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  • 1. LOCATION SHOTS: This is one of my first locations; this appears in the beginning of the film opening. In this room the only light that there will be is light from the Christmas tree. This will make it a mysterious and depressing atmosphere, and it will really help to set the mood I am trying to create. When there are wide shots of the windowsill, a part of the tree and also the sofa will be in the shot. This will help the audience understand the surroundings. I want to shoot this in a lounge because this is the classic environment of which a family will be cosy, watching TV and having quality time. So by the mother sitting/standing near the Christmas tree in low key lighting this will exaggerate her loneliness My next location will be in a hallway, my plan is to decorate the stairs with lights, when she is going up the stairs I want her to have her glass of wine in her hand and she will slide her hands across the lights, I want these fairy lights up the stairs case to be the only light course I do not want there to be any high key lighting obviously as I am trying to create a dark, depressing, lonely environment for her to live in.
  • 2. My third location will be the top of my stairs/the landing. I will have the doors to all the bedrooms closed, I think this will make the audience intrigued and want to carry on watching in case they find out what’s inside the other rooms. The bathroom door will be open and I will hopefully be using a lamp for the lighting but it will not be a bright lamp. My fourth location will be in my upstairs bathroom, my reason for this is because there is a big bath and I will need that for shooting to experiment with the underwater filming that I will hopefully be doing. Also, I have a mirror and one of my shots is in this mirror. Another thing is, it’s very spacious which will belittle her and once again, exaggerate her loneliness. I think this will be very obvious to the audience especially when the voiceover is playing and it involves the character questioning the audience and making them think.