W+K Luan Dun July 2014


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W+K's magazine on social and pop news. This month features two main events of the summer: Gaokao & World Cup

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W+K Luan Dun July 2014

  2. 2. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date: …to the summer issue of Luan Dun! June and July have been an interesting 2 months for China. 9.4 million high school seniors took the Gaokao the rest of China moved on to join in on the World Cup craze. meticulously designed this issue based on the terrifying journey one goes through to prepare for the Gaokao. We hope you enjoy it!
  3. 3. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date: POPCHINA CHINA SNAPSHOT NEW TERMS OF THE MONTH Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  4. 4. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date: CHINA SNAPSHOT
  5. 5. PEP RALLY Prior to the Gaokao, which was held on June 7 and 8, a few notable high schools across the country held military-style mass rallies to help Students gather in large groups, rehearse for days, and finally get together to parade through school grounds while chanting slogans like “I will succeed!” and “For college, for honor, for parents, for teachers, fight, fight, fight!”. out of their classrooms for some exercise, and perhaps, some fresh air. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  6. 6. "The world belongs to you only after you stand up. Please choose your own angle and write about your thoughts on this sentence." "In the old days, there were many old rules and codes of conduct, like speaking in a quiet and gentle voice, greeting elder people on sight, and standing or sitting up straight. Recently, some people online shared these "old rules" that parents used to require them to obey, a topic which became widely discussed among Chinese netizens. Plan and write your understanding on this phenomena.” "You can choose your own road and method to make it across the desert, which means you are free; you have no choice but finding a way to make it across the desert, which makes you not free. Choose your own angle and title to write an article that is not less than 800 words.” UP FOR A CHALLENGE ? SHANGHAI BEIJING JIANGSU PROVINCE Writing essay is the most challenging part of the Gaokao. Each province has it’s own questions and we were excited when we found a list of what these questions were (thanks to Shanghaiist). We’ve selected a few that will surely twist your mind. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  7. 7. BOYS EXPERIMENT There is a rising concern that men are losing their masculinity, especially in a society where the only son of the family is smothered with love rather than being given tough love. To solve this issue Shanghai No.8 High School recruited 60 boys for two-boys only class. The hope is that they will flourish in an all-male environment. They are required to run 1,000 meters every morning and go to the gym once a week, and they are trained with more “manly” courses such as martial arts, Chinese chess and electronic music(?!). This experiment received mixed reviews. A mother expresses her interest in this class as she expects this to help change her timid and shy son to be more masculine. While some still question this to communicate with girls. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  8. 8. To encourage students to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the University of Zhengzhou launched a campaign. Students who run 800 meters before 8:00 in the morning are eligible for free breakfast coupons, worthy of 1 RMB (0.15USD). The campaign encouraged over 6,000 students to wake up early and complete the run, and received positive comments. There is nothing pictures from Chinanews. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  9. 9. ONE PERSON’S NIGHTMAREIS ANOTHER PERSON’S DREAM picture from Xinhuanet While students complain about the pressure of the Gaokao, Peng Chao, an armless boy from Sichuan Province has become an internet inspiration. He dreams of participating in the exam as it is his one-way ticket of hope. Refused to go to a special school, he goes to a public school like his friends, and have trained himself to write like any ordinary person, but with his foot. His hard work has helped him become a top student in school and he hopes that his scores will get him into his dream college. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  10. 10. caught leaking questions prior to the exam, you will face some serious jail time. To avoid cheating, selected high school teachers and college professors were sent to a remote and distant mountain area to work intensively on putting together the papers. Even they themselves are not sure where they are. Communication to the outside world is forbidden and digital devices are not allowed. They are only granted freedom after the Gaokao has ended. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  11. 11. photo adapted from UPROXX Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  12. 12. With an 11 hour difference between Brazil and China, most matches start at 12am, 3am and 6am China time. Football fans suffer from lack of sleep and excuse not to go to work the next day? eBay) for 25rmb (4USD) a piece. One online shop have sold over 400 sick leave notes within a week. For the entire duration of the World Cup, fake sick leave has been a lucrative business. WORLD CUP- INSPIRED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  13. 13. photo from CRI Online IN SEARCH OF A HUMANE BOSS A young football fan went on sick leave to watch the match between Portugal and Germany during the elimination period. Throughout the 3 day sick leave, he would post his excitement for his German team on social media. His posts were later seen by the managers of his company who then fired him for lying. He now sits in front of a train station in Beijing protesting against injustice and inhumane bosses. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  14. 14. CHINA’S PAUL THE OCTOPUS Last year, Rachel Liu was deemed as the most beautiful anchorwoman of CCTV 5, she is deemed as the doom of World Cup for bringing bad luck to countries that would eventually lose based on the jersey she wears during the broadcast. The first country she picked was unfortunately, Spain. Soon enough she earned the nickname “The Octopus Liu”, inspired by last World Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  15. 15. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date: NEW TERMS OF THE MONTH
