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Keynote at ASAE Technology Conference, December 14, 2010 in Washington DC.

"Be Open, Be Transparent, Be Authentic" are the current leadership mantras – but organizations often push back. Traditionally business is conducted on the basis of control and yet the new world order demands openness. In this session, Charlene Li will examine how to tap into the power of the social technology revolution and use social media to be "open" while maintaining control. Ms. Li will share illustrative examples and case studies from a wide range of industries and countries, of how to bring the precision of this new ‘openness" to both inside and outside your organization.

As Li explains, openness requires more — not less — rigor and effort than being in control. Hear how to determine your organization’s open strategy, weigh the benefits against the risk, and have a clear understanding of the implications of being open. Walk away with guidelines, policies, and procedures that successful companies have implemented to manage openness and ensure that business objectives are at the center of their openness strategy. By embracing social media, you can transform your organizations to become more effective, decisive, and ultimately more profitable in this new era of openness in the marketplace.

Charlene Li is the co-author of the bestseller Groundswell, author of the new book Open Leadership, and Founder of Altimeter Group, a strategy firm that provides clients with a pragmatic approach to using new technologies.

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  • - Having strategies, having a plan. align with a goal.  - more than social for the sake of social
  • ASAE Technology Conference Keynote

    1. Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform How You Lead<br />Charlene Li<br />Altimeter Group<br />December 14, 2010<br />Twitter: @charleneli<br />1<br />
    2. OUT ofCONTROL<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    3. © 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    4. © 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    5. DellOutlet drives sales with Twitter<br />6<br />
    6. It’s about RELATIONSHIPS<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    7. How to give up control<br />but still be in command<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    8. STRATEGY<br />LEADERSHIP <br />PREPAREDNESS<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    9. STRATEGY<br />LEADERSHIP <br />PREPAREDNESS<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    10. Four goals define your Open Strategy<br />11<br />
    11. Learn with monitoring tools<br />12<br />
    12. Start and drive conversations<br />13<br />
    13. Make support strategic<br />14<br />
    14. Drive innovation into the organization<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    15. STRATEGY<br />LEADERSHIP <br />PREPAREDNESS<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    16. STRATEGY<br />LEADERSHIP <br />PREPAREDNESS<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    17. How Best Buy Created a Transformation<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    18. © 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    19. © 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    20. 10 elements of openness<br />21<br />
    21. How open are you? How open do you need to be?<br />22<br />
    22. Skills of successful Open Leaders<br />23<br />Lovisa Williams<br />US Dept. of State<br />Ed TerpeningWells Fargo<br /><ul><li>Authentic
    23. Transparent
    24. Disciplined
    25. Resilient
    26. Removes barriers
    27. Influences</li></li></ul><li>Transparency came slowly but surely to Wells Fargo <br />24<br />March 2006<br />January 2009<br />
    28. Discipline led to results at Dept. of State<br />25<br />Started with clear social media policy.<br />Reached out to leaders with the greatest need – embassy staff.<br />Jakarta embassy has ~150,000 fans on Facebook.<br />
    29. STRATEGY<br />LEADERSHIP <br />PREPAREDNESS<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    30. STRATEGY<br />LEADERSHIP <br />PREPAREDNESS<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    31. #1 Create a Culture of Sharing<br />28<br />
    32. Open leaders make Sharing a Habit<br />29<br />
    33. TurboTax “programmed” sharing<br />30<br />Ensures 85% employee participation in community forums<br />
    34. #2 Discipline is Needed to Succeed<br />Take reasonable action to fix issue and let customer know action taken<br />Negative<br />Positive<br />Yes<br />Yes<br />No<br />Assess the message<br />Evaluate the purpose<br />Do you want to respond?<br />Does customer need/deserve more info?<br />Unhappy Customer?<br />No Response<br />Yes<br />Are the facts correct?<br />Gently correct the facts<br />Yes<br />No<br />No<br />No<br />Can you add value?<br />DedicatedComplainer?<br />Are the facts correct?<br />Yes<br />Yes<br />No<br />No<br />Yes<br />Respond in kind & share<br />Thank the person<br />Comedian Want-to-Be?<br />Explain what is being done to correct the issue.<br />Is the problem being fixed?<br />Yes<br />No<br />Yes<br />Adapted from US Air Force Comment Policy<br />Let post stand and monitor.<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    35. Conduct a readiness assessment<br />32<br />Ideally, you should be at “4.0” for launch.<br />Area of opportunity.<br />
    36. #3 Ask the Right Questions about Value<br />“We tend to overvalue the things we can measure, and undervalue the things we cannot.” <br /> - John Hayes, CMO of American Express<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    37. The new lifetime value calculation<br /><ul><li> Percent that refer
    38. Size of their networks
    39. Percent of referred people who purchase
    40. Value of purchases</li></ul>+ Value of purchases<br /><ul><li>Cost of acquisition</li></ul>____________________<br />= Customer lifetime value<br />+ Value of new customers from referrals<br />+ Value of insights<br /><ul><li> Percent that provide support
    41. Frequency and value of the support</li></ul>+ Value of support<br />+ Value of ideas<br />Spreadsheets for 15 year lifetime value calculation available at<br />
    42. No relationships are perfect<br />Google’s mantra:“Fail fast, fail smart”<br />#4 Prepare for Failure<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    43. Create <br />Sandbox <br />Covenants<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    44. STRATEGY<br />LEADERSHIP <br />PREPAREDNESS<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    45. Give Up Control<br />AND STILL BE IN COMMAND<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />
    46. Charlene Li<br /><br /><br />Twitter: charleneli<br />For slides, send an email to<br />For more information & to buy the book<br />visit<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />