Charisma Productions Gazette Volume 2 Issue 1


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Charisma Productions Gazette Volume 2 Issue 1

  1. 1. Charisma Productions GazetteVolume 2, Issue 1 January 2010Happy New Year Wacky Venue Charges Always Check Your InvoiceNow that the holidays are over and everyone is getting Don’t Get Stuck With the Billback to their routines. Charisma Productions Network Charisma Productions Networkthought that we can help everyone ease into the NewYear with a little humor. So this edition is focused on Being a big follower of LinkedIn I found that someone had started a discussion on “WHAT IS THE MOSTlaughter and humor. OUTRAGEOUS THING A VENUE HAS TRIED TOLet’s start with company holiday parties. Did you do CHARGE YOU OR YOUR CLIENTS FOR”? Sad butanything embarrassing at the company Christmas true I was amazed at some of the things that I read andparty? Did you play, who was the best and worst thought you all might be interested in hearing about a fewdressed? Did you overindulge with food or beverage? them. I decided to take the list of these comments and titleWe understand, we’ve all attended our share of these. them “HOW LOW DO WE GO IN ORDER TO MAKESome are fun, some are boring, some you just want to A BUCK” or maybe even create a game show about itforget altogether and a few, you just lie and tell people “THE PRICE IS NOT RIGHT”.you never attended that one. And do we have stories totell. But we’ll keep those to ourselves for now, but if 1. Charging $3 per person for toilet paperyou share some of yours, we’ll share some of ours. for 700 people, the bill came to $2100 +So, let’s move on to those vendor gifts. How many tax + gratuity. When the resort rep wasvendors sent you the all too familiar popcorn tin? Or questioned in regard to this charge theydid anyone get a fruitcake? Or what about a meat and said it was for the bathroom attendant.cheese on a carving board set? On the day of the event both men’s andNow think about it, if you’ve received any of the abovementioned gifts, you are either on the bottom of their women’s restrooms were checked fortotem pole or they are frugal. I think we’ve all seen our attendants and of course none were evershare of “unique” gifts. Here’s a few funny one’s for found. Charges were deleted from theyou. This year we received a half dozen desk calendars final bill and they did apologize for the inconvenience. WOW! Can you imagine continued on page 2 trying to explain to your CFO why you were charged $3 per person for toiletINSIDE THIS ISSUE paper? Always remember when going to a meeting, don’t forget to send a memo1 Happy New Year out to your attendees not to drink any1 Wacky Venue Charges fluids or eat anything 12 hours prior to the meeting. This should cut down on2 Time Management your TP costs.3 Readers Forum 2. Charging $4 per chair for 4000 plastic folding tent chairs. Do they even cost that much to purchase one? The total charge for this one would have been $16,000 + continued on page 3 Newsletter 1
  2. 2. continued from page 1Happy New Year worry more on how you’re going to finishwith so much vendor advertisement on it that we everything you have to do and evidently notcouldn’t see the actual days on them, oh by the way, get anything done at all.did I tell you we don’t even know who that vendor is? 3. After you’ve written your list, look it over andWe have never worked with them before. make every attempt to prioritize it. Usually IWe want to know what the strangest gifts you’ve start by counting how many phone calls I needreceived were because we want to share them in ournext issue. Or, if you would like, tell us about your to make and then take an hour or two, sit at myembarrassing moment (We promise not to mention desk and make all the calls in one shot. This isyour name and company)? usually quite successful, although sometimesNow the parties are done and the New Year’s you may have to do it on two separate days,resolutions kick in. We know, we know; you have to depending on the follow up calls needed.start your diet or you exercise program or you are 4. Then, after the calls, go over your list againgiving up cigarettes. What about your workresolutions? How about being more organized? Well, and review all the things that you are sureyou know? You walk into your office after the New won’t take but a few minutes to complete. DoYear and clean your desk and make new files and those next. After those are done, look at yourswear that you will keep up with it for the rest of the list and see how much you have accomplishedyear. Then you get bombarded with meetings, emails thus far and start feeling good.that need to be read (The Charisma Productions 5. Finally, do the more time consuming tasks byGazette) or responded to, memos that need to get out, order of to plan, RFP’s to send, phone messages thatneed return calls (within 24 hours, not the usual 