W+K Luan Dun - June 09


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Monthly update on China's social happenings and pop culture.

Keep up to date with China as it continues to grow and change.

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W+K Luan Dun - June 09

  1. 1. July 09
  2. 2. Welcome to the first issue of LUAN DUN. It’s called Luan Dun after a hotpot dish from Dongbei, the north-eastern part of China. All kinds of ingredients and flavors are cooked together in one big pot. Luan means chaos, so it suggests that everything is truly mixed up together. Luan Dun is for those of you who are new to China and for those who want to keep up with China as it continues to change. We want you to understand China from various angles, but most importantly, we want to help you think the way locals do.
  3. 3. CHINA SNAPSHOT 中国怎么想 For its 300th issue, News Weekly (a local Chinese magazine) put together a collection of ‘keywords’ to describe some of the events and attitudes from the last year. “只买贵的, 不选对的” “爱情 3.0” “ONLY BUY EXPENSIVE ONES, NOT “LOVE 3.0” THE RIGHT ONES” “做人, 不能太CNN” Based on the Internet term – Web3.0 – “TO BE A MAN, DON’T BE TOO CNN” Love3.0 (also known as fast love) describes Chinese people believe that buying expensive things is money well spent; showing off their CNN’s reporting of the situation between the speed and the easy accessibility of wealth makes them feel proud. This phrase Tibet and China is considered biased by finding love through the internet. It also reflects a view that places financial value over most Chinese, who have turned against the reflects the open-mindedness of Chinese product quality. It also explains the growing channel. The saying suggests that to be a youth today towards love and intimacy consumption of luxury products where the good person, don’t be too biased, therefore, compared to the more traditional and brand name is everything. don’t be too CNN. conservative view of the older generation.
  4. 4. CHINA SNAPSHOT 中 国 制 造 At the end of 2008, Mexico and India overtook China, to become the countries with the lowest production costs. This shows that China is evolving beyond a country that solely relies on cheap labor for their economic income.
  5. 5. Cheng Guan is a local government agency established in every city in China. It recently published a handbook called “Cheng Guan Law Enforcement Practical Procedures”. Its guidelines for enforcing the law included the catchy and practical “MAKE SURE THERE IS NO BLOOD WHEN YOU HIT SOMEBODY”. which caused a great deal of attention on the Internet, when the book was circulated. CHINA SNAPSHOT 城管
  6. 6. CHINA SNAPSHOT CCTV is known to be strict and formal, as it belongs to China’s central Government. But following the recent death of popular news anchorman Luo Jing, they have decided that it is time to make a change by adding more life and emotion to their broadcasting session. We’re not sure how this will play out yet, but we will be 中央新闻联播 looking out for the first smiling newsreader.
  7. 7. CHINA SNAPSHOT 高考 June is the month of the gao There are two main reasons One example: all 29 students kao (tall test) or “College for this cause: from one Chong Qing class Entrance Exam”. This is the abandoned the college chance for students to get a The high failure rate, coupled entrance exam because place at University and is the with the difficulty of securing they were awarded places at climax of the already stressful a graduate job is making more American universities. years of education. people question the value of a college education. According to the Ministry of Education, the number of Going abroad to study is exam participants increased becoming more popular from 5.27m to 10.5m between amongst Chinese young 2002 and 2008. Of these only adults. More and more about 50% get a place families have the financial at university. means to send their children to what are seen as more This June, participation from prestigious colleges. all Chinese provinces has decreased, by up to 10%.
  8. 8. CHINA SNAPSHOT 时 代 变 迁 A hundred groups of people that once had their photos taken in Tian An Men Square were invited back to re-take that same shot in 2009. This compare and contrast reflects the change in time, politics and economy that China has gone through in the past 40-50 years since The Reformation.
  9. 9. 潘 Wilber Pan (Pan Weibo) is a famous American born Taiwanese singer, 玮 rapper and actor. 柏 Many Chinese singers imitate songs from the West, keeping the tune but changing the lyrics. However, “Be With You” performed by Wilber Pan is an actual collaboration with Akon, who made the original track. Newest Album: 007 Song: Be With You POP CHINA •MUSIC
  10. 10. POP CHINA •MUSIC 陈绮贞:太阳 Cheer Chan is a popular Taiwanese singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. Chan writes her own music and lyrics and is always seen with her Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar. Chan’s lyrics encourage people to keep following their dreams despite the harsh bite of reality. Newest Album: Immortal
  11. 11. POP CHINA •MUSIC 许巍: 今天 2002-2008生活作品集 Xu Wei is one of the best known rock musicians in China. Greatly respected as the “Godfather of Rock”. His lyrics reflect hope, warmth, tolerance, solicitude Newest Album: and his understanding Today 2002-2008 Greatest Hits of life. He said, “Youth is the war of self breakout”.
  12. 12. 惘闻 Wang Wen is a post-rock This year marks their 10th band from Da Lian. anniversary, although not popular among other Wang Wen’s music is a mix mainstream music, but they of sadly sweet melodies, are greatly popular among heavy, noisy guitars, and China’s Rock scene. Chinese scales. Close your eyes and you will easily lose yourself in the ambience created by their music as it takes you back to the scenes of your favorite movies. Wang Wen influences include Tortoise, Mogwai, Mono and Red Red Meat. Their newest album will be released on the new record label Fox Tail recently founded by Zhao Chenhong, Beijing’s best record dealer. POP CHINA •MUSIC
  13. 13. “Better dead than alive.” – Kadokawa 南京!南京! The film deals with the massacre of Nanjing and its aftermath during the Second Sino-Japan war. Shot entirely in black and white, the film presents a sympathetic portrayal of the Japanese soldier Kadokawa, who witnesses the slaughter. The Nanjing massacre is still a very powerful theme among Chinese people, who never stop wanting to explore and know what was going on during that tragedy. The success of this film reflects youth’s patriotism and interest in the history of war. POP CHINA •MOVIE
  14. 14. 喜羊羊与灰太郎:牛气冲天 Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a Chinese animated TV series. The first movie – The Super Adventure - came out in 2009. Several goats and their old nemesis, Big Big Wolf, join forces to defeat their common arch enemy – Bacteria. Chinese cartoons tend to be associated with poor animation and boring plots. However, “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” has gained popularity because of the satirical features that are added into the plot. These features include “Shanzai” [fake copycat brands], “melamine incident” and “Microsoft POP CHINA blank screen”. •MOVIE
  15. 15. POP CHINA •MOVIE Cape No.7 is a 2008 Tawainese Romcoms are very popular romantic comedy musical- amongst Chinese youth, 海 drama. It has broken Taiwan’s reflecting their dreams of all time box-office record. perfect love. 角 七 Aga, a band singer, returns to Hengchun frustrated with 号 life. Tomoko is a Japanese model assigned to organize a local warm-up band for the Japanese super star’s beach concert. Together with five other ordinary Hengchun residents who were not expected to be great or amount to anything, they formed an impossible band. Meanwhile, the love between Aga and Tomoko grows…
  16. 16. 永 POP CHINA •INTERNET 恒 之 塔 Aion - The Tower of Eternity is a massively multiplayered online role-playing game released in Korea with new localized versions in development. It is the No.1 hottest online game according to Baidu.com. Extraordinarily rich and hyper real graphics set it apart from other MMORPGs. Its character creation system allows for a great deal of character customization.
  17. 17. POP CHINA •INTERNET 地下城 与 勇士 Dungeon & Fighter is a 2D In 2009, it began to be run side-scrolling online action by Tencent QQ in China. game, developed by Neople. Thanks to QQ’s huge number of users, it is now the The game is classic arcade no.3 hottest online game game style and offers a according to Baidu.com. variety of game-play modes and tasks. Players can fight in solo or in groups to advance to higher levels, while winning functional and decorative items.
  18. 18. POP CHINA •INTERNET 劲舞团 Audition Online, also It is free to play, but This is a typical place known as X-BEAT in people can buy a variety for people to get social Japan, is a downloadable of virtual items such as and hang out, extremely multiplayer online casual clothes for the player’s popular after ‘zhai’ culture rhythmic game produced avatar. Characters can be (the culture of staying by T3 Entertainment. It customized and there is online at home all day) was originally released in a warehouse of music to spread throughout China. South Korea in 2004, but choose from. It acts as an it has been localized by online virtual society for various publishers around players to communicate the world. and interact with each other, including making friends, characters falling in love and getting married.
  19. 19. 饭否 POP CHINA •INTERNET www.fanfou.com The Chinese version of Twitter: You can share messages of up to 140 characters to Fan Fou from MSN, QQ, Gtalk, Mobile Phone and your own blog. You can also upload and share pictures. The Fan Fou Ranking continually updates the top 5 hottest movies, media, culture and websites. The reading is based on Fan Fou user views.
  20. 20. POP CHINA •TALK SHOW 快乐大本营 Happy Camp is a theatrical This show is currently entertainment program China’s most highly-rated produced by Hunan entertainment show. Provincial Satellite TV station. A combination of bold and casual hosting styles, Happy Camp’s hosts tell bad jokes, play tricks on celebrity guests and encourage the audience to sing and clap along whenever possible.
  21. 21. POP CHINA 周立波 •TALK SHOW “朋友帮帮忙” Shanghainese Stand-up “Help me, friend” comedian: his humour reflects the changes Shanghai has experienced over the last 30 years. The uniqueness of his act comes from the language it is delivered in, Shanghainese, which means he remains somewhat inaccessible to both foreigners and most “算了吧,兄弟” Chinese alike. “Are you kidding me”
  22. 22. POP CHINA •TALK SHOW 百 家 讲 Bai Jia Jiang Tan is a popular 坛 TV program of China Central Television, mostly featured on CCTV-10. This program invites distinguished professors from different universities to give a series of intensive lectures on Chinese culture and history, such as Three Kingdoms, the Analects of Confucius, Kang Xi Emperor, often in a more interesting and peculiar way. This program is China’s first integrated educational program about Chinese culture and history, and unlike many other televised classes, it has gained wide popularity among Chinese youth. This suggests that despite China’s youth being portrayed as fickle, they actually have their own academic aspirations and deep interest in their own history and culture.
  23. 23. POP CHINA •YOUTH 桌面游戏吧 Board Game Bar is a hot new place to hang out for Chinese youth today. It currently has more than 15 stores in Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai. Here you can eat, drink and play over 150 different types of board games, and this only costs 15-20rmb an hour per person. Parents see the Board Game Bar as a healthier place for their kids to be, compared to night clubs or internet cafes.