  16. 16. A popular Chinese TV and movie star Wen Zhang, was caught cheating media. His wife, Ma Yili, also a celebrity, “Being in love is easy being married is not. It is to be cherished.” The term soon become a meme, serving as a reminder that people should not forget how to cherish moments in life It can be heard on Radio broadcasts, TV news broadcasts, online discussions, and even school teachers and parents. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  17. 17. – the act of snubbing someone in favor of a mobile phone. In Chinese, they are categorized as the “lowering head tribe”, people who lower their heads to look at their phones during social situations. Phubbing Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  18. 18. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date: POP CHINA
  19. 19. The top Hong Kong singer Eason Chan launched his newest album Rice & Shine in May. In this new album, he invited various talents from different countries, including the famous Singaporean singer J.J Lin and mainland China Radio Mars to help produce a few tracks. The concept of Rice & Shine comes from the term rise and shine which indicates a restart from depression to find a way to shine. This album intents to supply positive power to listeners to cope with life pressures and find a way to be a happier with themselves. EASON CHAN MUSIC RICE & SHINE Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  20. 20. MUSIC Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  21. 21. COMING HOME MOVIE Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  22. 22. A Bite of China is a series of Central Television) on the history of food, eating and cooking. Oliver Thring of The Guardian praised it as "the best TV show I've ever seen about food. I'd hazard it's the best one ever made.” Liu Wen, director of CCTV-9, said the point of the documentary (Season 1) is to let foreigners admire Chinese food and learn about cultural traditions and social changes, in season 2, we can see more emotional connection between Chinese families and food, something more rooted Chinese hearts and culture. Season 1 gained high ratings and more than 100 million views. Now, Season 2 are is back, introducing the history and stories behind foods of various kinds in more than 60 locations in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  23. 23. Ye Shan, a successful professional female (played by Chen Shu), met a male Marriage broker Fang Jun (played by Huang Lei) at found out she was cheated during her previous marriage. Since the wedding, Fang convinced Ye to be his client to find an ideal husband, who become the love expert and supervisor for Ye. They became best friends and went though various difficulties, finally falling in love with each other. This TV drama received over 200 million views, ensuring No. 1 audience rating. HONEY BEE MAN Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  24. 24. TALK SHOW Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  25. 25. TV SHOW: DIVAS HIT THE ROAD 7 celebrities from different age groups join together to go on a trip to Spain and Italy. They are Zheng Peipei (actress), Kelly (actress), Xu Qing (actress), and actress), Hua Chenyu (singer) and Zhang Han (actor). During this 15-day trip, they are without assistants, without smart phones and without professional guides. They do everything themselves and with a budget of 120 euros per person per day. They meet various difficulties and conflicts but they also end up having the best times of their lives. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  26. 26. Lian Meng, also known as MYOTee, is a cartoon character profile app that became a hit overnight. Users can select facial features – hair, face, eyes, nose, mouth - to create a profile that resembles them the most. Within a short period of time the app received 36 million downloads and cartoon profile pictures can be seen across Weibo, Wechat and QQ. APP Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  27. 27. Name: Charlie Liu Age: 17 School: High School Affiliated to Fudan University INTERVIEW FROM HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS I am worried about Gaokao reform, there will be chaos, schools will no longer teach what will be tested. It will have its benefits in the long term, but I am worried of the I believe the benefit of Gaokao is that it is an equal and fair way to judge people based on their efforts. And is also a good way for universities to select the right talents that they need. “There have been changes around Gaokao throughout the year. Students in the city have the right to choose not to take the Gaokao and study abroad. But for me, I insist to stay in China and take the Gaokao. S Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:
  28. 28. Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date:Name: Date: Editor Charinee Chairasmisak Kate Lu Mavis Sha Designer Tiffany Wong W+K Shanghai YOU HAVE FOUND THE EXIT!