4 days 6. Cross things out as you complete the task andlater or not at all and hope they call back). Then sticky also add things to the list as the days go by.notes get posted around your computer screen and on You’ll notice that as the week passes if youyour desk and all of a sudden, your desk looks just like started with 15 tasks to accomplish, by the endit did last year. of the week you’ll have, maybe 15 or more added to it. This is normal, and if this doesn’t happen, you really did not have much to do.Time Management 7. By the end of the week, take that wrinkled, ripped, messy paper you call a list and reviewSomething We Can All Appreciate it. You’ll be surprised how much you’veCharisma Productions Network actually accomplished and pat yourself on theDo you find that your days just fly by and you feel like back. Just don’t worry if there are tasks leftyou haven’t accomplished much? Personally I feel undone, there’s always next this more days than I care to admit. Trying to 8. Any left-over tasks get transferred to the nextmanage home, work, children and their activities islike being the circus juggler. When I finally get a week’s tasks. And try to do those first on themoment of quiet, which is a rare occasion I make an following week, or else you’ll start stressing andattempt at organizing my life. The old adage of say that lists don’t work, bunch the paper up in amaking lists has helped me become organized and wad and throw it away. Then you go back toaccomplish more than expected. Here are a few tips being your old self, stressing over everythingand or tricks that have worked for me: you have to do and get nothing done. 1. At the beginning of the week, take five minutes (preferably in the morning when I know like any good plan there are those everyone else is sleeping) and make yourself a unexpected interruptions, or else it wouldn’t be called life. list of tasks you need to accomplish by the end of the week. Keep the list with you at all times, don’t just leave it on top of the kitchen counter or on your desk. 2. Daily lists puts too much stress on you. You Newsletter 2
  3. 3. continued from page 1 tax + gratuity and maybe even a setupREADER FORUM fee. So I guess we’ll have to startThank you for all your comments on our December Gazette. bringing our camping chairs, or wouldWe had several readers write back about our Customer they charge us for space and set up fee?Service article. This is what they had to say: 3. Charging $5.25 each for a 10oz. bottle ofGreat article! I had just finished reading your newsletter and water (which cost them .36 each) for athat evening I went to purchase a piece of electronic 7200 room night, repeat piece of businessequipment and experienced “customer service” at it’s worst, that wanted to purchase 45,000 bottles.first hand. Where do they find these employees?!?! Hotel refused to negotiate a better priceMark B. so the group said no thanks and had the hotel put up water coolers, saving theWhat a terrible situation for your new hire to experience such group and costing the hotel $250k inlow lifes. Hope your employee is working out. revenue. Always remember when goingKellie S. to a meeting, drink your water before you arriveCustomer Service, boy that’s a word from the past. I think 4. Charging a $.50 fee for each piece ofCustomer Service should be a mandatory class given to allhigh school and college students, before they go out and get candy (that the group had brought witha job . them) that each person took from the registration booth as they wereElizabeth A. registering. The group protested and itYou sure hit a sour note on this article. We had an was taken off the bill. Oh well, they sayexperience with an A/V company similar to what you wrote. candy is not good for you anyway.We ordered an LCD projector and got a slide projectorinstead. What a fiasco! I will not go into any of the unnecessary technicalSteven F. charges that hotels will try and charge the planner because we promised that this issue was all about fun. So next time you go into a hotel for a meeting make sure you’re not being charged for bringing your own candy and don’t forget the toilet paper. . . Newsletter 3
  4. 4. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORTWe wish to thank our readers and our clients for theirsupport and feedback helping to continually grow theCharisma Productions Network. We look forward to anothersuccessful year in 2010 as we continue to grow and provideyou with successful stress-free events.We appreciate hearing from all of you and strive to improveour articles and hope to have something for everyone at onepoint or another. Please send us suggestions for topics youwould like to read about or if you have an article that youwould like to share we’ll be happy to post it.: Please send all comments or articles to: Charisma Productions Network A Geoff Andrews Company 805-241-0566 Newsletter 4