. and confident.PerformSmart gives you all the right resources to handle essential people-managementtasks and put your short- and long-range plans in motion: • Conduct efficient and effective performance reviews • Give feedback that produces results • Define jobs to target business goals • Hire effectively for company needs • Identify the right people to handle new priorities • Create customized personnel policiesFour Simple SolutionsPerformance Now – Take the stress out of conducting effective employee reviews.Performance Now helps you write effective reviews and ensures your people arepropelling your company’s success through meticulously defined performance standardsand ongoing, constructive guidance.People Manager – People Manager makes it easy to keep accurate personnel recordsand document actions like hiring, promotions, reviews or terminations. It also remindsyou about important events like benefits eligibility dates, and it gives you flexible optionsfor tracking attendance and interfacing with your payroll service.Descriptions Now – Descriptions Now is the fastest and easiest way to define jobsand hire more effectively. Our job description wizard takes your input and automaticallywrites sections on qualifications, supervisory responsibilities, performance competencies,physical demands and work environment.Policies Now – Policies Now is the simplest way to create personnel policies customizedto your organization. Our complete selection of policies and forms covers hundreds ofimportant issues, with important legal and human resources expertise and advice builtright in. Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 877-273-8405 E-mail: Visit:
  9. 9. IT Services Affordable, Responsive IT Support In today’sbusiness world, the performanceRetirement Services Recruiting Services of your people relies directly on the per- formance of your technology. Getting IT CompuCom is a leading IT problems and issues resolved quickly means outsourcing specialist with you and your staff can get back to what you more than 20 years of experi- do best – serving customers and growing ence. CompuCom became an your business. Administaff alliance partner in 2010 and offers IT outsourcing, Through an exclusive partnership with application development, Administaff, CompuCom brings affordable, responsive and business-enabling IT support systems integration, and to the small and medium-sized business consulting, as well as the market. Thinking beyond a single computer procurement and management or application, CompuCom’s professionals of hardware and software. understand how technology empowers your business.They use their experience to skillfully match services with the right technologies for increased efficiency and measurable results. One Source for Service If technology is not working as you planned, CompuCom offers you a single phone number to call – whether it’s an issue with your software, laptop, desktop, printer/copier or other equipment. A skilled IT technician answers the phone and helps you resolve your issues while on the call. When your technology needs repair and simply cannot be fixed over the phone or by remote access, our skilled remote technician diagnoses the problem and dispatches an onsite technician. A certified, badge-carrying CompuCom IT expert arrives at your location – parts in hand – to resolve the issue to get you back up and working. As the second largest provider of desktop managed services in North America, CompuCom offers a better solution that is easy, cost effective and there when you need it. Its world-class technical professionals can assist you and your employees in the following areas: • Help using common Microsoft applications and e-mail • Help accessing and browsing the Internet • Repairing industry-leading computer products • Installing hardware and software • Connecting and securing office wireless networks • Removing viruses and malware • Installing client-provided anti-virus and spyware protection software • Performing system checkups and maintenance • Replacing crashed hard drives Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 877-273-8408 E-mail: Visit:
  10. 10. Retirement Services Recruiting Services Expense ManagementEffortless Expense Managementand VisibilityAlthough you must spend money to makemoney, untracked and unnecessary expenses ExpensAble has been acan quickly starve your business’s growth. leading expense managementTravel and entertainment spending, which provider for more than 10is typically the second-largest controllable years. Acquired by Administaffexpense in a business’s budget, can quickly in 2010, ExpensAble currentlyspiral out of control. serves more than 5,000 companies and processesExpensAble, one of the most efficient over $1 billion in expensesexpense-reporting systems on the market, annually.automates your expense reporting,enforces your corporate travel policiesand provides extraordinary visibility into your company’s expenditures through anadvanced data collection, analytics and reporting system that helps you: • Save up to 40 percent on expense-report processing costs • Track exactly where your money is going • Enforce your company’s spending policies • Understand your company’s spending trends • Make educated business decisions around spending • Save time with built-in workflow and automation • Store reports and receipts digitally with anytime, anywhere online accessExpensAble is: • Easy to deploy – Allows for deployment in days, eliminating the lengthy implementation process associated with many other expense-reporting solutions • Easy to use – Delivers an extremely intuitive user interface • Easy to configure – Made to fit your company’s unique business processes and policies, ExpensAble’s easy-to-use, web-based administration enables you to easily update expense policies, users and business rules at any time • Scalable – Grows with you as your company grows, allowing you to easily add employees in a matter of minutes • Secure – Provides certified security infrastructure and secure online global access • Interface friendly – Easy to migrate expense data into your other key business systems Put the business performance solution you need in place today. Call: 866-476-8596 E-mail: Visit: