How To Write A Cover Letter For A Resume


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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Resume

  1. 1. COVER LETTER FOR A RESUMETips On How To Write A Cover Letter For A Great ResumeYou have decided that you want a new job that would challenge you more and giveshigher wage. Your dilemma is that many years had passed and you had alreadyforgotten how to make a good resume or a cover letter. If you want to put a positiveimpression from your prospective employer, you must have a great resume, a goodinterview as well as a good cover letter. Others think that resume is more importantthan the cover letter. Well, they are wrong. Remember that your cover letter is thefirst document that will be read by the employer; thus, you must make a cover letterthat is effective and provides lasting and positive impression. Here are some tips onhow to write a cover letter for a great resume.1) Create a brief and straight to the point cover letter.The main purpose of the cover letter is to inform the employer of the position youare applying for and that other documents they need are attached to it. Do not addinformation that will also be found on your resume or other flowery statements.2) Make it perfect.Perfect here means that there should be no errors. Everything should be perfect,from quality print and correct spelling to the correct format of the letter. Even asimple typo is unforgivable. Even one tiny mistake will leave the impression thatyou don’t care much about your application. It must be smooth and perfect.
  2. 2. 3) Handwriting- a big NO!Never write your cover letter using your handwriting, whatever excuses you mayhave. Use any word processor of your personal computer. If you don’t have acomputer, you can borrow from a friend or go to an establishment that allowsrenting of computer for a number of hours.4) Do not make a flashy letter by using uncommon font styles and sizes.Remember that you are not making a presentation or poster. It is encouraged to usea font style that are frequently used for business like Times New Roman or Arialstyle. Never use colourful print. Only use black. Use a plain white paper and not theglossy one. For quality output, do not use dot matrix printer but the laser printer.DeskJet printers are also discouraged because sometimes the output has smudges.5) Prepare a short cover letter.The cover letter must be one page only. It should be centered. If possible, do not foldthe letter. Use an envelope that will accommodate your documents unfolded. Youcan also use a folder and just use a paper clip to hold your documents together.6) Be unique.There are available sample cover letters online and it might be that you’ll betempted to just copy and paste it in a blank document. Never copy your cover letter.If you copy, it suggests that you don’t have good ethics and shows that you aredishonest. You must only write what is true to you by using your own words.Write a very strong conclusion that would leave a great impression. Make knownthat you know about their reputation and that you respect their company. Browseonline so you get to see some samples of a cover letter that would act like a guide. Becreative and make it with your heart out. Be confident in your letter.
  3. 3. Free Sample Cover Letter For A Fresh GraduateFor a fresh graduate, it is hard to apply for a job because you will be starting fromscratch. There are many strategies to help you land a job you want, but having agreat resume and cover letter is still the most effective tactic. Cover letter issignificant as resume does. Your cover letter informs the company of the positionyou are interested and should convince your prospective employer that your skillsand characteristics are just right for the position.But it is a reality that companies receive dozens of resumes with cover letterseveryday so your documents must be unique but straight to the point. A newgraduate must understand and realize what the application process is and mustexert extra effort because he is competing with people who possibly have moreexperience. The cover letter’s introduction must be something that will compel theemployer to contact you for an interview. Do not begin with the usual introductorylike “I am John Doe, and I am writing this letter to apply for the vacant position thatis stated in a newspaper.” This is boring for the employer to read and he may loseinterest in your application. You should begin with impressive but true statementslike “For a decade, I have a built a reputation in sales industry and leadership; withthese I am confident that I can do the job with ease and excellence.”Do not worry that the employer might think you are arrogant because after all, youare just showing confidence. In the cover letter, you must lay the best that you’vegot; your skills, experience, and awards. With these, an impression that you arereally interested in the job and you are the right person for the position will beconveyed to the employer.
  4. 4. Here is a free sample cover letter for a fresh graduate. Note that the names andplaces are only fictional.Anna MichaelsSales ManagerWintel ProductionNew Valley, Los AngelesAugust 3, 2009Dear Ms. Michaels:I was informed by the Head of Production of your company, Ms. Alice Kohlberg, thatyou are looking for an expert in sales management.I completed a one-year program of internship at Papella Corporation as a member oftheir sales management team. During this internship, I was trained and equippedwith the skills needed in the processes involved in sales and other related jobs. Ifinished my BS Economics degree with honors at the University of Los Angeles. I amconfident that the training and education I received from my formal education andthe internship I have undergone have sufficiently equipped me to perform the taskthat is due to the unfilled position in your team. I believe that my professionalismand skills will be a great asset for your company.You can reach me through this mobile number, 123 123 456, to discuss myapplication further. I will personally coordinate with your office if it happens that Iwon’t hear from you until August 20, 2009. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
  5. 5. Sincerely,Clianne J. JohnsonNotice that since you are a fresh graduate, you would have no concrete experiencesyet so you must highlight what you’ve learned on your internship or any work-related experiences while you are still a student. You can also include yourleadership in any organization where you are a member. Make an effective andoriginal cover letter. Never copy a cover letter because that would only show thatyou are dishonest. Create a letter with your own words. Be confident.How To Get A Good Job – Writing A Professional Cover Letter For AResumeTo have a good life, we need a good job so that we can pay our bills and provideshelter and food to our family. There are many vacant positions in every companybut the number of applicants is much greater than the number of vacancies. Becausethe competition is heavy, each applicant uses his own tactics and strategies just tobe employed. Most of us dedicate our time and effort in making the best resume thatwould impress the employer. What is forgotten is that the cover letter is alsosignificant when applying for a job.How you write and present your cover letter tells many things about you. How youorganize the letter reflects how you organize your thoughts. The content on theother hand shows your qualifications and experiences. You have to put morethought because how to get a good job – writing a professional cover letter for aresume is the best strategy.
  6. 6. The cover letter must be perfect. If you submit a poorly written cover letter, then itshows that you lack the ability to communicate effectively through writing and theemployer may think you are not competent enough to handle the job. If you don’tknow how to write one, you may result to copying from online samples of coverletters. Be reminded that copying is a big NO! If the employer knows that you don’thave originality then you will not get the position surely because you are dishonestand you don’t have your own idea. Below are steps in writing a professional coverletter.1. If you plan to submit your letter in a traditional way, make sure it is attractive.Use first class white paper for the letter and high quality envelope to enclose allyour files.2. The letter must include your address but excluding your name. It can be writtenon the upper left or right part of the paper. Then it is followed by a date and thename, company name, and address of the company. Do not write to a general person(“To whom it may concern”); instead, be specific by writing the name of the contactperson.3. The body of the letter is the part where you will market yourself. Include yourreason of sending them your letter and resume. Write all your skills, qualifications,and previous experiences that is required or assumed of the vacant position. Showthem that your skills and accomplishment would be an asset of their company. Thelast paragraph of your letter must be about how eager you are to talk with themabout the opportunity in the business. Include necessary contact information liketelephone number and email address.
  7. 7. 4. The closing of the cover letter should have of two lines. Show that you respect thecompany by ending it with “Sincerely” or “Respectfully Yours”. Leave four linesbelow it before you write your name. Make sure to sign the letter with blue ink sothat they will know you have submitted your original copy.Though having a great cover letter doesn’t assure you of the position; it will make abig impact on your application. The cover letter must leave a positive impression onthe employer. Note that you have a greater chance of getting the job if the positionrequires the qualities you have. To get more ideas on how to make a great coverletter, browse online and check some samples and tips on how to create the bestcover letter.Simple Steps To Help You Write A Good Cover Letter For A ResumeWhen looking for a job, you must prepare a good resume where you have the chanceto convince the employer to employ you. In the resume is the written informationabout you and your skills and experiences. But what is not known to everyone isthat there is another document that is of equal importance as the resume – that isthe cover letter. Cover letter is the first document read by the employer so you mustget their interest in the beginning of application. Create a unique, catchy, and honestcover letter. A great resume must be submitted together with a great cover letter.Here are simple steps to help you write a good cover letter for a resume.Pre-writing stage1) Before you start writing your cover letter, you must first complete or update yourresume. The contents of your resume must coincide to the position you areinterested on. Emphasize the strengths you have that would be an asset to yourdesired position.
  8. 8. 2) Gather information about the organization or company you want to join. Theinformation will not only give the impression that you are interested with theircompany but it will also help you during the interview. You must be well-informedabout the company’s mission, what type of customer they serve, and the history.3) Make an analysis about the job. Know the job description. Make a list of all thequalifications, skills, and experience that the employer may be looking for and checkthose that you possess.4) Search for the name of the manager of the company. Use your connections and beresourceful. It’s an edge of an applicant if he knows the manager, his personality,and what he was looking for in an applicant.Writing stage1) Follow the correct format of the heading. Write your address 1 inch below the topof the page. Leave four lines before writing the date. Leave another four lines beforewriting the name of the contact person, his position, the company name, and thecompany address. Remember to write the name of the contact person instead of “Towhom it may concern”.2) Divide the body of your letter into three or four paragraphs. a) The first paragraph must contain your reason why you are writing to them.Devise an introduction that would get the attention of the reader. It is not necessaryto write the reason why you know of the position. b) The second or third paragraph is a summary of your qualifications andexperiences that is needed for the position. Use the information you have gatheredabout the company. Write the body such that the reader will grasps your desire to
  9. 9. join them and help them achieve their goals. Convey that you have the skills andright attitude for the position.3) The last paragraph must leave an impression that will persuade the employer tocall you for an interview. Lead the employer to read your résumé. Make known thatyou are available for an interview. If you are confident, write the date that you willcontact them to schedule a meeting to further discuss the job opportunity. Provideyour email address and contact number and that you will be happy to get in touchwith them. Do not forget your thank you message for their consideration and time.4) Finish the letter with “Sincerely” or “Yours faithfully”. Then leave space for yoursignature before writing your name. Use a blue ink pen so that they will think thatyou have submitted an original copy.The last part in making your cover letter is proofreading. There should be nomistakes at all. Even a small typo or a punctuation error is not acceptable. A flawlesscover letter shows that you really care about your application.