Making The Case For Open Leadership


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Held on Monday, April 26th, 2010. This Webinar is the first of a four part series that looks at the ideas in the new book, "Open Leadership" (learn more at

This Webinar covers the following:

- How social technologies are creating the need for new type of leadership.
- What it means to be open.
- How to measure openness.
- Case studies of open leadership

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  • Having the confidence and humility to give up the need to be in control, while inspiring commitment from people to accomplish goals
  • Making The Case For Open Leadership

    1. Making The Case For Open Leadership<br />Charlene Li<br />Altimeter Group<br />April 26, 2010<br />1<br />
    2. More people visit Facebook than Yahoo!<br />
    3. Create a culture of sharing<br />
    4. How work really gets done<br />Social technologies enable you to manage flat, distributed organizations<br />
    5. It’s not about the technologies<br />
    6. 7<br />It’s aboutrelationships<br />
    7. 8<br />Why is social hard?<br />Because realrelationships require that you give up control <br />
    8. The need for open leadership <br />9<br />When people get what they need from each other<br />“How open do I need to be?<br />
    9. Open Leadership<br />10<br />Having the confidence and humility to give up the need to be in control,<br />while inspiring commitment from people to accomplish goals<br />How to give up control, and be in command<br />
    10. Respect that your customers and employees have power<br />Share constantly to build trust.<br />Nurture curiosity and humility.<br />Hold openness accountable.<br />Forgive failure.<br />The New Rules<br />11<br />
    11. 10 elements of openness<br />12<br />
    12. Explaining strategic decisions<br />13<br />Open book management<br />Managing leaks<br />
    13. 14<br />Updating with every day stuff<br />
    14. Conversing: John Deere on Facebook<br />15<br />
    15. Open Mic: When people contribute<br />16<br />
    16. Crowdsourcing new Walkers flavour<br />17<br />
    17. Open platforms make it easy to partner and share<br />18<br />Open architecture<br />Open data access<br />
    18. 19<br />Centralized<br />Democratic<br />Distributed<br />Consensus<br />Decision making models<br />
    19. 170 employees<br />100 modules with “module owners”<br />One person makes the final decision in each module<br />Social technologies make distributed decision making possible<br />20<br />Manage complex tasks<br />Organizing for speed<br />65,000 employees<br />16 Councils, 50 Boards make strategic decisions<br />Joint leadership of each group<br />
    20. What Cisco accomplished in 45 days in Fall 2009<br />How decision making makes a difference<br />21<br />Four major acquisitions<br />Tandberg (October 1)<br />Starnet Networks (October 13)<br />ScanSafe (October 27)<br />DVN (November 2)<br />Quarterly earnings (November 4)<br />Held major CIO conference<br />Led $5 billion debt offering<br />Strategic partnerships with EMC and VMWare<br />CEO had 125 client meetings<br />
    21. Started in 2001<br />Accelerated with use of collaboration technologies<br />Increased cross-company priorities<br />2 in 2007 to 30 in 2009<br />Increase executives involved in councils/boards<br />100 in 2007 to 750 in 2009<br />It didn’t happen overnight<br />22<br />John Chambers<br />CEO of Cisco<br />
    22. Determine how open you need to be with information to meet your goals<br />23<br />Visit (after May 1st) to conduct your own openness audit<br />
    23. How do you currently make decisions?<br />Acquisitions, partnerships<br />Product development, branding/positioning<br />Budgeting, hiring<br />How effective is it?<br />How would involving different/more people have an impact?<br />How would greater information sharing improve decision making?<br />Evaluate your decision making process<br />24<br />
    24. What kind of relationship do you want?<br />25<br />
    25. What kind of relationship do you want?<br />Determine how open you need to be to get that relationship.<br />More in the next Webinar on May 7th on creating an open strategy.<br />Conduct an openness audit of your information sharing and decision making processes.<br />Identify and understand where you have the biggest concerns about giving up control. <br />Action Plan<br />26<br />
    26. Developing & Measuring Open Leadership Strategies<br />Friday, May 7th, 10am PT (<br />Finding & Supporting Your Open Leaders<br />Friday, May 14th, 10am PT (<br />How Open Leaders Embrace & Recover From Failure <br />Friday, May 21st, 10am PT (<br />Upcoming Open Leadership Webinars<br />27<br />
    27. 28<br />28<br />Thank you<br />Charlene Li<br /><br /><br />Twitter: charleneli<br />For slides, send an email to<br />Visit<br />