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  • I was first born to these two beautiful people – mom & dad. & grew up in this place (click for next slide)….
  • That is located here (click for next slide)
  • Central manitoba
  • More specifically here, at Cross Lake, Manitoba aka as “Pimicikamak Cree Nation”
  • 5 is the number of brothers I have (next slide)
  • Went to primary school here
  • Middle school here
  • Back here for high school, in which I received my high school diploma (next slide).
  • Right after high school, I attended the university of Manitoba, but with cultural shock & the adjustment from rural to urban setting, I couldn’t go on, that of which affected my schooling.
  • I now live here (next slide)
  • “Point B” which is Thompson, and north of Cross Lake.
  • My address is now 5 cambridge
  • And a street view here. While I was living in thompson, My partner and I decided to get married (next slide)
  • …currently,
  • I have been attending this school…University college of the north right here in thompson, where I received my
  • Bachelor of arts 3 year degree
  • And I am in my final year of my academics, which I am currently enrolled in the kenanow bachelor of education degree.
  • Is the number of people in my family, that of which consists of (next slide):
  • These two beautiful people…and
  • 4 beautiful children
  • 1 boy – 3 girls
  • Our first born is angel
  • Here she is now… at 8 years old, in grade 4.
  • 2nd born to us is Cherish…
  • ….
  • Kindergrad 2013 (this past june)
  • Here is a current picture of her at 6 years old, grade 1.
  • Our 3rd borniis our only son, Kolby.
  • His current picture at 4 years old, in preschool at the KAO daycare (basement of polaris 4 @ ucn).
  • Finally our baby,
  • Here she is a couple hours old
  • And her current picture at 1 year old
  • And that is my family of 6.
  • I was very honored and inspired to present at the annual Lighting the Fire Conference in Winnipeg in the spring of 2013.
  • Seeing my brother receive is physical education degree, has inspired me to continue my studies. When I vent out to him, his same words will be “it’ll all be worth it at the end…don’t give up!”
  • 25 is the number of years my parents have been married
  • And seeing them reach a milestone has inspired me, that I can see my wedding anniversary, no matter what life may throw at us…
  • Currently they have 7 grandchildren 6 girls, 1 boy…and another one currently on the way
  • The places I’ve been are…
  • Banff national park
  • Where in which we travelled to get to jasper national park
  • Calm air lines located in thompson (next slide)
  • And transferred flights onto the delta airlines to get to
  • Here, in north carolina
  • More specifically here, in Pembroke north carolina
  • Toured the university and…
  • Experienced canoeing on one of the rivers in Pembroke county.
  • We took the via railway train to get (next slide)
  • Here…
  • Is I like taking pictures of the aesthetics of mother nature (next slides)
  • &My children.
  • And, I enjoy going for boat rides
  • And relaxation. And that is all about me. Thank you for listening! 
  • All about me

    1. 1. Who am I?
    2. 2. This is me…
    3. 3. Charity Faith Cooper
    4. 4. December 27, 1984
    5. 5. 28
    6. 6. 5
    7. 7. Now…
    8. 8. 6
    9. 9. 4
    10. 10. First - Angel
    11. 11. Second - Cherish
    12. 12. Third - Kolby
    13. 13. Baby
    14. 14. My Inspirations
    15. 15. 25
    16. 16. Places
    17. 17. Calm Air
    18. 18. Delta Airlines
    19. 19. What I like…
    20. 20. – google map of Cross Lake – google map of Thompson, Manitoba U of M sign photo by Jimmy Emerson jimmywayne on British Columbia by google maps Banff, Alberta by google maps Picture of the house – By Allan Ross Jr. Picture of Otter Nelson River School by Charity Cooper Picture of Mikisew Middle School by Charity Cooper – google map of north Carolina Attributions: