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Target audience for thrillers film opening write up
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Target audience for thrillers film opening write up


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  • 1. Target audience for thrillers – research As I am looking at the genre Thriller and producing a film opening, one of the most important things when producing a film is knowing the target audience that you are aiming your film at. Commonly in the Thriller genre, a lot of the films are classed as 18+ due to the violence and physiological issues included in the film, which may be disturbing for the young viewers. MY TARGET AUDIENCE FOR MY FILM OPENING When I first thought of my idea I was thinking of making the target audience just adults. Between the ages of 18-50. I thought this because this age range may be able to deal with the physiological parts of the film better. Also a huge part of the film is the women’s marriage and her having a daughter. So for the age range I thought this would be more relatable to them and they could feel the emotion more. But then, I decided to change my thoughts on this, and decided that I wanted the teenagers to be targeted when making this film. This is because I think it will open a child’s mind up a lot more to some of the problems they may face; although maybe not as exaggerated but still the abuse of the young girl may benefit the teenagers too see. Also this would be a wide target audience so if the film was to be made then hopefully this would lead to a higher success rate because of the wide range of viewers. Referring back to the ideas in my film I need it to be emotionally suitable for teenagers, so by not adding swearing this would help this element a lot. I think that the audience including the teenagers will really be able to feel the emotion and pain when there is the underwater shot of the arm in the bath tub holding her down. I will try to add different shots to make my target audience feel like they are inside the film and
  • 2. experiencing the pain and despair like the main character. So in result of this I will be using shots such as Point of View shot – a lot. This will allow the audience too see what the character is seeing as she is doing it. For example when she is looking at the photo frame I want there to be a point of view shot so that the audience is able to see things from her angle. And the same goes for the bath scene when she looks at her reflection. This film will be targeted at both genders – male and female. This will broaden the audience that will watch it. I did not want to say that it was directed only at women as I think when the thriller aspects come in that men will be interested in it as well. Although a lot of the voiceover the women will be interested in as at the beginning she talks about how she has always wanted to be happily married and have a family etc. So this would interest the typical, feminine women.