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Strategic Partner of the MonthConcept Design Productions is a full-service scenic design company that specializes in modul...
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Thank You for Your SupportWe wish to thank our readers and our clients for their support and feedback helping to continual...
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Charisma Productions Gazette Volume 2 Issue 3


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Charisma Productions Gazette Volume 2 Issue 3

  1. 1. Charisma Productions GazetteVolume 2, Issue 3 March 2010The Importance of Off-Site The WOW FactorCorporate Meetings & The Relationship Between Meeting Planner andPresentations Production CompanyOff-Site Events Not a Thing of the Past Empowering the Meeting Planner Charisma Productions NetworkR.O.ICharisma Productions Network Many large companies have an established relationship with audio visual production companies forOff site corporate meetings, many companies are their presentations and meetings. They have workedsaying this has become a great expense that is not together for a long time and they do a good job, but donecessarily helpful in promoting their product and they go above and beyond lighting, sound and videos?building employee morale or making them more And after the event do you feel that you have achievedefficient. Through research we have found that this is the WOW factor?quite the opposite (see page 5). A survey of Fortune With Charisma Productions Network we not only500 companies shows face-to-face meetings have the provide the audio video, lighting, sound and staging.highest return on investment of any marketing tool We do go above and beyond. Working with theavailable to them. meeting/event planners we become the extra pair of hands and eyes. Our philosophy is “You’re only as"Knowledge sessions" held throughout the day would good as your last event. Your success is our success”.aid companies in crafting new strategies to highlight the Yes we have made thousands of photocopies and putinherent importance of in-person gatherings. As handbooks together for attendees. Yes we havequoted by Ben Stein, Actor, lawyer, economist and worked around the clock when rooms were notNixon speechwriter "The truth is that business provided at the scheduled times and yes we’ve evenmeetings are usually not a waste of time, even if they gone to a venue to pick up extra beds when the hotelare held in Las Vegas or at a resort with a golf course had overbooked rooms and there weren’t enoughnear a Southern California beach," Stein said. "They rooms so people had to double and triple up.are not decadent, with rare exception. When event/meeting managers work with production companies do they know if the production company is a good strategic fit? Do they have coordinated approach continued on page 2 to understanding their needs and business issues? Do they develop an action plan, including timeline, responsibility assignments and deliverables? Are theyINSIDE THIS ISSUE client focused? Innovative? Quality and Results driven? Charisma Productions Network is all this and more.1 The Importance of Off-Site Corporate Meetings & CPN empowers the meeting planner by working as an insider, building customer understanding at each Presentations interaction and balancing between customization and complexity. The demonstrated understanding and1 The WOW Factor commitment that Charisma Productions Network values is their relationship and interest the meeting3 Upcoming Additions to the Gazette planner’s input, in order to take their vision and bring it to life.4 Strategic Partner – Concept Design Productions We do all this because we want the meeting planner to5 Survey Results feel energized and refreshed and able to focus on the large picture while we focus on exceeding the WOW continued on page 3 Charisma Productions 1
  2. 2. continued from page 1 work. This way you lend credibility to your work andOff-Site Meetings & Presentations new as well as existing customers get to know whatOff –site corporate presentations serve as an effective benefits they stand to derive from you.tool for convincingly presenting your company, and its For educating or updating employees- You canproducts and services to your target audience. Since make corporate meetings to impart training to yourcorporate presentations today use flash and otherhigh-end multimedia tools to develop highly engaging employees, help them update themselves and improveand creative presentations; it is not always within the their skill sets. It can also be used for maintaining goodwherewithal of the company to do this on its own. internal communications among employees of differentHence, corporate firms, both big and small are today departments.outsourcing such work to professional companies suchas Charisma Productions Network, which specialize in Trade fairs & exhibitions- You can demonstratesuch areas. about your company, various products and services atAn impressive corporate presentation not only trade shows with the help of a professional lookingeffectively showcases your products and services but it corporate presentation.also helps in enhancing your corporate image and addvalue to your business. Conferences & important meetings- In conferences and critical meetings, a presentation helps you to A corporate meeting complete with impressive convey your point in a much clearer and profoundanimation, videos, photos, voice over and music would manner.definitely have more impact on the target audience ascompared to a static presentation. Therefore various Product launches- Whenever your company iscompanies incorporate flash into their corporate launching new products in the market; you canmeeting in order to make them more appealing and efficiently inform the prospective buyers what yourimpressive. Audio video solutions help in grabbing the product is all about by giving a presentation.attention of the users in relation to the subject Meetings facilitate engagement. People engage byhighlighted in the meeting or event, thus motivating being invited into the game. If they know the businessthem and engaging them with the subject. Moving goal, the team goal and the role they have to play thenimages have a powerful impact amongst the viewers theyre more likely to truly plug in to the business. Ifas they have the ability to portray and inspire hidden they dont know what the business is trying to achieve,emotions. how can they connect with business goals alone atIn an off-site corporate presentation you can present their desk? Off-site meetings and presentations stillall information in an interesting and user-friendly hold a powerful message, one that a web conferencemanner, giving details such as the company’s goal,product/services details, various services, catalogues, or phone conference cannot compare to.infrastructure manpower, and growth pattern and justabout anything you wish to. You can use images andvideo clips of your company, its people, itsinfrastructure, etc, in the presentation. This enhancescredibility and also enables your customers, dealersand investors to have a look at your company.For creating corporate presentations, you shouldapproach a professional production company, such asCharisma Productions Network, to create innovativepresentations which would enable you to communicateto your audience easily, make them aware of yourcompany and influence their decisions.Offsite Meetings and Productions benefit:Clients- With the help of a corporate presentation youcan tell prospective customers in detail about yourservices and show details of your previous successful Charisma Productions 2
  3. 3. continued from page 1 The WOW FactorUPCOMING ADDITIONS TO THEGAZETTE factor. We determine the best method of facilitating the sessions and make recommendations for aFROM OUR IT DEPARTMENT communication plan, then, we develop both tactical and strategic action plans. We manage logistics,Our IT department has graciously agreed to join our schedule, conduct and share results. This developsGazette by providing us the “IT Tip of the Month”. an increased, trusting relationship with our clients.Effective the April 1, 2010 issue you can look forward Becoming complacent is not an option for Charismato some informative tips. Productions Network.FROM OUR CORPORATE EXECUTIVECHEFIntroducing our Corporate Executive Chef, Gustavo Castanowho will be providing us with a “Recipe of the Month” for allof you who enjoy cooking and entertaining. Recipes will beeasy to prepare and healthy. Charisma Productions 3
  4. 4. Strategic Partner of the MonthConcept Design Productions is a full-service scenic design company that specializes in modularrental stock, custom fabrication, and creative design services. We pride ourselves on our friendly,knowledgeable staff that can take you from design to delivery - assisting you every step of theway! We are committed to continually developing new products and services that allow us toprovide our market with utility and image enhancement at a price and with a quality that translatesto excellent value. Our products are crafted to be highly versatile, easy to assemble and mostimportantly designed to integrate your branding and culture into every design.Founded in 1980, weve been serving the industry for almost 30 years. Our fresh and innovativesolutions have worked time and time again for clients just like you. Regardless of your needs, ourmany years of design and production experience will give you peace of mind and let you rest easy,knowing your project is in good hands. If you can dream it, we can create it. From corporatemeetings to gala events, trade show exhibits to church installations, Concept Design Productionsis your final destination for dazzling scenic design. Charisma Productions 4
  5. 5. Recent Results of Surveys Taken byCharisma Productions Network on LinkedIn Charisma Productions 5
  6. 6. Thank You for Your SupportWe wish to thank our readers and our clients for their support and feedback helping to continually grow the CharismaProductions Network. We look forward to another successful year in 2010 as we continue to grow and provide youwith successful stress-free events.We appreciate hearing from all of you and strive to improve our articles and hope to have something for everyone atone point or another. Please send us suggestions for topics you would like to read about or if you have an article thatyou would like to share we’ll be happy to post it.: Please send all comments to: Charisma Productions Network A Geoff Andrews Company 805-241-0566 Charisma Productions 6