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This presentation was my response to an informal exploration assignment to create a five minute presentation showing an engaging experience for Fashion and Apparel brands. I approached the ever-expanding area of augmented reality, and extensions of that into gaming spaces.
Project completed June 2009.

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  • Looking at the future of fashion, particularly consumer behavior in online retail spaces, we find a number of pain points for customers that have not been met with the current online shopping experiences, including Virtual Reality dressing rooms.
  • Interactive agency,Zugara has Webcam Social Shopper, an AR dressing room, with similar issues to VR. Uses overlays of clothes, not real fit technology that is essential to success of AR dressing room. Zugara’s goal is not true fit, but the “moment when you find an article of clothing on a rack and hold it up to yourself.” per Zugara’s Jack Benoff.Microsoft/Disneyland experience in the Disney Innovations Dreamhome reports on size 0 being denounced,
  • True BodyTM avatar should be a 3D generated model based on webcam captures and measurements
  • Fashion&ApparelAR

    1. 1. Fashion and Apparel<br />Augmented Reality Virtual Dressing Room<br />
    2. 2. "Fashion's not about looking back. It's about looking forward."<br /> -Vogue Editor, AnnaWintour<br />
    3. 3. The Landscape <br />VR and AR Offerings <br />2001 - My Virtual Model launches with Lands End and Microsoft <br />2006 - True Fit Jeans recommends jeans manufacturers based on user measurements and body type<br />2006 - mi Adidas Innovation Center in Paris; users design&try on a custom made shoe<br />2007 – ARDressCode uses tag-based motion capture <br />2008 - Fraunhofer allows users to change the color and the print of their shirt<br />2008 - Disney Innovations Dreamhome Virtual Closet allows users to dress for the weather<br />2009 - Zugara boasts AR dressing room, but clothes are an overlay <br />Results of Web VR experiences are mixed<br />Clothing does not fit as expected<br />True body-type/sizing results desired, but not achieved<br />Customers want to shop online, but want their purchase to fit<br />Real woman (and presumably person) sizing is becoming fashionable again<br />Size 0 publicly denounced by fashionista, Vogue UK editor in chief, Alexandra Schulman, 6/15/09<br />The average American woman is 5'4" tall and weighs 140 pounds<br />The average American model is 5'11" tall and weighs 117 pounds<br />Augmented Reality is the future of online shopping experiences<br />More and more consumers are technology-equipped<br />
    4. 4. VR Dressing Rooms<br />Customers like the concept<br />Many do not show “average” sizes<br />Average avatars stop at size 10-12<br />Average American woman is size 12-14<br />Use cartoon avatars to represent customers<br />“Overlay” clothing options, don’t show true fit<br />Often get the size suggestion wrong<br />Do not match a dressing room experience<br />Returns and exchanges can be cumbersome<br /><ul><li>Measurements alone are not enough data</li></li></ul><li>How AR is Better<br />Augmented reality uses web cam images of real customers combined with measurements to create a True BodyTM avatar<br />Users can include real garments & accessories from existing wardrobe to create outfits<br />Allows for gestural navigation, instead of mouse controls when changing outfits<br />Experience can offer multiple levels of personalization, from basic VR with default avatar, to measurement-based avatar, to True BodyTM avatar, to full immersive experience<br />
    5. 5. Additional Features<br />Build an outfit, and one-click to buy<br />Save and share outfits <br />Take the uncertainty out of gift giving<br />Encourage browsing of collections<br />“real-time” social sharing of web cam or stills allow for shopping with friends<br />See what other users have coordinated an item with<br />Easy (free) returns/exchanges<br />Personal shopper can find “similar” items or coordinates<br />Create True BodyTM avatar page to share; can include shopping links, tips, blog/journal, promote services user may need (alterations, style consultation)<br />Create and save “runway shows” with friends or just user’s True BodyTM avatar<br />
    6. 6. How It Works<br />Input measurements and weight (measuring tape can be printed out)<br />Print required sizing key guide for AR web capture<br />Wear form-fitting clothes<br />Start webcam, position self for full body view<br />Hold AR sizing key guide facing camera<br />Capture 360 degree view for stored avatar. Turn ¼ rotation at the sound of the chime (front, right, back, left)<br />Generate True BodyTM avatar for shopping without webcam<br />Start shopping with either web cam gestural interface or mouse-driven interface <br />Update data any time<br />
    7. 7. Requirements for Success<br />Must be done “right” to win customers<br />Database of items tied to accurate manufacturer measurements & specifications<br />Evolve the database information based on customer feedback<br />360 degree views of clothing and customers<br />Easy-to-use interface<br />
    8. 8. Future Forward<br />Collaborate with Nintendo, to create Wii Fit “game” distributed by a company like Levis that ties to a shopping experience<br />User’s body mass index (BMI), weight and height are recorded with the Wii Fit<br />Add measurements to create a True BodyTM avatar<br />Changes are recorded as the user’s body changes<br />Clothing suggestions based on body type and real user data<br />Fitness goals tied to shopping ‘rewards’<br />Partnerships with athletic wear manufacturers/promote activewear<br />Share outfits and successes with the Wii community<br />Shared avatars with ‘wish list’ outfits encourage gift purchases for friends/family<br />“real-time” sharing allows virtual shopping excursions with friends<br />Shopping environments can change, e.g. Garment District in NY, Paris, London, Levi’s Stores<br />3-camera capture ala Benjamin Button<br />
    9. 9. Sources:<br />The Virtual Dressing Room – video of several examples discussed<br />My Virtual Model<br />True Jeans<br />Mi Adidas and<br />Fraunhofer Virtual Mirror<br /> Disney Dream Home<br />Zugara launches WebCam Social Shopper June 23, 2009<br />