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The road to understanding performance of content-driven websites is very different from e-commerce or lead generation. Coming from a direct response world and transitioning to online publishing has been a challenge. Charlene shares how she has applied aggressive direct response tactics to create a data-driven culture at Spin Media. This session covers tracking the right data, managing cross-functional teams and tying content creation to revenue streams.
Attend and walk away with a clear understanding of how to apply classic digital advertising and marketing techniques to the world of online publishing and see results.

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  • There is a lot of opportunities in understanding publisher insights
  • Been in this online industry for over 10 yearsWorked with a lot of brandsStarted in the lead generation / e-commerce world (direct response)Currently working w/ online publishers
  • Lexington law – conversion funnel optimization, keyword portfolio segmentationDiscovered how important analytics wasLA Times – A/B Testing w/ analytics frameworkSpin – 100% in analytics
  • I’m very active in social networksPlease reach out to me via your social network of choiceIf I say something you like, which I hope I do, please reference me by a tag, tweet or plusEnough about me, let’s talk about chocolates, that’s my favorite topic
  • I love data just as much as I love chocolatesI also like consuming data the same way I consume chocolatesI like them arranged in a box neat and organized, I want to be able to see all my options
  • If possible chocolate menuMost online publishing companies I’ve found, however, consume their chocolates like this
  • The data is all melted together and it’s very hard to get an idea of where tobegin or end.There is a way to make this data consumption more organized & structured for online publishers
  • Bill Lumberg comes to your office and says..Ok let me think about it…As an analyst – you break this down into smaller questions
  • And you come up w/ something like thisAfter all those sleepless nights w/ 80s movies running in the background I made an important discovery
  • Ghostbusters 1 of course. It’s better.Let me explain
  • Let’s look at those data sources again:When you get deeper into understanding your data sources, you will find key metrics that you can connect or my DW engineer loves to call this the “joins”This process looks really simple but is the main problem you need to solve to get to insightsGoogle Analytics – page type (custom variable)Author – custom variable
  • Rule #2Look for a BI infrastructure that will work for your team in terms of usage and size
  • For us, what currently makes sense is a combination of MySQL databaseTableau – Visualization / presentation layerWorth investing time evaluating needs and the right tools for the jobEvaluated 3 products: Looker, Tableau, PentahoPrice, ease of use, implementation timeSmaller team who will look at data and create the data, that’s how we decided on Tableau
  • Slimer is cute and looks friendly but when you put him in a corner he will slime you w/ ectoplasmUnmovable force / good decisions driven by dataYou will get insights and be loved and hated by everyone at the same time
  • Automated insights for everyone
  • Positive changes? Make it upHow we were about to make a decision… we got a good data from this
  • Return on Content: Data Driven Insights for Publishers eMetrics Toronto 14

    1. 1. Data Driven Insights for Publishers Charlene Dipaola eMetrics Toronto 2014
    2. 2. Lead Gen | eCommerce | Publishing 2@CharleneDipaola
    3. 3. Lead Gen | eCommerce | Publishing 3@CharleneDipaola Online Mktg: Decreased Cost Per Lead by +20% & increased total leads A/B Test: Increased RPM by 30% Building Business Intelligence infrastructure from ground zero
    4. 4. CharleneDipaola @CharleneDipaol a +CharleneDipaol a IGeekGirl 4@CharleneDipaola
    5. 5. @CharleneDipaola 5
    6. 6. 6@CharleneDipaola
    7. 7. @CharleneDipaola 7
    8. 8. 8@CharleneDipaola
    9. 9. • How do I gauge writer performance? • How is mobile affecting revenue? • Which site makes the most revenue per pageview? • Others… 9@CharleneDipaola
    10. 10. @CharleneDipaola 10 Steps to unlocking digital publishing data can be found in characters from Ghostbusters
    11. 11. SOURCES Google Analytics Doubleclick Salesforce RON Revenue YouTube 11@CharleneDipaola
    12. 12. #1 Find a KEYMASTER 12@CharleneDipaola
    13. 13. SOURCES (KeyMaster) 13@CharleneDipaola Google Analytics • Page Type • Device Type • Author Doubleclick • Page Type • Device Category • Revenue Per Campaign • Ad Impressions Salesforce • Revenue per Campaign • Sales Person
    14. 14. #2 Decide on a GATEKEEPER 14@CharleneDipaola
    15. 15. SOURCES (KeyMaster) Google Analytics Doubleclick Salesforce YouTube Remnant BI INFRASTRUCTURE (GateKeeper) MySQL Tablea u 15@CharleneDipaola
    16. 16. @CharleneDipaola 16 #3 send SLIMER to minimize data-less decision making
    17. 17. SOURCES (KeyMaster) Google Analytics Doubleclick Salesforce YouTube Remnant BI INFRASTRUCTURE (GateKeeper) MySQL Tablea u 17@CharleneDipaola INSIGHTS (Slimer) Author Performance Ads per pageview Revenue Per PV Column fill rate Revenue per page type
    18. 18. @CharleneDipaola 18 Jessica Smith, Staff Writer INSIGHT: Wrote more content in April but got less pageviews per post ACTION: Evaluate articles for March to determine high pageview topics GOOGLE ANALYTICS Pageviews + Author Custom Variable + Published Date Custom Variable
    19. 19. @CharleneDipaola 19 Miley Cyrus drives traffic Katy Perry does not
    20. 20. @CharleneDipaola 20 How is our new mobile redesign affecting revenue? INSIGHT: Mobile redesign has increased ad impressions, confirm rollout to other sites +30% revenue lift! # of Ad Impressions / Pageview GOOGLE ANALYTICS Pageviews Device Type DOUBLECLICK FOR PUBLISHERS Ad Impressions Device Category
    21. 21. @CharleneDipaola 21 Site Revenue per 1000 Pageview Site A $35.02 Site B $20.34 Site C $15.31 Site D $6.51 Site E $2.00 Site F $0.90 INSIGHT: Huge disparity in revenue performance per site ACTION: Focus on sites that make more Revenue per PV GOOGLE ANALYTICS Pageviews Site DOUBLECLICK FOR PUBLISHERS Ad Impressions Ad Server Revenue Site
    22. 22. @CharleneDipaola 22 Peter: Someone blows their nose and you want to keep it? Egon: I’d like to analyze it.